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Data Quality and the BAD Actors in the field

Preview the show here - we did this an a Hangout on Air today. It was Paula's first experience on Google+. 

Enjoy this conversation, tips, reveals, advice about email data.

About Paula Chiocchi: Paula Chiocchi has been known as a leader in the direct marketing and media industries for many years.  Her focus has always been on the future.  Paula founded Outward Media in 1998. Under her direction, the company has evolved from a niche marketing firm emphasizing online advertising and media to the leading compiler of multi-channel marketing data. Never satisfied with the status quo, Paula has sought out and created the most comprehensive and accurate B2B and B2C Multi-Channel Marketing Databases in the industry.  And, from an email data perspective, she has accomplished what no other company has been able to do . . . providing theirClients with accurate and fresh email data to fuel their campaigns.

Integrity, innovation and industry intelligence have been Paula's hallmark throughout her career. She began with Dun & Bradstreet and developed her skills by creating direct mail, online advertising and email campaigns for leading age companies, financial institutions, online gaming sites, sweepstakes enterprises and e-commerce companies.  Always with an eye on the future, Paula's philosophy is to examine emerging marketing techniques and tools, and build the best ones into our business. "We continually forge partnerships with innovative professionals. Our clients have come to expect us to bring them new ideas before anyone else does," she says.

CMO Salaries and Integrated Marketing Summit Review

Host Jim Obermayer discusses with Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, about the compensation programs for CMOs. Plus as a bonus, Obermayer brings interviews from the Integrated Market Summit Conference (January 30-31st in San Diego). He interviews Shawn Ellridge, Shawn Flaherty of ITX Corporation, Mac McIntosh from Acquire B2B, Jennifer Allen from Victor Marketing, and Julie Newmark from Outward Media Inc.

Obermayer said that this summit was unusual in its choice of topics. There was a keynote by the venerated Don E. Schultz interesting presentations by Shelly Kramer of V3 Integrated Marketing, Michelle Killebrew of IBM Social Business. Aaron Bolshaw of Act-On Software, Audie Chamberlain of, Nicholas Muldoon from Twitter, Eric Holtzclaw of Laddering Work’s, Matt Hertig and Michelle Jacobs of Alight Analytics, Tim Ash of SiteTuners (Your baby is Ugly) Roy Pun from Adobe, Amanda Kahlow of 6Sense Insights, Pam Didner of Intel. If you missed IMS, it will appear in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Raleigh-Durham and Austin kin the coming months.


LIVE INTERVIEWS from RevTalks in San Francisco

James Obermayer is at RevTalks: The Revenue Marketing Summit and will be interviewing a variety of speakers that will include a number of the following folks:James Obermayer is at RevTalks: The Revenue Marketing Summit and will be interviewing a variety of speakers that will include a number of the following folks:  

Tune into hear interviews with:

  • Valerie Fawzi, Cloudshare
  • Jim Lenskold, Author of Marketing ROI
  • Amnon Mishor, LeadSpace
  • Mark Organ, Influitive
  • Jeff Pedowitz, The Pedowitz Group
  • Maria Pergolino, Apttus
  • Debbie Qaqish, the Pedowitz Group
  • Will Spendlove, InsideView
  • Steve Wood, Obliterase

Maria Pergolino, Vice President of Marketing, Apttus

Maria Pergolino leads marketing at Apttus and works every day to make herself, and those she works with, better marketers. Prior to this, Maria was Senior Director of Marketing at Marketo. Maria has worked in marketing for over ten years, specifically in online marketing for the past six years, including CRM, social media, search marketing, and lead generation and nurturing. She is a Certified Administrator and user group leader, and a speaker at numerous marketing events.

Maria holds a Marketing Degree and MBA from the School of Business at Rutgers University.

REVTalk: Promoting Revenue Marketing with Fun and Emotion!


Valerie Fawzi, Chief Marketing Officer, CloudShare

Valerie is Chief Marketing Officer for CloudShare, a provider of virtual lab infrastructure for the development community. Before joining CloudShare, Valerie served as VP of worldwide marketing for EVault, a Seagate company that delivers cloud storage application services. Prior to EVault, she held marketing leadership roles at start-ups Corticon & DecisionPoint Software, which she positioned for ultimate acquisition by Teradata. Valerie also led the global product marketing function for Autodesk's AutoCAD design software and related products.

Valerie holds a bachelor's degree from University of California at Berkeley, and an MBA in International Marketing from San Francisco State University.

