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Sep 2018

Marketing Drives the Pipeline and Owns It - Obermayer Podcast


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The sales pipeline, aka the sales funnel is the long-standing measurement of the past, present and future for a company.  In the not too distant past marketing dumped demand into the beginning (top) of the pipeline and sales took responsibility for the rest of the process.

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May 2018

How to Shorten the Sales Cycle


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Shortening a company’s sales cycle has an outsized impact on the business. It reduces a competitors market share, increases cash flow, reduces sales territory turn-over, and reinforces sales forecast accuracy,  but how to do it consistently is always the conundrum. Our host today on SLMA Radio is Dan Perry of the Brevet Group and his guest is a founding partner of the Brevet Group Brian Williams.  

They discuss:

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Apr 2018

Three Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make and How to fix Them – McClelland


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When revenue slumps everyone looks to the salespeople as not having performed, and yet the reasons are often deeper and have more to do with how the salespeople are managed. 

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