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New Book on Sales Enablement from Co-Author Byron Matthews

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Sales Enablement has the promise and research behind it to explain why this book is more than a new just a sales process. Book co-author Byron Matthews discusses why he and co-author Tamara Schenk set out to define the many facets of sales enablement into an understandable framework for success.  The host is jim Obermayer.   We discuss:

  1. The many facets of Sales Enablement
  2. Define the Sales Enablement Charter
  3. Enablement Operations
  4. Measuring Results

About the Author Byron Matthews

Byron Matthews, President and CEO, leads Miller Heiman Group’s commitment to championing customer-management excellence throughout the customer life cycle and across the enterprise from one source. Byron brings to bear in his role a firm grasp of providing organizations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing and managing, and sustaining, long-term customer relationships.

Byron’s depth and breadth of prior experiences include serving as Senior Vice President of Sales at Aflac, where he led over 30,000 sales professionals across multiple channels, and over five years at Mercer as Global Sales Leader and Global Head of the Sales Performance Practice, where he grew revenue over 30 percent.

About Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Group is the global leader in providing organizations the sales methodology plus technology to drive revenue. The organization consults with successful brands, both large and small, to implement training, technology and coaching that drastically changes business outcomes. Through a combination of system innovation, unique industry research and proven learning approaches, Miller Heiman Group is future-proofing clients through the next wave of sales disruption. For more information, visit

About CSO Insights
CSO Insights is the research division of Miller Heiman Group, dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of complex B2B sales. The CSO Insights team of respected analysts provides sales leaders with the research, data, expertise, and best practices required to build sustainable strategies for sales performance improvement. CSO Insights’ annual sales effectiveness studies, along with its benchmarking capabilities, are industry standards for sales leaders seeking operational and behavioral insights into how to improve their sales performance and to gain holistic assessments of their selling and sales management efficacy. Annual research studies address sales and service best practices, sales enablement and sales performance optimization. For more information, visit


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Sales 3.0 - What’s it all about?


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This is a continuation of the interview with Jonathan Farrington from last month when the host Peter Gillett and Jonathan Farrington, CEO of Top Sales World discuss how technology is changing the way we sell.  These two experts don’t always agree, but they do agree that changes are tsunami-like with few sales or marketing people aware of what’s coming. No it isn‘t business as usual.

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Understanding the Confusion Surrounding Sales Forecasting.



Sales forecasting can be one of the most difficult functions in any corporation and it is usually led by the least qualified “numbers people” in the company, the sales managers.  Managing the numbers in sales includes, but is not limited to: Sales Forecasting, Sales Capacity, Account Segmentation and Scoring, Territory Planning, Quota Planning, Deal Desk, Crediting, and Incentive Compensation.  In our interview with Rowan Tonkin, Practice Lead of Sales and Marketing Apps at Anaplan we push to clear up the inscrutable.  The host is Jim Obermayer.
About  Rowan Tonkin, Practice Lead of Sales and Marketing Apps at Anaplan

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5 Quick Ways to Get A Meeting With Anyone

250-SLMARADIO-stuheinecke-030716.jpgWhen your business life depends on your ability to absolutely, positively, get a meeting a certain someone, then this is the book to read, love and cherish. SLMA Radio interviews Stu Heinecke, direct marketing guru and Wall Street Journal cartoonist about his most recent book, How to Get A Meeting with Anyone. The host is Jim Obermayer.


About the Book

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone.

- Wentto #1 in several categories

- #2Top New Release in Sales & Selling

-TopSales World Book of the Week

-Named this week 3/9/16 one of the Hot 100 Best Business Books by Books Blizz


In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations. He divulges methods he’s developed after years of experience and from studying the secrets of others who’ve had similar breakthrough results—results that other marketers considered impossible, with response rates as high as 100 percent.


Through real-life success stories, Heinecke lays out 20 categories of Contact Campaigns that anyone can research and execute. Tactics range from running a contact letter as a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal to unorthodox uses of the phone, social media, email, and snail mail to using personalized cartoons to make connections. He also packs in plenty of tips on how to determine your targets, develop pitches, and gain allies in your contact’s circle of influence.

What is Contact Marketing?

Contact Marketing is a fusion of marketing and sales focused on opening doors to VIP prospects, resulting in critical sales and strategic alliances. Our logo illustrates the effect of having a handful of the right kinds of relationships, producing ripples that rapidly spread throughout the marketplace, creating a global scale and sphere of influence for your enterprise.

Contact Marketing Radio

Contact Marketing Radio continues the process of discovery started by host Stu Heinecke’s research for his book, How To Get A Meeting with Anyone. For the book, he interviewed the top 100 sales thought leaders in the world and asked, “When you absolutely must break through to someone of great importance, someone nearly impossible to reach, how do you do it?” What he discovered was twenty categories of Contact Campaigns that range from $0 to $10,000 per contact and produce response rates as high as 100%, with ROI figures in the tens, even hundreds of thousands of percent.
Join us every week for the live show, Thursdays at 10 am PST/1 pm EST, download episodes on iTunes or simply use the archive here to listen to your favorite episodes now.
Stu has been the SLMA's Humor Relations Contributor for five years.



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How to Increase Win Rates & Beat Your Sales Goals in 2016


Mike Schultz says, "Increasing win rate—even just by a few percentage points—has a dramatic effect on a company's revenue and profitability."

In this interview with Mike Schultz, President of the Rain Group, SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer discusses why top performing companies are winning 62% of their sales opportunities while the rest drag in with Only 40%. 
The Rain Group studied 472 sales executives and sellers representing companies with sales forces ranging from 10 sellers to 5,000+, and published the results in The Top-Performing Sales Organization Benchmark Report. They analyzed what organization factors correlated to higher win rates—and the results are significant.  In this interview we will try to cover:
  • 3 sales skill areas all organizations need to pay attention to
  • 5 ideas for strengthening your sales process—for both leaders and individual sellers
  • What your organization needs to do to drive revenue growth
  • Surprising findings around sales training and seller motivation
  • How Value-Driving Sales Organizations excel in revenue growth, value pricing, win rates, sales force retention, and more
  • How Top Performers differ from The Rest in sales process maturity, sales training focus and investment, sales skills, sales results, and more

Mike Schultz, President, RAIN Group

President of RAIN Group, Mike Schultz is world-renowned as a consultant and sales expert. He is bestselling author of Rainmaking Conversations: How to Influence, Persuade, and Sell in Any Situation (Wiley, 2011) and Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently (Wiley, 2014), and was named the Top Sales Thought Leader globally in 2011.
Mike and the team at RAIN Group have worked with organizations such as Hitachi, BNY Mellon, HP, SAP, Boeringer Ingelheim, Deloitte, Harvard Business School, and dozens of others to unleash their sales potential.
As a sales leader himself, Mike oversaw a sales force at a leading business-to-business company, engineering growth in his division by 800% in a four year period while increasing margins significantly. Mike has also personally sold tens of millions of dollars in products and services to companies across industries and of various sizes.
Mike is a graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, MA with a B.A. in American Studies, and holds an MBA from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.

