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Feb 2017

8 Components to Boost Lead to Revenue Results based on Research from 1400 Executives


250-SLMARADIO-20170216-ryan.jpgIn this interview with Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners we cover the 8 significant components to increase the lead to revenue conversion for B2B companies.  The results are based on Fusion Marketing Partners annual research  survey of 1400+ sales and marketing executives.   The host is Jim Obermayer. Show airs Thurs January 19 10:30 am.

About Christopher Ryan

Chris Ryan has 25 years of marketing, technology, and senior management experience, and is a widely known expert in B2B marketing, lead-to-revenue modeling, sales strategy, and business startups. As both a services provider and in-house marketing executive, Chris has played a transformative role in driving marketing and sales programs that achieve the desired results and create alignment and synergy between the sales and marketing operations.

Chris is known as an outstanding communicator and has presented keynote addresses and breakout sessions at numerous conferences on marketing and technology. For three years, Target Marketing magazine named Chris as one of the Top 100 U.S. Marketers. Chris has written four books on marketing and information technology, including the recently published Winning B2B Marketing.

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Jan 2017

Trends in B2B Marketing and Lead-to-Revenue Research Report - 2017


250-SLMARADIO-20170119-ryan.jpgChristopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion marketing Partners will review the most significant findings in their annual survey of 1400+ sales and marketing executives.  There are substantial surprises which gives us hope for sales and marketing and yet some results which dash our dreams of change.  The host is Jim Obermayer. Show airs Thurs January 19 10:30 am. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 2015

Research Report: Results of a Study on the Most Effective Lead Follow-Up Strategies


This is a dynamite report on the most effective follow-up strategies which were analyzed from 63,256 calls. The report lays the ground work on how to improve contact rates, how speed of follow-up affect results, average number of calls to qualify a lead, etc. The guest is Adam Bluemner managing editor for Find Account Software. The study is available here. The host his week is Jim Obermayer.

Author Biography

Adam Bluemner is the Managing Editor for Find Accounting Software. Over the last decade Adam has spoken with thousands of companies, helping them achieve success through intelligent software investment. Adam writes extensively on accounting, ERP, and business management software.

Business Bio:

Better business is possible through better software. It's our core belief and still as true today as it was when we started in 1996. Since then, our free matching service has provided over 200,000 businesses with recommendations on the best software for their needs. Browse our software directory of over 3,500 products in 86 categories.

This episode is generously sponsored by The Vanella Group
The Vanella Group, Inc. is the only firm that delivers telebased lead generation programs exclusively for enterprise technology providers. They achieve results 5 times higher than industry standards for outbound lead generation based on the research published by implementing their unique Telesales 2.0 methodology. We are an award winning leader in this space and get results like no other firms. The Vanella Group supports firms from Fortune 500 companies to startups.  To learn more, visit or call 888-335-0340
Jul 2015

Machine Learning: What is it? How does it work? How reliable is it?


In this program, Chris Lynde and Mike Griffiths of dbSIgnals explain the basics and the promise of machine learning for everyday marketers. Machine learning is not new, but it's application in B2B marketing is increasing because of the availability and variety of large data sets, computational processing that is inexpensive/powerful, and affordable data storage. dbSignals CEO Chris Lynde and Co-Founder Mike Griffiths discuss what it means for the marketer to make decisions in real time from the constantly learning capability of machine learning. Case studies will be discussed.

Let's catch you up: Machine learning is a sub-field of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Machine learning explores the construction and study of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data.

Chris Lynde, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chris is CEO and Founder of dbSignals, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing automation software. dbSignals enables organizations to engage in successful lead generation and relationship marketing with a single interface that targets very narrowly defined "custom" audiences across multiple channels.  dbSignals integrates massive amounts of prospecting data, online click through data, and customer data with a software package that enables highly targeted and relevant messaging using machine learning and state of the art analytics. Mr. Lynde has over 30 years' experience working with large scale data and database marketing companies including Equifax, Experian, and EDS's Direct Marketing division - Neodata.

Mike Griffiths, Co-Founder and Chief Analytic Officer

Mike Griffiths is an accomplished database, online advertising and analytics expert, who helped pioneer the field of online behavioral targeting and optimization.

Mike was a founder and CTO of Matchlogic, one of the original online advertising companies, and the first company to create and use behavioral targeting in an online context. Prior to MatchLogic, Mike designed and developed systems in such diverse fields as Machine Learning, GIS, Computational Geometry, Simulation, Knowledge engineering and Computer Language development.

Mike was a pioneer in the field of online privacy. He was one of the founding members of the Network Advertising Alliance (NAI), and went on to represent the advertising industry during congressional hearings in 2000.

