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Nov 2018

Failure of Salespeople is Self-Imposed by Companies



Andy Paul, author and founder of the Sales House says that the sales profession is in a self-imposed crisis. Companies spend freely to hire salespeople only to find them fail and then they simply fire them and hire more like them.

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May 2018

New Book on Sales Enablement from Co-Author Byron Matthews


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Sales Enablement has the promise and research behind it to explain why this book is more than a new just a sales process. Book co-author Byron Matthews discusses why he and co-author Tamara Schenk set out to define the many facets of sales enablement into an understandable framework for success.  The host is jim Obermayer.   We discuss:

  1. The many facets of Sales Enablement
  2. Define the Sales Enablement Charter
  3. Enablement Operations
  4. Measuring Results

About the Author Byron Matthews

Byron Matthews, President and CEO, leads Miller Heiman Group’s commitment to championing customer-management excellence throughout the customer life cycle and across the enterprise from one source. Byron brings to bear in his role a firm grasp of providing organizations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing and managing, and sustaining, long-term customer relationships.

Byron’s depth and breadth of prior experiences include serving as Senior Vice President of Sales at Aflac, where he led over 30,000 sales professionals across multiple channels, and over five years at Mercer as Global Sales Leader and Global Head of the Sales Performance Practice, where he grew revenue over 30 percent.

About Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Group is the global leader in providing organizations the sales methodology plus technology to drive revenue. The organization consults with successful brands, both large and small, to implement training, technology and coaching that drastically changes business outcomes. Through a combination of system innovation, unique industry research and proven learning approaches, Miller Heiman Group is future-proofing clients through the next wave of sales disruption. For more information, visit

About CSO Insights
CSO Insights is the research division of Miller Heiman Group, dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of complex B2B sales. The CSO Insights team of respected analysts provides sales leaders with the research, data, expertise, and best practices required to build sustainable strategies for sales performance improvement. CSO Insights’ annual sales effectiveness studies, along with its benchmarking capabilities, are industry standards for sales leaders seeking operational and behavioral insights into how to improve their sales performance and to gain holistic assessments of their selling and sales management efficacy. Annual research studies address sales and service best practices, sales enablement and sales performance optimization. For more information, visit


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May 2018

When Corporate Arrogance Bulldozes Marketing’s Good Judgement


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A little bit of success, can breed arrogance and poor judgment in many fast growing

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Apr 2018

Author David Cook: How to Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning!


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Sounds too good to be true, and yet it appears it isn’t as I have already tried some of David’s techniques and been rewarded.  In his book, How To Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning!

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Jan 2018

How Jill Konrath Reframes Problems


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In this 2 minute and 16 second segment from her interview on the Five Most Important Things She has Learned in Busienss and Life, Jill Konrath talks about how she redefines a problem by turning it into a challenge. This is number three of five extracted from her interview “The Most Important Things Jill Konrath has learned in business and life.”  Hear the full interview here

Konrath’s sincerity comes through in this heartfelt advice.


The full interview contains: 

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Dec 2017

How Companies Are Using Databases to Improve Sales & Marketing Productivity



The competitive edge of success for B2B and B2C marketing and sales departments today is undoubtedlythe databases the company uses, maintains and accesses.  It isn’t an understatement to say it’s all about the database.  Good databases save marketing budgets, increase salespeople’s measurable productivity and lower the cost of customer acquisition.  Our guest to discuss how this is accomplished is Anna Fisher, Senior Director of Marketing at ZoomInfo.  Anna, who has been voted the most inspirational leader in the Lead Generation category of the Sales Lead Management Association’s annual 40 Inspiring Leaders election tells us why the database you use can make a difference between success and failure. The host is Jim Obermayer.

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Nov 2017

How to train your reps 75% faster – A Case Study


20171130-tweet-green-benson.jpg Training new sales representatives is generally either too fast and they learn very little that immediatelyhelps them, or too slow which delays them getting into the field. Either way can lead to a show start and delayed productivity. In this interview, guest host Steve Benson discusses how Badger Maps enabled Colonial Life to speed up the training process.  Steve will interview Derrick Green of Colonial Life.

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Nov 2016

Secrets for Managing New Sales Reps for Early Success


250-SLMARADIO-20161117-reflektive.jpgManaging sales reps is not most people’s favorite job.  Getting the reps to perform early is a special talent.   Too often salespeople languish in the startup phase and deliver little in their first six months to as long as a year.  In this program we talk with Reflective’s Ben Nachbaur and Cindy Shibutani about the secrets to getting early performance wins from new hires in sales. The host is Jim, Obermayer

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Aug 2016

3 Ways to a Perfect Sale Demo


You train the sales reps and send them forth and the first stumbling block is demonstrations of your product. Certainly the reps do dry runs in training, managers listen in for the first few live demos and then the reps are off on their own and God only knows what happens. In the program this week Steve Richard, co-Founder and CRO of Exec Vision we discuss the three ways you can be sure to have a great sales demo. The host this week is Jim Obermayer. 

About our guest, Steve Richard

Steve's mission & life's work is helping sales professionals become wildly successful. Each of the three companies Steve's played a founding role in exemplify this dedication to the betterment of sales organizations.

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Apr 2016

The Single Biggest Mistake Every Sales Person Makes

Salespeople must to learn dozens of different skills to be successful.The most accomplished salespeople have refined each of the talents, one after another, until they are consistently selling (think telephone skills,appointment setting, presenting, technical knowledge, persistence, in person communication, benefit presentations, probing questions, closing and negotiation to name a few). But there is one skill that separates winners from losers and Jeff Smith will share that in this program with host Jim Obermayer.

About Jeff Smith:
Generate. Follow up. Succeed.
As CEO at Lead Generation and Management Solutions, these words are Jeff’s mantra…and mission for each of his clients.Jeff Smith is a seasoned business executive who has been a key player in more than 20 successful business start-ups in markets including entertainment, telecommunications, Internet, finance, software, online services, information publishing, business services, business consulting, customer satisfaction, reputation marketing, ROI tracking, business coaching and sports training. Throughout his career, he has re-invented himself in a variety of different markets by focusing on the key principles of success.
Smith’s primary focus today is on helping clients solve their lead monetization problems by implementing intelligent automated lead generation and follow up solutions.

Like you, we all lead hectic lives with many distractions. Work. Home. Distractions from every corner of our daily lives. The result is we never have enough of our most precious resource…time. When we lack time, we often fail to focus on two of the most important aspects of our business success. Generating high quality leads that reach out to us - and following up on our leads in a professional and persistent manner until they are ready to buy, partner or whatever we consider success.
As an author Jeff has written two best-selling books on Amazon. “Profitable Internet Marketing for Dental Practices - How to Get More New Customers Than Your Competition” and “Winning with Reputation: 12 Key Strategies to a Stellar Online Reputation.” Jeff is a guest that will entertain, educate and inspire your listeners to grow, overcome challenges and succeed.
Will Berger, Founder, LeadOutcome said, “Jeff is an expert in lead generation and follow up. He knows the value of the advice he’s giving because he follows it every day and benefits from the results it produces.” 

Jeff Smith, CEO, Lead Monetization Solutions | 404-530-9383 |

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