About the Rain Group

Over the past two decades, RAIN Group has grown into a recognized leader in sales improvement with an international client base. We've helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 62 countries increase their sales significantly with our sales training, sales consulting, and sales coaching services.
Led by Recognized Sales Experts
RAIN Group is led by industry luminaries Mike Schultz and John Doerr, two of the world's most respected sales experts, named as the Top Sales Thought Leaders globally. We are leaders in sales research and publishing, including the bestselling book Rainmaking Conversations, Insight Selling, What Sales Winners Do Differently, and The Benchmark Report on High Performance in Strategic Account Management.
Sales Training Company Focused on Unleashing Sales Potential
We help our clients succeed in each area of the Sales Competency WheelSM, and make sure the wheel is working the best it can to unleash sales potential at their companies. Our suite of sales training programs cover everything your sellers need to become top performers.
For us, good is not good enough. We are constantly innovating, working on the leading edge of selling and sales training research, thinking, methods, and technologies. Only by constantly striving to be the best can we be most helpful to our clients and most impactful to their selling results.
Specialized in Sales Improvement for the Complex Sale
The complex sale presents a unique set of challenges. It can be a long sales process that requires prospect and client education, high-dollar investments, multiple decision makers, team selling, and stiff competition. You must connect, influence, persuade, collaborate, and sell the impact of your solution. And often the opportunity is not in reacting well to client-driven demand, but driving demandthrough your sales and delivery teams.
We specialize in working with companies who face a complex sale or who sell complex products and services.
Global Sales Training Company
With offices across the US and internationally in London, Geneva, Johannesburg, Dehli, and Sydney, we have a global footprint allowing us to serve clients all over the world. We've trained hundreds of thousands of professionals and have worked in more than 62 countries.
RAIN Group is a Sales Training Company that Will Help Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team
Take the first step to sales improvement today. Give us a call at 508-405-0438,send us an email, or fill out our contact form to learn how you can improve sales performance at your company.


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The Vanella Group, Inc. is the only firm that delivers telebased lead generation programs exclusively for enterprise technology providers. They achieve results 5 times higher than industry standards for outbound lead generation based on the research published by implementing their unique Telesales 2.0 methodology. We are an award winning leader in this space and get results like no other firms.The Vanella Group supports firms from Fortune 500 companies to startups.To learn more, visit or call 888-335-0340

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90 Days to Increase Sales 30% - Show Me!



Increasing sales by 30% in 90 days is a bold statement and we asked Mike Hollison, CMO of how it can be done.  Of course following up all leads increases sales, but claims its self-learning engine drives predicative sales communications and engagement which combined with rep motivation results in dramatic sales increases. Prime questions: How does the Neuralytics® program work?  How soon can results REALLY be seen. What is the basis for the claim in increased sales?  What does it cost and what are the contractual expectations from clients?  The host is Jim Obermayer

This is a replay.

About Mick Hollison

Mick Hollison joined in June 2013 with over 20 years of experience in technology marketing, product management and sales. Currently, Mick oversees all marketing efforts including public relations, content marketing, paid advertising and website conversion.

Previous to, Mick spent 7 years at Citrix, a $2.6B company, recently serving as global vice president of marketing and strategy, leading integrated product marketing and strategy. He was responsible for integrated product messaging, solutions marketing, and marketing strategy and led the development of pricing, licensing and packaging across all Citrix product lines.

Prior to Citrix, Mick spent two years at Microsoft where he was responsible for the development and delivery of marketing messages targeting C-level executives. During his tenure, he led a worldwide network of nine executive briefing centers delivering over $4 billion in influence revenue per year, and produced customer events such as the Microsoft CEO Summit. Before joining Microsoft, he spent 13 years with IBM in a variety of executive product line roles. 

About Inside Sales offers the industry’s leading sales acceleration platform built on Neuralytics®, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth by delivering an optimized experience for both salesperson and buyer. The platform fuels sales rep performance and provides buyer personalization with breakthrough innovations in predictive sales communications, gamification and sales hiring. Customers: Over 2,000 • Employees: Over 700 • Locations: Worldwide headquarters in Provo, Utah, with European regional headquarters in Reading, UK; additional offices in San Mateo, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. In May 2015, the company announced its acquisition of C9 Inc., based in San Mateo, California, to extend its predictive capabilities from sales prospecting to sales forecasting for opportunities and accounts. And earlier in the year, the company hired top executive talent including Chief Customer Officer and President of Worldwide Sales Jim Steele and expanded its company footprint beyond U.S. borders into Europe.


This episode is generously sponsored byThe Vanella Group
The Vanella Group, Inc. is the only firm that delivers telebased lead generation programs exclusively for enterprise technology providers. They achieve results 5 times higher than industry standards for outbound lead generation based on the research published by implementing their unique Telesales 2.0 methodology. We are an award winning leader in this space and get results like no other firms.The Vanella Group supports firms from Fortune 500 companies to startups.To learn more, visitBuildPipeline.comor call 888-335-0340

and by Validar
Whether you're producing a seminar series, user's conference, lunch and learn, or exhibiting at a tradeshow, Validar has a solution. From capturing leads at tradeshows to managing onsite registration, tracking session attendance, gathering feedback, and providing sponsors lead retrieval we have a full suite of solutions for you. Since 2005 Validar has been turning Corporate Events and Trade Shows into Better Business. Call 888 784 2929 or visit us

Four Reasons Why a Pipeline Fails to Deliver Which Makes Sales Managers Look Clueless.


