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#ROI Spotlight with Christine Crandell of New Business Strategies

New Business Strategies is a business strategy consulting firm focused on helping B2B technology companies build profitable, sustainable customer relationships. We help clients create larger and more predictable revenue pipelines by understanding the customer’s lifecycle, expectations and decision-making process and aligning the organization with its customers.

Jim Obermayer interviews New Business Strategies' President, Christine Crandell for a discussion on ROI.

Christine Crandell is a 25-year B2B expert in market strategy, and building successful, profitable organizations. Her work with CEOs and Boards is focused on helping them understand how to optimize their strategy and align their organizations to accelerate revenue. As President of New Business Strategies, she leads the international strategy consulting firm and has advised more than 100 CEOs and Board of Directors in North America, Europe and Australia in areas including M&A, market category creation, company strategy, and go-to-market planning. She advises CEOs and Boards on how to align messaging, structure and culture with the customer to dramatically improve company performance.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Every Company?

Howard Sewell has opinions, driven by expertise And experience, that few have.    Jim Obermayer, SLMA Radio host will interview Howard and discuss the criteria for a company considering implementing a marketing automation system.  It isn’t for everyone but everyone should know why7 or why not it makes sense for them.  You’ll learn:
  • What are the key criteria that make a company an ideal candidate for marketing automation?
  • How should a company prepare to make sure they get the most from marketing automation?
  • Where do companies fall short with marketing automation?  What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • Realistically, what are the necessary resources a company needs to be successful with marketing automation?
  • What’s the best way to choose a marketing automation solution? What should companies look for?
Jim Obermayer will address these questions with Howard Sewell, President of Spear Marketing Group

Howard has more than 20 years’ experience in high-tech sales and marketing.  He started his marketing career at software giant Oracle Corporation, before leaving to start his own direct marketing agency, CDI, growing the firm to be one of the nation’s top B2B agencies.  Howard authors Spear’s blog (, where he writes on demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing technology.  For the last 3 years running, Howard has been named one of the “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management” by the SLMA.

Company Bio

Spear Marketing Group ( is a full-service demand generation agency that helps B2B high-technology companies generate, nurture, and convert leads to revenue.  Spear’s unique, holistic approach to demand generation blends strategic expertise, creative flair, and a deep understanding of marketing technology to achieve measurable results across every stage of the lead lifecycle.  The firm serves high-tech clients nationwide from its offices in Silicon Valley and Seattle, WA.  

Connect with him on Twitter: @hjsewell and LinkedIn: /hjsewell

Solving the Biggest Failure on the Web: Conversion Rate Optimization

Tim Ash, noted author and conversion rate champion, tackles a subject that is a catastrophic failure for  95% of the companies that publish a web site, which is almost everyone.  Or, everyone that counts.  What earthly good does it do to have 5,000 visitors a month and ten leads?  The host, Jim Obermayer interviews Ash and asks why companies go 99% there in building a web presence and leave off the 1% that will give them 90% of their success: website conversions that turn into sales leads.  This is a can’t miss show. 

About Tim Ash

Tim Ash is the author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, and CEO of SiteTuners (a firm that improves website conversion rate via conversion-focused redesign blueprints, landing page testing, and training of internal optimization teams). A computer scientist and cognitive scientist by education (his PhD studies were in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence); Tim has developed an expertise in user-centered design, persuasion and understanding online behavior, and landing page testing. In the mid-1990s he became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization.

Over the past 19 years, Tim has helped a number of major US and international brands to develop successful web-based initiatives. Companies like Sears, Google, Expedia, eHarmony, Facebook, American Express, Canon, Nestle, Symantec, Intuit, Autodesk, Yahoo! and many others have benefited from Tim's deep understanding and innovative perspective.

