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How to Tell a Story with Data




There is nothing like making a presentation to a board of directors, salespeople or even customers that contains important data that strikes fear in the heart of a marketer.   How to do it so the listener understands the most salient points is what Cyndi Greenglass of Diamond Communication Solutions tackles in this program.  Data presentations can be spot-on compelling when the presenter takes the time to make it interesting with the oldest of all means: communicating with a story.  The host is Jim Obermayer.  They will cover:

  1. The power of storytelling?
  2. If you are a marketer, why should you care about data and this topic?
  3. How to turn your data into a memorable story!
  4. So, you have a data analyst, shouldn’t they do this?
  5. What are the top mistakes marketers make when presenting?
  6. What are the three tips listeners can take to the bank?

About Cyndi Greenglass

Cyndi is responsible for strategic solutions for clients in financial services, insurance and healthcare services, as well as managing the agency services team of data, analytics and digital professionals. With a strong track record in data driven communications, strategic planning, and database development, she helps clients develop, execute, and measure their customer communications with a close focus on user acceptance strategies. Cyndi is known for valued senior executive counsel, especially in healthcare patient communications, multi-channel communications.

Greenglass has razor-sharp strategic skills matched by impeccable on-the-ground savvy and tactical abilities. These qualities have enabled her to build a successful company and reputation in critical compliance and regulated communications.   She is a founder of Diamond Communication Solutions, a $100 million data communications company with 7 locations and more than 500 employees serving F1000 and growing companies in Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Higher Education.

Cyndi is frequently quoted in publications on B2B, B2C, lead generation and nurturing strategies, and is a consistent contributor to books, white papers and articles by leading thought leaders in B2B lead generation.

Diamond Communication Solutions

Diamond Communication Solutions is a full-service partner in the design, production, and deployment of data-driven, highly personalized customer and member communications for businesses and non-profit organizations. Delivering targeted, relevant, and dynamic messaging using print and digital media, Diamond provides in-house solutions for secure communications, direct response, and fulfilment solutions. Our clients are primarily in the specialty industries of healthcare, financial services, insurance, and nonprofit.

With over 1,200 healthcare customers and over 500 financial clients alone, Diamond has a client base that includes Fortune 1000 companies, major insurance and financial institutions, and member organizations.


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The New PR: Blurring the Lines Between PR and Content Marketing



In this interview with Interim VP of Marketing Erika Goldwater we discuss how PR must assume new responsibility and opportunities in its quest to more intimately engage its audience.  Erika says:

  • There are three steps the new PR person must take to be a PR content creator.
  • Must be that PR must also create content that the audience wants.
  • “It is no longer just a one and done press release,” she comments. 
  • PR must become an integral part of the marketing mix and strategy and create content.

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Book Review: Inside Content Marketing by Theresa Cramer


We interview Theresa Cramer, the author of EContent Magazine and discuss the definition of “Content Marketing” and why she wrote the 169 page book.  We discuss why so many people admit believing in it and yet why a much smaller number are actually good at it. She will discuss why content marketing works better than traditional advertising and why journalists seem to be better at it than traditional marketers. We expect to discuss the percentage of budget dollars that are devoted to content marketing. The host is Jim Obermayer.

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