Sales pipelines that fail to deliver projected sales are a common and ugly fact of life in too many organizations. Sales managers are fired not just  because the sales department fails to deliver, but because the sales manager fails to forecast. No one likes being in the financial dark and CEOs and CFOs take it seriously when sales managers demonstrate failure to know the marketplace when they can’t forecast sales in a consistent manner.  In this 30 minute program, Rod Sloan, a frequent guest on SLMA Radio and our voice from the UK, gives us the top four reasons why pipelines (and the sales managers who create them) fail to deliver. Author of “Alignment, The Secret to getting your Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together” The host this week is Jim Obermayer.
Rod Sloane
Rod Sloane produces the UK based “No-Bull Sales & Marketing Alignment Radio Show” available on He is a conference speaker who tackles how companies manage leads, create opportunities and generate revenue. Mr. Sloane is the founder of the LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Alignment Group that has over 8,000 members. Rod says it is about your people, your language and your culture. Sloane has his own consultancy aptly named, Rod Sloan.     

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Trade shows and conferences: are they throwing rose petals as you walk in the door?


Conferences and trade shows are part of every industry. Whether you and your company participate in them is part of your marketing plan. Once you have your plan and schedule - how are you going to prepare to make the most of the money you spend on attending, exhibiting, sponsoring or speaking at these events?  Do you have enough staff to get it covered; and not only COVERED but NAILED?

Jim reminds us that planning for a conference needs to start months ahead of time. Communicating with attendees through inmail systems days before isn't good enough and will most likely be a waste of time.

Jim Obermayer will interview SLMA Marketing Director, Susan Finch, on this very topic. You may not realize how much of a mediocre presence you have once you realize all that you can do before, during and AFTER the conference or trade show.

This show had several ideas that to some, may be obvious, but making sure you do them can add to your successful conference experience before, during and after!

A bit about Susan Finch in her own words:

Her mission: Create marketing solutions that give you power, renewed excitement, peace of mind, knowledge, and a plan while making you look great.

I give you control of your marketing plan AND I translate geekspeak into plain English. I’ll create a customized marketing plan that includes video, strategic alliances, client advocacy and then you get to choose the parts you want to do, and get my assistance with the rest, including: branding, repurposing and creating your content, and developing training materials.

Learn more about this specialty of hers here >

Commercial  sponsors on SLMA Radio include: The Young CompanyThe Vanella Group and Vanilla Soft.

How to decide if outsourcing inside sales is right for your company.


This is a replay of a show from December with Jeff Feuer of Customer Solutions Group.

You'll have to listen to the full show, but here are some highlights:
Outsourcing as a TOOL, it can be used to great advantage or great disadvantage.

The in-house sales force that can handle the workload, probably doesn't need to consider outsourcing that much.

Some reasons you may want to consider outsourcing are trigger events. These trigger events may include:

  • Near term large expansion of sales force.
  • Perhaps immediate need or temporary need that would be difficult to ramp up and ramp down for in house.
  • Desire to benchmark the existing sales force against an objective third party that could trigger good healthy competition that could make both the in-house
  • Launching a new business or a new product is another trigger event that should cause a manager to think about outsourcing, because a fresh perspective can be valuable to assist in solving unique problems
  • Lack of scale to justify an impact, or telephone capacity issue that could hinder a successful launch and related scale issues.

*How to get ROI - is it more or less expensive?*
If you allocate the costs properly, in-house sales should be 10% less than outsource. That's typical.
Depends on where you are located and your in-house work force location - Silicon Valley is way different than more industrial areas.

After analyzing costs, you'll have to decide if you have a greater capacity for success keeping it all in-house or will you have a greater capacity of success if you outsource for this specific situation.

Jeffrey's company 130 front line full time sales people.
"Sales is part of our core DNA - we've been doing it for 21 years. We are a sales firm."

09:00 Quoting Gerhard at Sales 2.0, "Majority of firms are not hiring outside sales people, they are hiring inside sales" and then using outsourcing more when they have the extra need."

09:20 Technology and the way people work, really tends to favor inside sales today.
Someone can cover a lot of grounding a phone call. Inside is more economical.

Outsourcing offers a lot of flexibility.

Outsources see a lot of different sales problems. Where inside sales relies on one set of experiences from their own services.

10:30 Warm Transfer topic. How and why it's used.
It's another word for outsourcing the prospecting leg of your sales process.
The task is to find the decision maker. Outsourcer can do it less expensively. They have more experience in this piece of the sales process.

11:48 Using a divide an conquer approach where the prospecting is outsourced and the closing, demos and customer service remain with in-house.

15:30 Outsourcers are specialists in the infrastructure and execution of programs. Most have space to grow and create quickly.

How long does it take to get up and running?
3-5 weeks is typical. Depends on services are necessary.

Do most of your clients use CRM?
With over 90 CRM systems out there. Important to have one system, but not all of the bells and whistles.
I want my sales people to focus on SELLING, not filling in little forms and data. That's what they do best - SELL. Persuasion skills are more important to sales than administrative skills. 


How does Pay for Performance work in Lead Generation?

Pay for performance is an interesting topic in lead generation.  Not every company has the guts for it, or the experience to pull it off.  In this interview with SalesStaff CEO David Balzen we get an understanding of the what it takes for a pay-for-performance model to be successful for both parties. Certainly many companies want someone to take all of the risk while they reap the benefits of new sales.  We’ll see how this works and the pitfalls for both parties.   The host this week is Jim Obermayer. 
David Balzen is the founder and CEO of SalesStaff and is responsible for the company's strategic and operational leadership. 
As a demand generation executive and pioneer in lead generation for B2B industries, David helped lead the industry through the development of demand generation systems leveraging inbound and outbound lead generation strategies. His extensive understanding of the business development challenges facing B2B companies and their sales teams led to the development of SalesStaff. David has over 20 years’ experience as a chief executive, consultant and thought leader in demand generation. Recognitions include Winner of the Crystal Eagle Award by the University of Houston's Center for Entrepreneurship. Business accomplishments include being a 1999, 2000 and 2013 "Houston 100" Winner as one of the fastest growing Houston-Based companies. In 2012, David was selected as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. Inc. Magazine featured SalesStaff on the Inc. 500 list in 2013 as the 87th fastest growing company in America.

About SalesStaff
SalesStaff’s leadership team is deeply rooted in the Information Technology industry with more than 25 years’ experience of C-level leadership in information technology companies. They saw the need to support true sales “closers” with actionable opportunities through a consistent and sustainable flow of prospect meetings.
In response to that need in the marketplace, SalesStaff began offering demand generation services to the high-tech industry. Since then, SalesStaff has pioneered a number of leading innovations:
  • Integrated delivery model
  • Various technology platforms leading to vastly increased productivity
  • First hybrid demand generation offering
Having come from the IT consulting world, its founders created sound sales principals designed around complex-sale environments that support actionable sales opportunity development.
SalesStaff stands firm on our commitment to clients to do what we say we will and deliver quality sales appointments, leads, and sales intelligence.