REVTalk: A Winning Formula for Sales and Marketing Alignment –and Why Marketing Must Own It



Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group

Debbie Qaqish is Chief Strategy Officer and a principal partner at The Pedowitz Group and is responsible for developing and managing client relationships. She is a nationally recognized speaker, thought leader and innovator in the demand generation field, with more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience applying strategy, technology and process to help B2B companies drive revenue growth.

Debbie is a pioneer in marketing automation, first as a beneficiary, and now as an advocate and expert. She is a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to driving revenue through demand generation techniques, marketing automation technologies and the integration of sales and marketing. Debbie was named one of the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management for the last two years, as well as one of Top 20 Women to Watch. Her first book, "Rise of the Revenue Marketer", was published in October 2013.
REVTalk: The Rubber Band Theory of Leadership


Mark Organ, Chief Executive Officer, Influitive

Mark Organ is the founder and CEO of Influitive, helping companies mobilize their advocates to produce massive increases in referral leads, reference calls, social media participation and more.

Mark first revolutionized B2B marketing as the founding CEO of Eloqua (ELOQ), the world leader in marketing automation software, which was recently acquired for $871M. In between, he was a go-to-market consultant for SaaS companies in North America and Asia. Mark has also helped over a dozen software companies successfully go to market in asymmetrical or disruptive ways as a consultant and entrepreneur.

REVTalk: Alignment with Advocacy



Art of Social Selling and Realty’s Changing Face of Lead Generation

Susan Finch will be be interviewing Shannon Belew about onilne marketing and her new book, The Art of Social Selling.

Our second guest is Wade Perry, Managing Broker, ABR, CNE,e-PRO, GRI, SFR

Susan's second guest is Wade Perry of Coldwell Banker, Devonshire in Colorado. He has been in this industry for over 20 years. The designations after his name begin to paint the picture of his dedication to continue to learn and do better in this industry. His success as a managing broker is living proof. 

A bit about Shannon, in her own words:
"I fit into almost all of the above categories. A specialist in online marketing and author of the best-selling book, "Starting an Online Business For Dummies All-in-One" 3rd edition, 2011 (Wiley Publishing), I have owned both offline and online businesses, written and blogged about online business, social media trends and tech for nearly two decades, and I am always up for learning more in this always-evolving industry. "

About the new book, The Art of Social Selling:

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (yes – even Google+) are changing the way consumers are buying.  Learning to tap into these online social media communities is now a must – and social selling should be another  necessary part of your sales strategy. That's because the traditional sales funnel has changed for both B2B and B2C companies, thanks in large part to the unlimited access consumers have to  information. In fact, consumers are often 70 percent or more through the buying process by the time they first contact a salesperson. And much of that information is made available through social media.

Conquering the modern sales process and reaching buyers through social selling means that a salesperson must become a trusted adviser – building meaningful relationships through social media.

Connect with Shannon: Google+ Twitter and LinkedIn

Our second guest is Wade Perry, Managing Broker, ABR, CNE,e-PRO, GRI, SFR

Susan's second guest is Wade Perry of Coldwell Banker, Devonshire in Colorado. He has been in this industry for over 20 years. The designations after his name begin to paint the picture of his dedication to continue to learn and do better in this industry. His success as a managing broker is living proof. 

He will be talking about how the Real Estate industry has gone through major overhauls and must continue to evolve with the changing way people think about purchasing homes and property. Door hanger days are long gone and more relationships are cemented within the communities (farms) these Realtors serve.

Wade spends some of his time on Channel 9 talking about the market and touring homes. His first love is his family and coaching his son's teams.


No Bull: Jumping the Chasm between Sales & Marketing

SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews John Foley, Jr., CEO of InterlinkONE and Grow Socially. The subject this week is the "Jumping the Chasm between Sales & Marketing." Foley feels he has a unique perspective on why marketing so often fails in its understanding of sales problems and yet sales doesn't escape when it flops in "selling" marketing on its needs. This should be an interesting interview, as Foley is known as a straight talker as he takes both departments to task for their failures.