Today, in addition to providing strategic consulting services, Tim is a highly-regarded keynote speaker and presenter at industry conferences worldwide including Internet Retailer, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon and countless others. He is the founder and chairperson of Conversion Conference and a frequent contributor to print and online publications such as ClickZ, Website Magazine, Visibility and others. Since 1995, he has authored more than 100 published articles. In addition, Tim is the online voice of conversion optimization as the host of the Landing Page Optimization podcast on 

Tim earned a dual-major Bachelor of Science degree "with highest distinction" in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science from UC San Diego while studying on under a U.C. Regent's Scholarship (the highest academic scholarship awarded by the UC system). During his PhD studies at UC San Diego he also earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

About SiteTuners

SiteTuners is a premier conversion rate optimization agency that has worked with more than 1200 clients worldwide since 2002. It provides support for high-converting website redesigns, landing page testing, and the training of internal optimization teams.  CEO Tim Ash wrote the book on Landing Page Optimization, and founded the Conversion Conference.


Why Pipeliner CRM could be the first serious challenger to SalesForce

In this fast-paced interview, CMO Eric Quanstrom makes the thoughtful, bold statement, that of all the CRM systems, only Pipleliner CRM is a serious challenger to SalesForce dominance in the CRM space.  Eric contents it is their entire entrepreneurial approach that will be welcomed by salespeople and copied by other CRM companies  as the future of CRM.   At a recent reception in Los Angeles at the Johnathan Club, CEO Nikolas Kimla and Eric said that times have changed, but SalesForce hasn't (my interpretation).   It should be an interesting interview. 

About Nikolaus Kimla

Nikolaus Kimla is the founder and managing partner of Pipelinersales, Inc. and the creator of Pipeliner CRM software. More than 19 years ago, Kimla set the foundation for Pipeliner’s future with his company uptime ITechnologies.  Kimla is also the initiator of the independent economic platform GO AHEAD! based on the principles of free market economy.  GO-AHEAD! is about connecting people and business leadership around values such as freedom, responsibility, and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition Kimla is a renowned author and works by Kimla include Salespeople Embracing It All, The IT Revolution and Empty Coffers--New Burdens.

About Eric Quanstrom

Eric Quanstrom is Chief Marketing Officer for PipeLiner, Inc.  Quanstrom brings a rare combination of marketing, digital media, technology, and strategic experience to his role, (July 2014) where he guides global marketing activities, including inbound, web presence, social media, corporate communications, and user experience programs which build on Pipeliner's commitment to be the leading sales management tool in the world.

Previous to Pipeliner, Quanstrom was CMO/VP, Marketing & Sales at Nimble, a business and social relationship management tool, leading over 4X growth across key metrics. Prior to Nimble, Quanstrom was Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sorenson Media, an award-winning provider of high-quality video solutions such as Sorenson Squeeze, the gold standard in video encoding and the original video codec company behind Flash and Quicktime.

Quanstrom, who guided over 50% revenue growth while at Sorenson Media, is also adept at leading marketing at startups, serving as vice president of consumer marketing and business development at SightSpeed, which was acquired by Logitech in October 2008. Other past successes include roles as director of marketing and sales for Appellation America, an innovative online wine portal, and the West Coast head of the Fox Online Properties (, and

About PiperLiner, Inc.

Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, PipeLiner is a next-generation CRMone that works with the entrepreneurial personality of sales professionals to help them do their jobs more productively and effectively.

Visualize your sales pipeline and gain actionable insights. Open your Pipeliner CRM and get an instantly readable graphical overview of all your opportunities in the context of your sales process. A visually rich, uncluttered model of your actual sales pipeline acts as your interface. It's real-time sales data, organized so you can always remain focused on revenue targets.

  • Gain insights fast, and devise more effective sales strategies
  • Focus on proactive coaching support (instead of jumping in as a "super closer")
  • Click and voila!—Instantly "readable" sales and activity reports
  • Promote best practices with popular and easily understood visual tools
  • Search less and sell more—Customer and account details are in one comprehensive view

Because Productivity Soars 24/7 (Online or Off)

Your Pipeliner CRM system is available anytime, anywhere in the world. We use a unique hybrid approach—a blend of Cloud-based and on-premise engineering—we call it the SMART Cloud. Your data is always safe in the Cloud, but you are always able to work with your entire system anywhere.