You have to be willing to go from NO.


Tim Wackel covers some of the biggest errors salespeople commit… and where there are some big opportunities.

This lively discussion will cover:

  • The sales sins you must avoid
  • Top tips for finding new business today
  • What to do when prospects go silent

On email marketing - Subject lines:
Make sure your fun subject goes with the context of the message. You can have some fun.

You have to be willing to go from no. - Tim Wackel

Would you like me to go ahead and put together a proposal? TOO much opium. Instead try this approach:

I enjoyed our visit, but I sense that putting together a proposal is still a little premature, what are your thoughts?

Get them to BEG you to get to the next step. It's like a great first date.

Don't take the bait. Pride yourself on delayed gratification.

Tim is the founder and president of The Wackel Group, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations find, win and keep customers for life. He is a member of the American Society for Training and Development and holds a professional membership in the National Speakers Association. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska and lives in Dallas where he and his wife raised their two children and are now enjoying their empty nest.

Tim Wackel is one of today’s most popular sales speakers because he makes information entertaining, memorable and easy to understand. He combines more than 25 years of successful sales leadership with specific client research to deliver high-impact programs that go beyond today’s best practices. Tim’s keynotes and workshops are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real world success strategies that audiences can (and will!) implement right away.

How Outsourcing Sales can Increase Revenue 10-20% in 90 to 120 Days



Outsourcing of sales, not just sales lead qualification is growing, so say many of the people SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer knows and interviews.  In this SLMA Radio Interview with Jeffery Feuer, president of the Customer Solutions Group, the two of them tackle the subject of how outsourcing can increase sales in 90-120 days. 

Some questions that will be covered, time permitting:
  • Can a company expect increased revenue in 90-120 Days?
  • Why and when should someone outsource their sales?
  • Are sales outsourcing more or less expensive than doing it in-house?
  • Is sales outsourcing an all or nothing proposition?
  • What is warm transfer?
  • How good are appointments that are set by an outsourced service?
  • What should someone look for when they select an outsource vendor?
  • Besides good salesmen, what are the most important elements for successful outsourcing?


About Jeffery Feuer 
For over 25 years, Jeff Feuer, President of Customer Solutions Group, has created sales tools and developed sales teams. His professional goal is to apply efficiencies to the process of turning leads into customers. “Leads are great, but they really shine when converted into customers,” he says. 
Jeff co-founded Customer Solutions Group, a sales outsourcing and consulting firm, over 20 years ago. Since then, he helped hundreds of firms nationwide to reduce their cost of customer acquisition. Feuer and his team provide services that advance sales at their client firms including appointment setting, telephone lead qualification, sales consulting, and sales outsourcing. Jeff designed specialized sales testing software used at his firm’s InsideSalesLab, a sales incubator that discovers and optimizes customer acquisition strategies. He is expert with every element of sales operations, from recruitment to reporting.
Jeff is a cum laude graduate of the University of California with a BA degree in Economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
About Customer Soilutions Group
Customer Solutions Group (CSG), a 21-year-old sales consulting and outsourcing firm, has assisted hundreds of firms from startups to Fortune 500 to increase sales, shorten their sales cycles, and reduce sales cost. 
CSG consultants are sales veterans. They combine years of sales line management experience with years of consulting expertise to produce practical solutions to common sales problems. They are familiar with all facets of sales technology and infrastructure as well as the human elements needed to drive superior sales performance.  
Clients can benefit from CSG’s perspective on their existing sales operations or outsource part of all of their sales process to CSG. CSG pioneered sales testing at its InsideSalesLab, a sales incubator that runs pilot programs helping firms discover their best path to profitable sales.
Through its warm-transfer service, CSG manages telephone lead qualification for some of the largest firms in the US. Each day, CSG receives, scores, calls and qualifies tens of thousands of sales leads for its clients. Qualified leads are warm-transferred directly to client sales persons to pitch and close. To date, CSG has warm-transferred over 4 million qualified prospects to its clients throughout the US.
Through its sales-appointment service, CSG performs important groundwork locating, qualifying, and scheduling good prospects for its client’s senior sales persons.  
For more information, visit CSG’s web sites:  

First Chief Content Officer talks about ridiculously good content.

We love to read anything Ann Handley writes, now she shares how even we can write better. Ann shares secrets to great content in her latest book, Everybody Writes, Your Go-To Guide for Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, author of Everybody Writes (September 2014) and co-author of Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (Wiley, Late 2010). Ann has a passion for building community, particularly in using new media tools to broaden and build value. Previously, Ann was the co-founder of, one of the first sources of interactive marketing news and commentary.

Why smart marketers don’t avoid the sales funnel, and dumb ones do!

By definition, the sales funnel appears to be the domain of the sales department, but in the past few years enlightened marketers have realized that the sales funnel is one of their most useful tools to understand and control marketing.  In this interview, Andy Paul, Author of Zero Time Selling makes the case for the importance of using the sales funnel as marketer’s most fundamental tool in controlling marketing spending on promotions that work. 

About Andy Paul

Andy Paul , the founder & CEO and founder of Zero-Time Selling, Inc., is a leading expert on maximizing the value of your selling to help customers make fast and favorable decisions. He is recognized as one of the leading global experts on social selling. Andy is also the author of the award-winning book, Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company's Sales. Zero-Time Selling® reflects Andy’s knowledge that in today's hyper-competitive sales environment "how" a company sells its products and services is as important as "what" they sell in creating value for the customer and effectively differentiating their company and offerings. With more than 30 years in the sales business as a successful sales professional and sales vice president in companies ranging from raw startups to Fortune 1000. Andy is a frequently sought-after speaker, trainer, executive sales coach and sales process consultant. He splits his time between offices in New York City and San Diego.

Phone: 619-980-4002


The Collaborative sales era dictates that salespeople change or change jobs.

Host Jim Obermayer interviews Keith M. Eades, CEO of Sales Performance International (SPI)  and Timothy T. Sullivan, Director of Business Development for SPI authors of new book (March 3, 2014) The Collaborative Sale.   We have heard that buyer behavior has changed, and with it, we are hammered that sales people must also change or fail.  In this short interview we discuss the major changes which are influencing buyer behavior and with that the change that is dictating a modification in sales attitudes and approaches to the sales process.   