About John Foley
John Foley, Jr. is President and CEO Massachusetts based interlinkONE, and Grow Socially. interlinkONE provides marketing software solutions for marketing automation, customer communications management, QR codes, and mobile websites. Grow Socially focuses on marketing services including strategic marketing plans, business transformation consulting, marketing consulting, and website development. John has also written countless educational resources including white papers and ebooks, and he is a published author of 3 books; Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry, Business Transformation: A New Path to Profitability for the Mailing and Fulfillment Industries, and his most recent accomplishment, Untethered Marketing: The Role of Cloud and Mobile Communications. Learn more about John at, and be sure to check out, and to learn more about the products and services John's companies offer.
About InterlinkOne

interlinkONE is an industry leading provider of innovative marketing software and services. We provide solutions that will help you achieve your business and marketing objectives! In addition to providing tools that will enable you to succeed, our experienced and energetic staff will guide you down a path of best practices that are always tailored to your specific needs. Below are some of the products and services that we offer.

Why are Content Marketing Agencies all the Rage?

SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Christopher Hosford, editor-in-chief of the HosfordGroup a content marketing agency.  In this week's program Obermayer asks Hosford, "Why are Content Agencies necessary?" 

Can the typical digital, direct marketing, or branding agency handle content creation for B2B and B2C clients; or has the need outgrown their talents and ability to respond? Obermayer agrees nothing is created in lead gen today that does not have a need for a 'pile" of content for the insatiable appetite of buyers.  What content do these agencies create and what is the cost?  Is it true that those with the best and most content win?

About Christopher Hosford

Christopher Hosford is editor-in-chief of HosfordGroup, a New York City-based content marketing agency. He and his team are all former journalists — Chris previously was East Coast Bureau Chief of Crain's BtoB magazine, where he also spearheaded the company's content marketing services for such clients as Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Aprimo, Act-On and Adobe. Previously Chris was editor-in-chief of the VNU/Nielsen publication Sales & Marketing Management magazine, and has covered marketing, business operations, finance and law fof 20 years. Chris was born in Atlanta, raised in Miami, and is a graduate of the University of Florida.

About the HosfordGroup, LLC

HosfordGroup LLC is a New York City-based B2B content marketing agency, specializing in the development of white papers, case studies, original research, webinars, blogs, live and virtual events, infographics and videos, among other forms of marketing content, all in support of clients' strategic marketing goals. HosfordGroup works directly with enterprise marketers, as well as with agencies of record to supplement their own content marketing services.

A Content Marketing Agency

+1 718.549.1726 (o)
+1 201.344.6465 (m)

Twitter | Google+



The most listened to show in 2013: Hunting From Helicopters: Getting to B2B Decision Makers in the Real World

SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews
Shawn McLaren, Chairman of ConnectAndSell.

In the last interview Shawn told us how a salesperson could have 6-8 meaningful conversations per hour. Maybe this time he will reveal even more. 

In 2007 Shawn gave up his quest for the perfect golf game because he discovered, as he terms it, a system that liberates Sales Warriors (aka Conversation Pigs) by providing so many conversations with decision makers so efficiently that it removes all excuses for non-performance and brings smiles to the usually harried faces of VP’s of Sales and CMOs. 

Shawn’s early successes included selling encyclopedias door to door in the Michigan winter and building both code and company for the world’s first mainframe storage system; a system that included security algorithms that rivaled the unbreakability of Navajo Codetalkers and would have stumped the Enigma machines that helped the Allies win WW II. Shawn’s only regret in life is his failed tryout as a pitcher for the New York Yankees in his mid-30s. He is plotting his revenge in the form of a hostile takeover of the franchise thanks to the expected growth and success of ConnectAndSell. Shawn is a founder and Chairman of ConnectAndSell and was its CEO for 3+ of its formative years.

Why isn’t your CRM System Working?

SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer interviews Dan Rogers CEO and CJ Cunniff, VP of BD of SmartLead, on the important subject of why CRM systems have such a high dissatisfaction rate.  More than 80% of all B2B companies have a CRM system in place, but there are reports saying only about 50% or less are satisfied.  In this 40 minute program the experts from SmartLead will tackle the high failure rate and what can be done about it.  We will explore the usual suspects for failure: setup, training, sales processes, reporting, databases, qualified lead definitions, sales rep buy-in, etc. 

About Dan Rogers
Dan Rogers is the CEO of SmartLead and drives the company’s vision. With more than 22 years of executive experience, Dan’s leadership expertise includes international assignments. In New Zealand, he was a charter member of the CLEAR Communications management team. In Ireland, Dan served as the Director of General Operations at East Telecom. And in the Netherlands, he worked for Versatel Telecommunications.