  • Work on your own schedule, online or offline
  • Most recent synced version of your system is always ready
  • Control your schedule when on the road, at "no access" customer locations, on a hike, or on a plane

Because You Can Track Progress in Real Time

Pipeliner CRM for sales teams makes it easier to visualize and follow your sales process.

  • Forecasts are front and center, updated in real time
  • View pipeline from any angle at any moment
  • Save your favorite views as Profiles and see them with a click
  • Alerts, timeline views, and powerful filters improve sales forecast accuracy and lower risk
  • Collaboration tools for sharing, delegating, and interacting keep salespeople working toward goals in a timely way
  • Social monitoring adds relevance to prospect relationships and builds trust

Because Common Sense Pricing Has Big Advantages

Pipeliner is affordable, easy to implement, and has a high rate of adoption by salespeople and teams.

  • One low price for all the core features, plug-ins, offline client, mobile CRM app
  • Full implementation in hours
  • Full support as you come on board
  • Sales teams see value and adopt enthusiastically
  • Training in hours with low learning curve
  • Low monthly fee and no hidden costs
  • 30-day trial with no strings attached, no credit card required

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Vienna, Austria, Pipeliner CRM spans every content, with offices in the UK, Sweden, Slovakia, and India. Follow our discussions on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter or online at



ROI Moments with Patrick McClure of Connexia

Patrick McClure is a Proven Sales Manager and Executive with the ability to quickly determine critical problems and their root causes. His 25 year corporate career includes direct sales in excess of $100 million in products and services and management of multiple high performance teams. Jim Obermayer has known Pat for 8-10 years. He's a real refined sales consultant, author and so much more than that.

His focus: How do we increase the performance to increase the output of sales organizations?
To achieve that, 10 years ago, he started his own firm completely focused on accelerating sales performance and sales management.

Jim asked, "How do you increase output?" since THAT is his primary statement of value that he will increase output.

Patrick replied, "I have a very good diagnostic tools of what is wrong." He usually gets called in on the premise that the sales people cannot sell. But when he gets there he usually finds there are other problems. It's a multi-faceted series of problems: problems with marketing, value proposition, lack of training by sales management or sales. He gets to the true bottom of the issues and puts tools in place to fix the real problems.

03:15 - Case study

Conflict between inside sales force and outside sales force. Couldn't figure out what was causing the millions of dollars of revenue lost due to the conflict. Sales process says that when a customer calls in to order, the inside sales team would just take the order and stick it in the file. They would not take the additional step of informing the outside sales person. The orders were delivered into the field, but the outside sales person had no idea nor any way to follow up.

The results he told them, "Looking at the files in this room, there is $20M additional in sales that you don't even know about."

He proceeded to set up notification for outside sales to be notified.
He then put in training for inside and outside of how to follow up.

This resulted in a 30% increase in revenues.

Jim observed, "So many times everyone knows what's going wrong but not how to fix it. "

05:00 - Let's train the sales people!

Looking at Connexia Group's website. What else can you do for companies?  

05:23 He gets called in to find a solution. Frequently, a CEO says, "The problem is, we need sales training...." Based on experience, he increases the depth of the initial investigation,  "Let's talk about they don't know how to close, value proposition, sales process, target market, marketing..." all of this stuff comes together and the synergy affects the outcome. The team needs to function together. Of course the sales people won't be able to sell if this is not in place and they'll be blamed for the problem. 

He also offers business planning and business development.

Here's another Case Study:

The formula was that in place for a firm for 15 years was VERY successful New recruits went through a 6 month training - the resulting plan was they made:600 calls, they'd get 10 appointments, resulting in 2 deals. 

Then the financial meltdown occurred.
No more buyers and sales completely changed.
It wasn't working. 

What he found through analysis is that the critical problem was that they were 100% dependent on one sales strategy  - the phone. As a result they were failing.