Keith is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sales Performance International (SPI), one of the largest sales improvement firms in the world. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPI is currently doing business in more than 50 countries.

Keith speaks regularly at industry, customer and partner events, and he is considered one of the most knowledgeable authorities on transforming companies into world-class organizations. The Collaborative Sale is Keith’s fourth book. 

In 2001, Clemson University recognized Keith with the Alumni Fellow Award for his outstanding career accomplishments. He is an inaugural member of the Shapiro Center Entrepreneurial Round Table and serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the College of Business and Behavioral Sciences at Clemson.

Tim is Director of Business Development at Sales Performance International, where he works with clients to identify and develop solutions for sales performance issues. In this capacity, Tim has the opportunity to observe and collect best practices from many of the world’s top-performing sales professionals.

The Collaborative Sale is Tim’s second coauthored book with Keith Eades, the first being The Solution Selling Fieldbook (McGraw Hill, 2005); he was also a contributor to The Solution-Centric Organization (McGraw Hill, 2006). He contributes regularly to the Solution Selling Blog, found at Tim is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences on advanced sales and marketing topics. He holds a business degree from the University of Notre Dame.

About SPI
Sales Performance International (SPI) is a global sales performance improvement firm dedicated to helping the world's leading corporations elevate their sales relationships and drive measurable, sustainable revenue growth and operational sales performance improvement.

Founded in 1988, SPI has been the leader in helping global companies successfully transition from selling products to marketing and selling high-value solutions. With extensive sales performance expertise, deep industry knowledge, global resources and a proven track record, SPI collaborates with clients to deliver strategic, operational and tactical solutions.
SPI has assisted more than 1,000,000 sales and management professionals in more than 50 countries and 14 languages to achieve higher levels of performance.

Sales Trends in 2014


Host Jim Obermayer interviews Larissa Gschwandtner, VP of Sales & Marketing at Selling Power as we discuss the sales trends in 2014. We want her opinion on: 

  • Are outside sales positions obsolete?
  • Are all sales positions in B2B really “inside sales” as purchasing patterns change?
  • Does lead generation drive corporate growth as it did in the past? 
  • Are there too many choices in CRM and Marketing automation systems? 
  • Is the salesperson just robot reciting facts to a highly educated buyer? 
  • Are sales training courses the last refuge of sales managers that don’t know what else to do? 

About Larissa Gschwandtner, Vice President, Selling Power 

Selling Power is the largest media organization providing insight, best practices, and practical advice for today’s sales leaders. As Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Selling Power, Larissa oversees the creation and delivery of thought-leadership topics and relevant trends frequently covered in Selling Power magazine, on and at industry events including the Sales Leadership Conference and Sales 2.0 Conference series. Larissa has consulted with industry-leading solution providers including Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, dozens of sales 2.0 providers, thought-leaders and sales methodology practitioners to improve the understanding of services available to help sales leaders achieve improved sales and increased customer retention. 

About Selling Power

In addition to Selling Power magazine, the leading periodical for sales managers and sales VPs since 1981, Selling Power Inc. produces the Sales Management Digest and Daily Boost of Positivity newsletters, as well as a five-minute video series featuring interviews with top executives. Selling Power is a regular media sponsor of the Sales 2.0 Conference.

8 Mins: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder of Selling Power about the state of selling today.


While attending Sales 2.0, Jim Obermayer of the SLMA took a few minutes to discuss Sales 2.0 with Selling Power Founder Gerhard Gschwandtner about the conference and the state of the sales profession from his perspective. Gerhard is a thoughtful expert on selling and there are few people he doesn’t know in the selling profession, and even less he doesn’t know about selling. 


About Gerhard Gschwandtner 

His personal mantra is "excellence is a question of expanding awareness". When all is said and done, He is a sales guy. He established my professional reputation as a sales guru by training over 10,000 salespeople in Europe and the US. He realized that salespeople and their managers need all the help they can get, that's why he started Selling Power magazine and turned it into the world's leading sales management magazine. Gerhard’s mission is to contribute to the success of sales leaders with, a sales intelligence platform that's visited by over 300,000 sales leaders every month. 
He also runs four Sales 2.0 conferences a year (in London, Boston and San Francisco) that attract over 2,000 sales and marketing leaders. His conferences are based on sharing ideas through unscripted conversations and continuous exploration of the core theme: improving people, enhancing processes and implementing advanced technology solutions to achieve operational efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. (
Over 100,000 sales executives watch my daily (5 min) video interviews with sales leaders online (free) on 
He collaborated on a documentary on the profession of selling that was aired on PBS stations across America. You can watch this video online: He is the author of 16 books on Selling, Sales Management and Sales Psychology and 2 books on photography. (


Helping sales leaders integrate culture, process and technology. Creating Video Sales Enablement platforms. Delivering keynote speeches that help salespeople achieve more than their managers ever thought possible. In my speeches I show salespeople how they can get far better results by changing their focus, their physiology and their self-limiting beliefs. Salespeople win more sales when they align self-enablement with sales enablement. 
Follow him on Twitter @gerhard20 

About sales 2.0 Conferences 

The Sales 2.0 Conference was held on May 5-6, 2014 in San Francisco. Attendees learned real-time capabilities – real-time marketing, analytics, social media, pricing, performance feedback, incentive programs, etc. – and how to close the real-time technology gap to achieve unprecedented success. 
If you attended this conference, you can access speaker presentations, white papers, and more in the Resource Library. 
To learn about upcoming conference dates and locations, email or visit Sales 2.0 Events.

How to Become Famous and Meet Really Cool People


SLMA Host Jim Obermayer interviews Jeff Ogden, Host of Marketing Made Simple TV a popular and syndicated TV show. Not just a podcast this program has real followers as Jeff reaches out in a new media that every marketer should know about.

About Jeff

Jeff Ogden is an award-winning sales and marketing expert, as well as the President of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. He’s also the author of the “definitive guide to btob demand generation” How to Find New Customers. In addition, Jeff created and hosts the popular syndicated show, Marketing Made Simple TV, where he interviews famous business leaders like Beth Comstock (SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of General Electric), Guy Kawasaki (1.3 million Twitter followers, and Daniel Pink (NYT best-selling author.) He holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame.

About Find New Customers

Find New Customers helps mid-sized companies (from 150 to 1000 employees) to develop world-class demand generation programs, improving the flow of qualified sales opportunities, increasing win rates, and growing overall profits. Find New Customers delivers these services all over the world, except in the state of Georgia.


