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Jul 2016

Why Sales Lead Management Workflow Can Increase Sales 30%

July 26, 2016


Workflow isn’t just an industrial term for making a product from start to finish, oh no. Today, when you mention workflow sales and marketing people think sales processes or at least we should.   And sales processes always include sales lead management, or at least it should.  In this interview with Guy De La Cruz, VP of Sales at VanillaSoft he discusses the workflow process of lead management that drives sales.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

About our guest Guy De La Cruz
As the Vice President of Sales, Guy is responsible for accelerating global customer and revenue growth and overseeing all new customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

Previously, Guy was a Director of Sales at Lenovo and held various sales and sales leadership positions throughout his career there.  He was a key contributor to the leadership team that led Lenovo thorough a period of unprecedented growth in North America and drove over $750M in sales.

Guy graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, concentration in Economics.  He is currently pursuing a M.S. in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.
About VanillaSoft
VanillaSoft is the industry's leading software for Sales by Phone. Our intuitive and easy-to-use inside sales software takes the best of CRM, Lead Management and Telemarketing applications to create the most productive phone sales environment available today.


VanillaSoft's core philosophy and development process is centered around one concept: The Power of Simplicity. It is through this principle that VanillaSoft offers this platform that allows our customers to see increased productivity, higher contact rates, and sales accountability tools like no other.

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