Mike holds multiple patents in the fields of online advertising, media delivery, and laser printing optimization.

About dbSignals

dbSignals is ranked among the top marketing automation solutions for large, medium and small businesses by Raab Associates' 2015 Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) Report. The company combines data, technology, and the science of machine learning to automate the sales and marketing process so customers can stay focused on running their businesses. dbSignals' Customer Acquisition Prospecting Databases, coupled with real-time data management and self-learning technology creates smarter campaigns and the best results possible. The dbSignals platform sits on top of an integrated database that contains customer data, a national B2B and B2C prospecting database, and a complete system of record.

Based in Broomfield, CO., with offices in Phoenix, AZ., dbSignals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Club Holdings, LLC. dbSignals provides everything a business needs to acquire and retain customers on one easy-to-use SaaS platform. The services are available direct and through white-labeled resellers. Learn more at

Commercial  sponsors on SLMA Radio include: The Young CompanyThe Vanella Group and Vanilla Soft.
Sep 2014

First Chief Content Officer talks about ridiculously good content.

We love to read anything Ann Handley writes, now she shares how even we can write better. Ann shares secrets to great content in her latest book, Everybody Writes, Your Go-To Guide for Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, author of Everybody Writes (September 2014) and co-author of Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (Wiley, Late 2010). Ann has a passion for building community, particularly in using new media tools to broaden and build value. Previously, Ann was the co-founder of, one of the first sources of interactive marketing news and commentary.
Feb 2013

February 14: Kathie Nelson says Stop turning over rocks for customers.


Kathie-Nelson-Headshot-web-2-12.jpgSusan Finch interviews Kathie Nelson, Founder and CEO of Connectworks. Kathie is a serial entrepreneur and born powerhouse in business growth, is a four time author, highly sought after speaker, top tier business strategist, and coach.

Her cut to the chase deliverables have produced her own award winning sales, and national acclaim. In addition to her contributions to emerging companies, many non-profits and corporations have been the beneficiaries of her visionary leadership style resulting in substantial, measurable growth.

Once told she would never walk again, she defied the odds and overcame the obstacles that promised her life long limitations. Refusing to accept being told what she couldn’t do, she found her way to walk again and has never stopped. Kathie brings that same determination to all of her savvy business strategies.

Crediting this life changing experience as her catalyst, she soon developed the business formulas and strategies that persistently equal success for thousands of individuals and organizations nationally.

With concise and visionary accomplishment, her speaking prowess, signature products, and services far surpass the current market metrics. Get what every busy professional seeks: more money, more easily through business growth, marketing, networking, and sales.

Some of the show highlights and topics include:

There are two perspectives

1. Lack of confidence in their ability to sell or whatever they interpret what the word "sales" means to them.  These people usually have a disconnection to the language that sales professionals describe as the sales process.

2. Clear understanding of what the customer needs so that the sales conversation is about serving and discovery.  This group is usually comfortable and connected to the language that sales professionals describe as the sales process.

Small business owners frequently hear what they consider vague and non-relatable concepts, "lead management, sales lead management, ROI, lead nurturing, sales funnel management, lead generation." These same people have not been exposed to that professional language, yet they are out there trying to accomplish these goals. If they were confident in what makes them different, this would not get in their way.  It seems to be part of the stigma they associate with the term, "Sales Professional." You're going to have a difficult time selling anything if you can't become confident in your ability to sell your products or services.

Three key pieces to gathering the information ahead of time:

  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of trends that will affect your prospects or customers.
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Creating strategic partner alliances serving the same audience, as well as other sales professionals serving same audience

She asks them, "What's on your radar for 2013?" "What are obstacles that are possibly going to keep you or your customers from reaching their goals."

Susan Finch acknowledged these can be scary to ask the questions that you may not like the answer. But asking these questions make you empathetic, knowledgeable, credible. You will discover the correct market entry points, at what moment are they more receptive to hiring, launching, purchasing a service.

Kathie Nelson: realizing that if you have a sales manager over your shoulder telling you that you have to produce. "I can't slow down to do discovery because I have to get the quota up."  If you don't take the time for discovery, you are constantly turning over rocks, "Are you my customer?" "Are you my customer?"

Do you want to increase your sales quickly? Then commit to investing in the time, slow down - evaluate who my best customers were and what were they really going through. In general, do they have challenges? This process helps her empathize and serve them better. Once she did this and got clear on the experience of my customer, my sales doubled. This was through strategic partnerships.

"For every minute spent in planning saves 9 in execution."