Twitter’s Flash & Burn and Outbound Calling Success on the Rise


Susan Finch and Jim Obermayer were joined by Trish Bertuzzi, President & Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group, Inc.

The first half of the show covers using Twitter for social selling. If you want to target buyers who are using Twitter and they post occasionally, do they really or is it mainly automated propaganda about companies?Before you attempt to become a thought leader on Twitter and invest the time you need to know:

  • Are they buying there.
  • How are they using Twitter?

The post, "Twitter for Sales Reps: Big Hat - No Cattle" is about engagement. Twitter is a GREAT tool for listening. But, when you tweet, it's a snapshot - like a lightbulb going off in a room. If no one is in the room, no one sees your flash.
Read the research in the post. Trish summed up that she could get better true engagement through LinkedIn, email, cold calling people. Testing big companies - same results. The question is, do you want to be POPULAR or do you want to be RICH? There are other ways to get people engaged with you that will give you a higher.
She continued with, "Only so many selling hours in a day. Before you assume Twitter will work, do your analysis. It may be only a listening tool for you. We are not really reaching out to people through Twitter with rare exception.
Twitter is a spam cannon when you think about it.If you are not following me, I can't have a one on one conversation with you. But on Linked In, I can send you an inmessage, I can contact you through a shared group. That's the key point. It's not one on one with Twitter."
Spam may be too harsh a word, but perhaps not.
"I even schedule my 5 tweets a day. Unless you are in the room when my scheduled tweet or your scheduled tweet goes out - we will miss each other's messages."

"I have a ball with those 142 characters!"
Trish Bertuzzi

Most of the blogs I read are because of some mention on Twitter. For me, it's a great news feed. Great place to find and share in other venues. We both find that more people engage thoroughly from LinkedIn and G+ where they read more, watch videos, make comments. Twitter was the opener for those conversations
The second half of the show Jim Obermayer and Trish talked about the increased effectiveness of outbound calling.

Outbound prospecting has improved dramatically - up by 35% Prospects are picking up the phones again. It isn't all about inbound, although inbound IS THE BOMB!  Referrals - absolutely the way to go. But if you are like most companies, you'll get 40-60% from inbound. Unless 40-60% of quota is good enough, you need to get on the outbound prospecting path.


You have to have direct dial numbers to be effective. People are actually hiring staff to populate the database before it gets to the caller: name, title, direct number and email. Truly raising the positive results.

Two technologies Trish Bertuzzi is in love with:

  • Connect and Sell provides 5-6 conversations per hour for most of her team. For her, 8-11. That's HUGE. 
  • The other technology she loves is Use their dialer technology combined with local presence. For every call you make you show up as a local caller to the number. Aren't you more apt to pick up the phone from an unknown local number?

Jim asked her why it's working better, "I think we're getting better at understanding cadence and telling a story.

It takes 7-8 touches to get someone to respond. Those touches have to be in a fairly short period of time. Success comes from using a variety of mediums: video, email, voicemail. Cadence counts and you need to figure out what your cadence should be.

We've also gotten better at telling story via our touches. These are chapters in your story that you are trying to tell your potential buyer."

There seem to be two basic camps. Jim talked about increased success for one particular company using this approach: Send email, then call 20 minutes later - success rate went up, call back rate went up.

Trish disagrees with this method - not a fan of the double tap. Best for desk-bound targets. Not a great platitude. We could have two companies using the doubletap: great branding and recognition - works better; lesser known companies, doesn't work as well.

Jim asked about the misinterpreted and repeated stats from SiriusDecisions: "59% have already made up their minds..." Trish let SeriusDecisions off the hook. This was misquoted and twisted.  "It's like the game telephone, the more accurate quote is that '59% start their research online'."

Listen to the show to hear the full story.

About Trish Bertuzzi:
Over the last two decades, Trish has promoted Inside Sales as a community, profession and engine for revenue growth. In the process, The Bridge Group has worked with over 220 B2B technology clients to build, expand and optimize their inside sales efforts.

By a combination of hard work and timing, Trish and team's research & ideas have been featured on, by associations like SLMA & AA-ISP and across more than 68 sites in the sales and marketing blogosphere.


Christine Crandell - Adventures of a Serial CMO



Susan Finch interviews Christine Crandell, President of New Business Strategies.

During their discussion Christine covered the differences between leading Boomers vs. Millennials and the group fringing on both ends.

They also hashed over the regular confusion businesses have over hiring a consultant versus hiring a contractor. Many times clients try to stretch one into the role of the other without fully understanding the differences. 

Further in the interview, Christine and Susan examined Management by Objectives (MBO) and targeted contributions; they need to be measurable. It's not acceptable to talk nothing but of concepts, and goals. There needs to be concrete evidence of success, failure or progress.  There needs to be accountability, as well. Are you the one who put together the plan? Are you the one responsible for the results or at least reporting on them?

The topic of reinvention and morphing was also part of the show. Women have a tendency to morph more into roles rather than honing  their idea business persona that matches who they truly are at all times. Part of that is due to fear, part of it is due to the fact they've never spent the time to define themselves and core values.

Join us for this show on Thursday at 5pm to listen to it. 

About Christine Crandell: Christine Crandell is a 25-year B2B expert in market strategy, driving demand, and building successful, profitable organizations. Her work with CEOs and Boards is focused on helping them understand how to optimize their strategy and align their organizations to accelerate revenue. As President of New Business Strategies, she leads the international strategy consulting firm and has advised over 100 client CEOs and Board of Directors in North America, Europe and Australia in areas including M&A, market category creation, company strategy, and go-to-market planning. She also advises sales and marketing teams on how to structural and culturally align with buyers to dramatically improve performance.

It is from her direct experience as a serial CMO that the Seller’s Compass™ Methodology was born. CMOs are faced with new expectations to optimize prospect and customer engagement, improve ROI, and drive significant portion of revenue pipelines through new social technologies. Through first-hand experience in experimenting with new market engagement models, Christine discovered the power of aligning outward to buyers and the buyers’ journey. Over a five year period, she refined the Seller’s Compass methodology into a program that can be implemented by companies of all sizes, across all industries.

Read her full bio here >


Software that delivers the most data wins


iStock_000013323978Small.jpgSLMA CEO Jim Obermayer says that software programs that explain the most data, and are verified by the most evidence, are better than those that do not. He'll discuss how CRM properly applied, along with marketing automation, gives the most data on marketing performance and gives more evidence than any other combination of software.  In essence, those with the most data will win.  But, he says, "You have to manage the sales lead system to win."