He put together a program of 10 different ways to acquire a client without the phone. 
He trained sales how to do that and deals took off like a rocket. 
One team of 25 sales people experienced a quick 10-20% growth.

Jim asked, "How do you approach these engagements?"

Patrick responded with his typical method, "I propose initial engagement - gap analysis - that takes about 3-4 weeks - I charge a flat fee for that. Then, I come back with findings and recommendations. It may result that it is a match or not."   If it is a match and some of the needs are outside his area of expertise, he brings in affiliates and manages the project. 

Average start up engagement for gap analysis - between $5000 and $10,000 - 30-40 hours of his time. This results in an in-depth report of what's wrong, plus recommendations of how to fix it. Sometimes he goes in and reshapes sales for several months and then replaces himself with a new VP of Sales. 

You can connect with Patrick here:

Patrick is a keynote speaker - loves to speak on topics of sales, sales optimization, management diagnostics, customer service and is a distinguished speaker with Toastmasters International.

#B2C Google Local To Do List for Businesses and History

Join +Stephan Hovnanian and I as we have an enlightening important conversation with our featured expert, +Mike Blumenthal to talk about a website's local presence and what business owners need to know. We'll also get into some unravel issues that come up.

This show will cover two parts. First, FINDING all versions of you and your business on Google... How do they search for that on Local, the new business pages, YouTube and G+.

When you find all versions, where is the best place to start the merge and/or delete?

What about when they have more than one location?

The verification process to identify ownership and take control.

As important as the new business page changes are, these first steps are critical to know the mess before you can focus and hit the local pages hard. 

Then we'll dive in with Mike about the new Places changes on Google. Here is his post on the topic of Google Local:

Mike Blumenthal IS Mr. Google Local - he is THE expert on all things Google Local. Please check out his blog category on the topic:

I think I'll be hiring him for my own tangled mess.
or read the highlights first here:
Some highlights include:

02:59 How local search has evolved by +Mike Blumenthal 
04:38 Google Plus is an advertising environment, Maps is a directory environment
04:52 Mike talks about the bus ride to the current search results method.
06:50 +Stephan Hovnanian   asks what businesses need to feed Google, as far as correct information.
07:45 Top data providers:   #infousa     ,  #localeze  and  #acxiom  
09:00 Several ways to influence the data and results
09:40 NAP: Name, Address, Phone Number - must be consistent EVERYWHERE - not just Google.
11:00 Start with a NAP Audit to verify they have your right location and info.
12:20 step 2: Go to maps sites:   #navtech   #teleatlas and #openstreetmap   to see how your business address resolves.
13:15 do the same on Google maps. If they can't find you, you can't close the sale!
15:50 +Chad Russell   comment about citations.
17:15 Local prominence - such as the Chamber of Commerce.
18:15 Don't forget about local business guides and listing sites.
20:00 The coveted 7 Pins on page one of Google search an the map to the right.
22:40 - A fabulous profile image is critical.
23:35 Q from +Jennifer Mortensen   Do reviews factor into rankings?
5+ reviews will give you a ranking bump.
25:30 Google will use driving directions for results if there are no reviews to consider.
26:00 How frequently do people post reviews for local businesses? 
56% of 1000 surveyed in US said NEVER, 22% less than once per year.
27:54 Phone numbers are the KEY GLUE that hold a data cluster together. 
29:00 If Google calls you to confirm your business, you'd better be answering it with the name you have in your listing and not a variation!
31:30 Comment from +Linda Buquet   regarding location prominence and centroid - how it's changed over the years.
33:20 Q from +Christopher Vogelmann   - Does the Twitterverse affect our search rankings. Jump to here to find out.
35:44 - +Susan Finch  says the best advice she can give a business, "Be BETTER at what you do! Be the best." that's how you affect rankings, reviews and more.
37:00 plug for Mike's service,

Here is the gift for today's show - a PDF checklist to get you started. I'll post it early so you can do some checking before the show:
The PDF gift is here:


Watch Now:

How to stop wasting marketing dollars on non-revenue tactics

Michelle Jacobs and Matt Hertig of Alight Analytics discuss how multi-channel marketing analytics can help companies be more efficient with every marketing dollar. Marketing management today has pressure to spend money on things that work and leave the rest for their competitors. Michelle and Matt share how they use ChannelMix Big Data Warehouse to increase sales online and offline for their customers.

About Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder, Alight Analytics
Michelle Jacobs is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alight Analytics, and continues to lead and develop their marketing analytics and measurement practice. Her passion for delivering insightful, actionable marketing analytics is a key pillar of the company's success. She is responsible for helping clients like Helzberg Diamonds, AMC Theatres and Hill's Pet Nutrition maximize their digital marketing efforts through intelligent use of multi-channel analytics. Before Alight Analytics, Michelle directed Web analytics, marketing and advertising strategies for companies such as H&R Block, American Century Investments, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Toyota.

About Matt Hertig, Co-Founder, Alight Analytics
Matt Hertig is the Co-Founder of Alight Analytics, an independent marketing analytics firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. Under his leadership, Alight has developed an industry-leading marketing analytics platform, ChannelMix, which has established Alight Analytics at the cutting edge of multi-channel marketing analytics.  Prior to founding Alight Analytics, Matt built an extensive background in CRM, database marketing, web strategy and business intelligence by serving as an executive leading multi-million dollar database marketing systems and multi-channel web strategies at companies such as AMC Theatres, American Century Investments and Payless ShoeSource.

About Alight Analytics
Alight Analytics delivers global marketers powerful, actionable marketing analytics. As a pioneer in the space, Alight has been offering its holistic analytics platform and services since 2007. With a talented team of dedicated experts, a proven process, and the industry’s best platform, Alight reveals omni-channel insights to enable marketers to optimize all their marketing channels. These insights significantly increase marketing ROI across their entire marketing portfolio – both online and offline. As the only marketing analytics firm to provide a full-service solution, Alight integrates its clients’ own marketing data in its cloud-based ChannelMix Big Data warehouse, builds custom dashboards, delivers regular, proactive insights and creates powerful attribution and predictive models to ensure future success.Alight Analytics was named the 2014 Best Business Analytics Solution Provider by Innovation Enterprise, a 2014 25 Under 25® award winner by Thinking Bigger Business and Alight’s Co-Founder, Michelle Jacobs, was named one of Ingram’s 2014 40 Under Forty honorees. Alight Analytics is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, a Google Analytics Authorized Premium Reseller, a MarketLive Integrated Partner, an Amazon Web Services APN Consulting Partner, a Tableau Software Technology Partner and part of the SAP HANA Startup Program.

SLMA Special Program: Sorry for the inconvenience but social selling is a revolution

John Golden, author of Social Upheaval How to Win @ Social Selling, former CEO and president of Huthwaite, and currently president of Focused Revenue Results, will be interview by SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer to discuss his latest work Social Upheaval.  Golden makes the case that social media is slanting the playing field in favor of the buyer at the salesperson's expense.  At the same time, he says if you cannot sell off-line, you cannot sell on-line.  Obermayer says he looks forward to this interview more than almost any other in recent memory and this program on SLMA Radio will take up the entire 55 minute segment.   Obermayer met Golden at a reception hosted by Pipeliner CEO Nikolaus Kimla in Los Angeles at the Johnathan Club on June 11th.

About John Golden

John Golden is the Amazon Best Selling Author of "Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories" and has recently published his second book ​"Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling".

A globally acknowledged thought leader, John, has a passion for small to medium businesses, especially in helping unlock the advantages they can hold over larger organizations in terms of focus, agility and speed of execution.

He previously held the position of President & CEO of Huthwaite, the creators of SPIN Selling, where he achieved the highest revenue, operating profit and margins in the company's long history. The average operating profit margins of 20+% achieved during his five-year tenure compared with a 10% average margin during the 10 years previous to his arrival.

