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Why are salespeople so p.o.’d at marketing?

September 18, 2012


Why do salespeople complain so much? Why is marketing so aggravated with salespeople?

Will Crist and Jim Obermayer get into the definition of a sales lead from a salesperson’s perspective. What do salespeople most want from marketing? What’s wrong with most leads? Why are 75% of all sales leads not followed-up? Why hasn’t marketing fixed their most vexing issue? Do salespeople really want telemarketing to prequalify leads? How fast should salespeople follow-up a lead? What must be on every lead for a salesperson to take it seriously? Should marketing lead generation be tied to sales quotas? How do you get salespeople to follow-up sales leads? Should marketing only deliver sales ready leads?

Marketing is represented by Obermayer. Sales by Crist. Bring seat belts. Turn down the volume.