During this program Obermayer contends that those with the most marketing toys win. But tools without leadership are just tools in the hands of fools.

About Obermayer

Obermayer is an author (four books) and  a speaker on subjects of sales lead management, sales enablement and marketing ROI.  He is the founder and of the world-wide 6200 member Sales Lead Management Association, which also has a Linkedin Group of 2987 members.  The SLMA is the sponsor of the yearly Sales Lead Management Week, the annual contest for the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management, and the nomination and naming of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.  The SLMA also hosts the weekly c-level interview program; SLMA Radio.  Obermayer is the Vice President of Business Development at Vitech Corporation.


February 28: Mastering Three-Ups and One-Down


Increasing Revenue, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, and Decreasing Cost

robert-murray.jpgHost James Obermayer interviews International C-suite Turnaround Mercenary Robert S. Murray Robert S. Murray author of "It's Already Inside", and former Vodaphone C-suite executive

Leading change is the hardest thing that a leader and executive has to do. Mostly because they are locked into left-brain thinking: spreadsheets, facts, figures, the demands of shareholders and the board. What leaders often miss is the right-brain response by the stakeholders — their emotions. In order to engage the hearts and minds of those that the change is impacting, leaders must communicate from a place of understanding for what is going through everyone's mind, then change leadership becomes easy. What follows is a simplified roll-out, wider adoption, and traction on implementation.

He is Author of the highly acclaimed book on life and leadership, It’s Already Inside. The book is getting notable praise from every level of leadership - from those just starting out in leadership roles to seasoned CEO's. It's a book that connects the left-brain world of business to the right-brain focus of employees and customers, and how today's leaders can nurture that.

About Robert S. Murray

ROBERT S. MURRAY is a passionate storyteller and leadership mentor, bringing more than twenty years of Senior Executive Business experience with Fortune 100 and small start-up organizations in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Development, and General Management in over 20 countries. As Chief Customer Operations Officer for Vodafone, Bob headed-up the complete consumer and business customer service organization serving over 9.2 million customers generating over $1.6 Billion in revenue. He lead the company to achieving the highest customer satisfaction rating, highest customer to FTE ratio, lowest “Bad Debt” and lowest customer churn rating in all of the 61 Vodafone operating and partner countries as well as the third lowest cost to serve. Bob developed and executed on Operational Efficiency Program that reduced OpEx by 20% while improving service levels, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Along the way, Bob has been the recipient of two New York Festival Awards and one Summit Award (Portland, Oregon) for Marketing Innovation Excellence. His current daily tasks include his role as Chairman of The GrowthPoint Group, a collection of the finest business minds to be found; Advisory Board Member for ElementFour, an innovative company that has developed technology to produce pure drinking water out of atmospheric air; Board Director for Russell Breweries, a Canadian Craft Beer producer; Associate Professor at the Sauder School of Business and the BCIT School of Business; Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many companies; and an international Keynote Speaker on leadership and business.

Robert S. Murray received his diploma in Marketing Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology; studied Sales Management at The University of British Columbia; Executive Finance at Queens University; and Advanced Services Marketing at Babson College. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


January 31: Silo-ization: How It Destroys Sales & Marketing Departments


iStock_000009092023Small.jpgHost James Obermayer interviews Mark Alarik of Sales Overlays on a subject we have all experienced but seldom solved: The Silos between sales and marketing. Mark and an Associate Daniel Kreutzer have written on this subject and created a soon to be broadcast webinar on the stupidity of managers that allow the existence of silos between sales and marketing.

G. Mark Alarik is co-founder and president of Sales Overlays, a sales and marketing agency that has served Fortune 500 and smaller companies since 1975. Their primary business is developing problem solving marketing campaigns that fill the sales funnel with quality leads and grow the value of the customer base. Mark is also a published author in many trade magazines.

You can contact Mark at 847-942-7140 to learn how to over-come silo-zation in your organization.


How to make quota in the first quarter! An interview with Steve Richard of Vorsight


SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Vorsight co-founder Steve Richard. Making the first quarter of the year is a struggle for every company, unless they proactively plan for a great first quarter. Steve and Jim discuss how to make this happen!

Steve Richard | Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Steve Richard is Co-Founder of Vorsight, currently #1689 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US. Steve has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, The Washington Business Journal, The Washington Post, CNN/Money, and is a CNBC guest contributor. In 2010, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) named Steve as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Inside Sales and awarded Steve the Focus expert status. In 2010 and 2011, AA-ISP also awarded Vorsight as the Service Provider of the Year for Sales Training .

As co-founder of Vorsight, Steve’s goal is to arm talented sales professionals with real life tools, tips, tactics, techniques, and templates to successfully secure sales meetings with senior executives. Vorsight's Sales Prospecting Training Workshops provide an intellectually stimulating and fun way to pick apart dreaded cold calling (and warm calling) into six key areas: prospecting, talking points, objection handling, questioning, email and voicemail, and planning and process. By giving participants a tactical playbook for getting in the door, Vorsight's sales training alumni see dramatic improvement with up to a 300% increase in individual performance.

Prior to co-founding Vorsight with David Stillman in 2005, Steve was Associate Director of Business Development for Growth Strategy Partners, where he was responsible for identifying new opportunities and fostering relationships with new clients through consistent and innovative sales and marketing activities. Steve also supervised the entire lead generation and sales processes including the design and management of the company’s CRM.

Before Growth Strategy Partners, Steve was Associate Director of Sales at the Corporate Executive Board, a best practices research firm in Washington, DC. As a field sales rep, Steve sold five figure executive networking and research memberships to CIOs and their direct reports in charge of Infrastructure and Applications through Canada and Illinois. Steve began his career at CEB as an appointment setter on the newly formed "Tier 1" team where he cold called to schedule meetings with 89% of CIOs in his prospect territory. These appointments directly generated $3.5 million in sales for the company.

Steve volunteers at the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind as a sighted person for visually impaired people. He has also volunteered for the DC schools as a tutor to elementary school students. He lives in Arlington, VA with his wife Ellen and his daughters Katie and Susie. Together they take advantage of all the nation's capital has to offer, from miles of running trails to museums and area dining. They also enjoy skiing, scuba diving, and camping.

Steve graduated from Georgetown University with a BSBA in Finance.

About Vorsight: Meeting Scheduling and Sales Training

Vorsight is an award winning sales effectiveness firm specializing in the first half of the sales cycle for B2B sales teams. With getting in the door being the hardest part of the sales cycle, companies trust Vorsight’s expertise to take that challenge head on by using our effective sales training and meeting scheduling.