Likewise as President & CEO of Omega Performance, Golden achieved operating profit margins of 20+% during his three-year tenure compared with a 14% average during the prior 5 years.

Drawing on his time successfully running small-to-medium businesses and business units, as well as interacting with a multitude of diverse organizations across the globe, Golden has developed a framework for how to identify and target 7 levers that can deliver revenue and margin growth. He founded Focused Revenue Results to help other small and mid-market businesses achieve their goals and unlock their growth potential.

About Focused Revenue Results

Focused Revenue Results, Inc. was founded to help small and mid-market businesses unlock their true potential in terms of revenue and margin growth. Everyone involved with the organization has a passion for helping small and mid-market business achieve outsized results. Everyone has run either their own business or small & mid-market organizations. We all understand the constraints businesses of these sizes operate under but we also know how to unlock the advantages and how to drive top and bottom line growth.   T.  760 260 8077 


How do salespeople stay relevant when buyers are liars and evasive?

The Barriers Salespeople Face in Following-Up Sales Leads

Richards Brock is interviewed by SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer as they discuss the increasing difficulty of salespeople being able to have meaningful discussions with inquirers.  Are salespeople marginalized as the buyer becomes easily educated about products without the benefits of a salesperson?  How does the salesperson stay germane in a game where the buyer is often evasive and dishonest about their intent?    


About Richard Brock


Richard Brock is a tech-savvy, entrepreneurial software development professional with over 30 years of experience in CRM Solutions and deep roots in Marketing Automation. He is the co-founder and CEO of LeadLife Solutions, a provider of an on-demand lead management solution that drives revenue by bundling state-of-the art marketing automation technology with lead management systems to maximize sales opportunities. He is a board member of the Technology Executives Roundtable, mentor to various technology companies and Founding Father of CRM. 

Richard pioneered the Sales Force Automation space by starting Brock Control Systems (Firstwave Technologies), which became the leading provider of web-based Customer Relationship Management applications.

About LeadLife Solutions

LeadLife was founded and designed by experts with lots of sales, marketing and customer relationship management experiences. We understand the pressures placed on sales and marketing departments to hit numbers.

Whether it’s a sales execution tool, a marketing automation solution or both, LeadLife’s proven platform provides companies flawless execution of their marketing and sales strategies.  And we are there to help.

About Sales Talk Technologies


By the time you get an opportunity to speak with the prospect, they have all kinds of information and preconceived ideas about their needs and the solutions that can meet their needs. So, you need a way of seeing what they’ve done and aligning your conversation with theirs. Unlike other software, SalesTalk is part of a proven platform that interprets the seller’s conversations through a click or touch technology and is combined with the prospect’s digital behaviors, providing consistent execution of your company’s sales strategy.


The story-so-far feature within SalesTalk allows you to do just that. SalesTalk’s story-so-far feature is unique because it delivers critical data by tracking the timing and flow of every interaction with a prospect – each and every digital and conversational behavior is logged complete with time spent.

All information within the story-so-far is synchronized behind the scenes with a company’s CRM system.

Increase your win to forecast ratio – making sure sale reps are aligning their conversation with their prospects and knowing what your prospect is interested in. Sales management get what they need from their CRM system without sales reps doing any extra work. It’s about better sales call each and every time so your reps can sell more.


If I had a nickel - Webmaster Transitions: Pleading Ignorance Doesn’t Fly

This is the first in a series with SLMA Director, Susan Finch along with her cohost, Stephan Hovnanian

If I had a Nickel: Webmaster Transitions - Pleading Ignorance Doesn't Fly
It used to be that you would have "the guy" and he would hold the keys. Uh, BAD IDEA. It's YOUR presence, YOUR domain, YOUR email, YOUR BRAND.

If you decide to part ways for whatever reason with "the guy" there are a lot of aspects of your web presence that you will want to get a copy of. 

