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Nov 2019

If Marketing Owns the Pipeline is Management of the Sales Department Far Behind?

In recent years marketing has chipped away, usually unintentionally, at various steps of the sales pipeline to aid the salespeople. Most of this is made possible by marketing automation and telemarketing being managed by marketing. I respect, that the sales pipeline ownership has finally shifted from sales to marketing. Marketing in more sophisticated companies probably manages more than 50% of the pipeline steps now and to me, that means ownership has shifted.

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May 2019

Why Marketing is in the Most Powerful Position in 100 Years


This program addresses the question of who owns the pipeline, sales or marketing and in doing so it becomes apparent that marketing not only owns it but is in the most powerful position in their company in nearly a century.

Why it's Important

Are salespeople just the closers and don't own the pipeline? 

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Sep 2018

Marketing Drives the Pipeline and Owns It - Obermayer Podcast

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The sales pipeline, aka the sales funnel is the long-standing measurement of the past, present and future for a company.  In the not too distant past marketing dumped demand into the beginning (top) of the pipeline and sales took responsibility for the rest of the process.

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May 2018

Who Owns the Pipeline, Marketing or Sales?

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In our on-going series of asking the question, “Who Owns the Pipeline?" we are getting very interesting opinions from a wide variety of executives.  This week Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab offers her insight.  Her answers might surprise you and change how you do business. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 2018

Pipeline Ownership is a Growing Question - Dan McDade

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Why It Matters:

Dan McDade says, "Scoring algorithms are allowing more poor-quality leads to go to sales faster than ever before!"

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Apr 2018

Does Marketing or Sales Own the Sales Pipeline?

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With the advent of more sophisticated CRM systems, marketing automation software, some AI applications and years of frustration on the part of Marketing, the uncomfortable question is now being posed: Does marketing own the sales funnel, aka the sales pipeline?
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