Originally founded in 2005 as an outsourced meeting scheduling firm, our team has arranged over 10,000 completed appointments with decision makers. These appointments have resulted in over $20 million in new revenue for our clients. At Vorsight we constantly harvest new ideas from our team of inside sales professionals. We take what works…the best tools, tactics, and techniques from our own business and provide our clients with a proven path to find more opportunities and generate more revenue. We’re passionate about sales, and we’re confident in our ability to arm you with the tools and skills necessary to be successful. We’re a privately held company in the metro Washington, D.C. area.


May 17: Gil Cargill, Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.


gil-cargill.jpgAfter concluding a spectacular sales and management career at IBM, in which he led his sales team from a dead-last rating among 220 branch offices to first place in less than a year, Gil Cargill launched his own consulting practice in 1978. Cargill Consulting Group, Inc. was built on the same strategies that produced Cargill’s outstanding sales results at IBM.

Gil Cargill has spent the past twenty-nine years as a consultant, speaker and trainer helping thousands of businesses achieve dramatic and permanent improvements in sales productivity. Cargill has taught salespeople across diverse industries the importance of developing sales processes, the advantages of implementing new technology, and the benefits of tracking sales performance.

Cargill is a frequent speaker at national conventions and meetings of Vistage International, formerly The Executive Committee (TEC), and has been consultant to such organizations as Arthur Andersen, Toshiba, ComputerLand, Micro Age, Apple Computers, Borg Warner Weyerhaeuser, and many thousands of growing small-to-medium businesses.

In 1996, Sales & Marketing Management magazine named Gil Cargill one of the “Top Six Speakers in the Country”, and Successful Meetings magazine listed him as one of the “Hot 25 Speakers to Watch For.” Cargill has received numerous other awards/recognitions and is frequently quoted in leading sales and management publications.

Twenty-nine years of success in both sales consulting and sales training is proof that Cargill’s style of delivering information and defining proven sales processes has helped his audiences understand that there are better, more profitable ways to perform their sales tasks.


Jan. 5: Jill Konrath - 3 Biggest Problems You Are Called Upon to Fix


jill-konrath.jpgJill Konrath’s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh sales strategies that actually work in today’s business environment. She's a bestselling author and frequent speaker at sales conferences.

We will be talking to Jill about the three biggest problems you are called upon to fix at companies and your success in fixing them, as well as her book, SNAP Selling.

SNAP Selling, Jill's newest book, jumped to #1 on Amazon within hours of its release. Selling to Big Companies, her 1st book, was selected as a "must-read" by Fortune magazine. It's been an Amazon Top 20 sales book since 2006.


August 18 Show: Justin Gray, CEO LeadMD


JustinGray300.jpgJustin Gray is the CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD. He founded the company in 2009 with the vision of transforming traditional “grassroots” marketing efforts through the use of cloud based marketing solutions. Realizing the potential for growth in this space, Mr. Gray created a true Marketing-as-a-Service corporation, which specializes in outsourcing the core functions of a marketing department either through on-demand solutions, consulting or both. Since that time Gray has emerged as strong voice for Marketing Automation and Conversation Marketing through both industry publications and his Blog, The Marketing Evangelist. Prior to launching LeadMD, Gray has spent the last 12 years helping companies of varying size overhaul and optimize their marketing and sales departments including CEO for MaaS Impact, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at BillingTree.


http://www.leadmd.comVisit LeadMD for more information on marketing automation


June 2 Show: Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group, Inc.


Commentary: James Obermayer Winners never try, Winners only win, Trying is for Losers.

When someone says, “I’ll do my best,”  you know the outcome.  When staff people say, “I will try as hard as I can,” you know the excuses have started.    As Gerry Spence says, “Trying is for losers.”  In this short 5 minutes Obermayer says it’s time we stopped trying to prove the ROI for marketing and started doing it.

bertuzzi-47.jpgTrish Bertuzzi  Inside Sales Thinker, Writer & Builder President & Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group, Inc.

SLMA radio host Will Crist will ask Trish about the biggest challenge her group has encountered.  The number one weaknesses that marketers and sales managers share.   She talks about her new book, Building Inside Sales: Framing a Best Practice Group

Trish and The Bridge Group help Sales & Marketing leaders make the big decisions: on implementation strategy, process to improve performance, supporting technology, and metrics & measurement.

Since founding The Bridge Group in 1998, Trish and team have helped over 180 B2B technology clients build, expand, and optimize their Inside Sales strategies.

Trish is a frequent speaker and blogger on Inside Sales productivity, trends, and effectiveness. She is author of Building Inside Sales: Framing a Best Practice Group and co-author of Sales Speaks: Perception & Ponderings on Marketing Leads.

Trish has won 7 awards (including a lifetime contribution award from the AA-ISP & Top 20 Women to Watch from the SLMA), serves on 3 boards, has a golf handicap she won’t reveal.


May 12 Show: Al Davidson and Dennis Totah


al-davidson-200.jpgAl Davidson, Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM)

Al Davidson is the President and owner of Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM), which he founded in 1989. Under Al's direction SSM has designed and implemented new business development plans and programs for thousands of B2B companies nationwide. Since their inception SSM's calling center has completed over 50 million new business sales presentations to high level decision makers and generated over 7 million sales leads. As a result, SSM has developed major account development expertise in the high technology, manufacturing and business service sectors. In addition Al Davidson has 25 years experience in business-to-business (B2B) direct marketing, new business development consulting, sales force management, lead management, sales training, and B2B web marketing. SSM also powers the Connecticut Technology Council's Lead Generation Resource Center (LGRC). The mission of the LGRC is to provide advisory services to CTC members in the following areas; identifying new business opportunities; searching out and qualifying customer prospects and business partners; design, production and implementation of marketing programs and strategies.

dennis-totah.jpgDennis Totah, CatapultWorks

Dennis Totah, President of the Data Group for CatapultWorks, provides the technology vision for all CatapultWorks groups, and drives database, telemarketing and sales and marketing initiatives by guiding CatapultWorks' long-term service, partnering and acquisition strategies. Dennis' unique experience managing sales operations at companies including Kodak and Portera has helped CatapultWorks continue to provide our clients a more complete marketing services offering that yields substantially more ROI than traditional agencies. Dennis also spearheads the agency's ability to deliver automated scoring and nurturing programs using advanced CRM and SFA technologies.