We have been on both sides of this discussion, as providers helping our clients move to new providers, and as the new provider for a client who has dumped, been dumped or simply parted ways with a web services provider. Years of hard lessons are now coming to you, free of charge so you are prepared to make that switch when the time comes.


========OUR FEATURED EXPERT========

+MaAnna Stephenson:
MaAnna is a geek who can still speak in plain English and helps solopreneurs, small businesses, and non-geeks create sites that gets noticed by search engines and readers. Whole-site setup, consultation and training including WordPress, SEO, content, conversion, security, performance, MailChimp, and memberships.

MaAnna's links:

Show Highlights Include:

  • When someone takes over your site - what tips do you have to prevent this pain?
  • Big question that you need to know FIRST: WHO OWNS YOUR DOMAIN?
  • Who are the domain contacts? There are usually 4: Registrant, Admin, Billing, Technical. You need to be at least two of those - REGISTRANT (owner) and BILLING
  • While we're at it, who has the keys to your social media? Do you know the logins? Is it the webmaster you are firing?
  • Select a domain registrar that is easy to communicate with - a PHONE they pick up so you can TALK. If you are switching Webmasters, you may need to move your domain to another provider.

NUGGET: When you set up the contacts for your domain, after you ensure you do have access to that account, make sure the admin contact or owner of the domain is listed as an email of yours NOT associated with the domain so you can get in, get support and  notifications. If you have, make sure the email for notifications is something like

Another security measure  in case your web server goes down, gets crashed into by a truck, etc., is to have the DOMAIN registered with ONE provider and your site hosted with ANOTHER provider. This was met with mixed reactions.
On one hand, it's nice to have ONE place where everything is to make managing easier - fewer logins, etc. 
On the other hand, it's a disaster when that one provider goes down.
Example, when Blue Host and GoDaddy had their systems hacked and brought down last year, people were stuck. There was no way to change the website location to a temporary page on another system because both the domains and the domains were in the same place. Now, if you have your domain registered and records at GoDaddy and your site hosted at BlueHost, this wouldn't be as bad. If bluehost went down, you could redirect the domain to a TEMPORARY page on Godaddy under you account to at least give folks your logo and contact information during the server issues and then switch it back when you got the all clear.

We'll talk about dual name servers in another show.

NUGGET: to see what sites are up and down.

What to look for when considering a new web services provider - this is not the hosting company, but the person, company or team that will take care of your website and online needs:

Check the references and ask around about any company you are considering. Don't just go by reviews. MaAnna talked about the "honeymoon phase" reviews - those within the first few months. Scroll to the older ones and check on those glowing reviews from a year or more ago. Are they still happy with the service?

Realize how rare it is to find one company that not only specializes in web development, but in social media and SEO too. They may do one or two pieces of the puzzle, but not all. This group strongly advises against a one-stop-shop because if anything goes awry with that ONE company, your entire online campaign, presence and branding can be lost or at least severely damaged. Even vetting these companies is no guarantee that something unexpected won't happen to them.

Things to check before transition - make sure you know the answers and the whereabouts, licenses and more to the following:

Do you have custom programming, scripts, carts, etc. Do you own it? 
You need to know this.
Clean up your online assets! URLs SQL (databases), files and more. You may not realize all that you have accumulated over the years and just have piles of items taking up space, confusing the search engines or even possibly conflicting with your current efforts.

========Your Series Hosts========

+Susan Finch - Marketing, PR & Web Pro for DECADES! 
With a background in public relations and advertising since 1986, Susan is a "gentle guide for clients trying new venues online." She engages those skills as she helps create an online presence that will appeal to existing and future clients and/or investors. All these factors are considered before she constructs a suggested plan for clients. It goes way beyond an online presence.


+Stephan Hovnanian - Web strategy, Google+ for Business
Stephan Hovnanian is a web strategist and email marketer for Shovi Websites, author of the Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks on Amazon, and host of a weekly webcast called Google+ Business Spotlight. Stephan distills the content and advice out there on the Web into useful and applicable ideas to help your business make the most of its online presence.

Twitter: Shout-out:


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