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Jun 2019

Should You “Buy an Appointment” to Build Pipeline?


In this interview with Mari Anne Vanella, CEO of the Vanella Group, we discuss how an outside service can be effective in getting an appointment with the right person which leads to a sales pipeline boost. 

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Feb 2018

5 Most Important Things Mari Anne Vanella has Learned in Business and Life

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As part of our continuing series of interviews on the five most important things an executive has learned in business and life, we spoke with Mari Anne Vanella of the Vanella Group. -- She has authored the best-selling and award-winning book 42 Rules of Cold Calling Executives.  Mari Anne presented thoughts that have guided her in her career such as: Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 2017

Is Buying an Appointment the right thing to do?


When asked, salespeople will always, always say that what they need is a qualified lead.  No one can deny that there is no better qualified lead than an appointment with the right person that is considering purchasing a product in their space.  In this interview with Mari Anne Vanella, CEO of the Vanella Group, we discuss how an outside service can be so effective in getting an appointment with the right person.  The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 2016

6 Tips to stop getting in your own way and get more respect.

250-SLMARADIO-vanella-040716.jpgMari Anne Vanella has recently been named one of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management. She is not only a leader in her space, but also has a list of what she's observed as holding women and men back from gaining respect, getting ahead and leading. She's been at all ends of this and feels women just need to quit focusing on the negative aspects of "not making as much as men" and just get into the arena on a level playing field. She's going to tell you the basic, and what should be OBVIOUS steps.

On the humorous side, there were a pile of points she covered with host, Susan Finch that led to this show. They are funny, but because they are true. Listen for the part about the pumpkin sweater and dressing for a bake sale. It's the mindset of scarcity, and putting limits on what you can do. It is all possible. 


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