Book recommendation for sales professionals:

Dave Crenshaw's book, "The Myth of Multitasking."  His overall message: Multi-tasking serves no one.

If you are in sales and don't want to be seen as a sales person, you are sabotaging your success. Whatever stigma you have associated with the sales profession is old news. You can be an honorable, caring, successful SALES professional, and proud of the product or service you represent, happy with the success you are adding to your customers' businesses.

Kathie's two books, "I Want What She's Got!" and the "Busy People Guide to Getting Unstuck" are helpful reads that will have you laughing and crying and inspired.


Jun 2012

June 7: Judy Mod, Co-Founder and President of the Principle of Social Gastronomy


judy-mod-250.jpgSLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer will ask Judy Mod why she co-founded the Social Executive Council.   We want to know about their charter, their goals, and how someone becomes a member.  In other words, “What’s in it for an Executive.”

Judy Mod co-founded and is the president of the Social Executive Council, the premiere global group of senior executives who are collaborating on becoming cross-functional, enterprise-wide buyer-centric organizations.   She is also a  Principal of Social Gastronomy, is an executive who is helping organizations transform from solution-centric to buyer-centric in their approach to their markets, their customers, and the operationalization within their companies.  Her specialties include Collaborative Buying, Buyer-Centric Marketing, Behavioral Target Marketing, Network Selling, and Customer Adoption.

Judy’s career spans over 28 years in B2B delivering top line revenue in a diversity of industries (chemical/petrochemical/O&G, process/manufacturing, environmental, microelectronics, high technology) and in various roles (global sales, business development, marketing, strategic alliances/channels/partnerships, consulting).  A recognized early adopter of innovation, she has the ability to merge the needs of organizations with the innovative solutions in the marketplace.

Judy is regular speaker and blogger on social market leadership, buyer-centric organizations and the social enterprise.  Previously, she served as president of the Southeast US / Latin America chapter of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and on the boards of Global EXEC Women, Women in Technology and It’s The Journey, a 501 © 3 serving the breast cancer community.  A graduate of Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Judy also holds an MBA from the University of Dallas.  For more information on Judy, you can check out her LinkedIn profile at, follow her on Twitter at or contact her directly at

Nov 2011

Nov. 10 Show: Wayne Marks, President Hansa GCR


wayne-marks.jpgWayne Marks joined Hansa|GCR as President in January of 2008.  He brings over 30 years of research and consulting experience to clients in multiple industries, including technology, financial services, industrial sectors, healthcare, retail and packaged goods.

Mr. Marks is a nationally known expert on customer experience and brand management. He has worked with Fortune 500 clients to implement branded customer experiences, deliver the brand promise, research customer needs, develop new products and segmentations, implement new business strategies, and generate customer loyalty. He is a frequent speaker on customer and brand loyalty, the impact of emotions on customer behavior.

Topic for this week's show is: Recent Research of Measuring Branding

Jul 2011

July 15 Show: Tony Jaros - SiriusDecisions


tony-jaros.jpgTONY JAROS Senior Vice President of Research, SiriusDecisions

Tony is a sales and marketing thought leader with nearly 20 years of experience; he has led the overall research function at SiriusDecisions since the company’s founding in 2001. His b-to-b expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, including field marketing/demand creation strategies, tactics, metrics and organizational structures; general marketing strategy; marketing communications; and inside sales/teleprospecting. As a consulting principal, Tony has advised a number of organizations including Cognos, Symantec, CSC, Gartner, MasterCard and Factiva.

Prior to SiriusDecisions, Tony worked as a consultant and project manager with Norwalk, CT-based Peppers and Rogers Group (PRG), the world’s leading relationship marketing boutique consulting firm. His work included the creation of business-to-business and business-to-consumer customer value models and needs frameworks, the reorganization of a major airline’s sales and marketing organizations around its customers, the overhaul of a online retailer’s Web strategy, the development of a comprehensive customer touchmap for an automobile manufacturer, and the creation of hands-on, customer-centric sales and marketing training programs and field materials. His client roster included, Rockwell Automation/Entek, British Airways, Volvo, Jaguar, Moore Corporation, Ford’s Premier Automotive Group and GE Capital.

Tony also was responsible for the day-to-day project operations of Stamford, CT-based Simba Information’s consulting services group, which counseled such clients as Microsoft, Miller Freeman, RH Donnelley, Ameritech, and Simon and Schuster. While at Simba, he also served as a managing editor and senior analyst in the organization’s New Media and Marketing Group.

Tony received an MBA with concentrations in marketing and management from New York University, and a bachelor of science in journalism from Northwestern University.