Prior to joining SmartLead, he also served as Vice President of Customer Solutions for APAC Customer Services and Vice President of Customer Services at Telecom USA in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dan is also a member of the Sales Lead Management Association’s Advisory Board. Dan’s state appointments include the Iowa Capital Investment Board and the Iowa Emergency Response Commission. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Iowa.

About CJ Cunniff
CJ Cunniff is the Vice President of Business Development for SmartLead. Mixing marketing with web programing, CJ understands how marketers can succeed in the digital world. CJ has lead the SmartLead Sales and Marketing teams since 2011. He has over 12 years of marketing experience in private and public sectors, 5 years in web programming and 7 years leading teams in digital and mixed media efforts.  CJ is Google Analytics certified and specializes in lead generation and management through the sales life cycle.

About SmartLead: A Pioneer in Lead Management
Since 1981, companies have relied on SmartLead’s customized lead management systems and best practices to smoothly and seamlessly manage leads from the moment the leads are generated, through qualification, ranking, nurturing and distribution to sales people or channel partners.
SmartLead is the only full-service lead management company with:
  • Dedicated account managers to advise clients on best practices and implement their programs
  • Web-based lead management, sales force automation systems
  • Insightful analytics system
  • In-house marketing services: contact center, direct mail, email, printing, web hosting, and fulfillment/warehouse.
Large companies with complex sales or dealer distribution systems rely on SmartLead to simplify the Herculean task of managing thousands of leads from multiple sources. SmartLead smoothly and seamlessly manages the lead process from the moment the leads are generated until the leads are qualified and distributed to sales people or channel partners.

How is Google+ Different Than LinkedIn for Business Users?

Or: Why LinkedIn Users are Slow to Embrace Google+

We covered the reasons people are so comfortable on LinkedIn and why they find exploring Google+ uncomfortable, or unnerving, due to the fact it is organized differently with Circles, profiles and all of the other tools that are largely under utilized. We also discussed how when you dive into G+ it can be overwhelming due to all of the notifications that find you everywhere unless you go into settings and tone it way back.

Google+ profiles are about PEOPLE. If your profile is set up under your company name, you may want to change that RIGHT AWAY. Some "profiles" are being flagged when they are a company, rather than a person. PAGES in Google+ are for COMPANIES - similar to LinkedIn and Facebook - Profile - person, Page - company, brand or organization.

Mari Anne Vanella of the Vanella Group brought some very real examples of why she prefers LinkedIn and is hesitant to dive into Google Plus. She's had a successful, well formed group, Telesales 2.0, on LinkedIn for years. She is in the B2B arena exclusively.Greg Cooper covered additional scenarios of what may hold people back from dipping a toe into Google+; and Ronnie Bincer - The Hangout Helper as well as Mark Vang offered Mari Anne and the rest of you some great suggestions for getting started in Google+. It's not about bringing everyone over from LinkedIn, it's about finding some new connections through similar interests and areas of expertise.

We all acknowledged how powerful content is when posted to G+, YouTube through Hangouts on Air and using your authorship tags Google provides to build your reputation as an expert in your field and increase your rank in search engine results.

A wonderful post that goes with this is Mark Vang's article on Circle Management.


Why is there so much lip service and so little action in Marketing ROI Reporting?

Is there really a marketing ROI?  Ruth P. Steven's tells the truth!"

SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Ruth P. Stevens about the reality of the holy grail of proving marketing's return investment. 

  • Is it as easy as some say or as difficult as some others say;
  • Why aren't more marketers skilled enough to prove the ROI for lead generation (or branding for that matter).
  • What are the consequences of a marketer not being skilled in ROI reporting? 
  • What are the most often used tools for proving the return on results for marketing plans.

About  Ruth P. Stevens

Ruth P. Stevens's expertise in customer acquisition and retention derives from a decade and a half of hands-on marketing for both large enterprises and start-up companies. Just prior to beginning her consulting practice, she served as chief marketing officer at an Internet company in New York City. Before that, she had broad responsibilities for direct marketing at three corporate giants – IBM, Ziff-Davis and Time Warner.

She has been listed as one of the 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management in 2011, one of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management in 2012 and 2011. Since going independent in the late 90's, Ruth has had a lot of experience with people who are on the fence with the decision of whether venturing out on their own is for them, or are they better staying with or seeking a firm to work for.

She will also help alert you as to the common mistakes people make when making this change without thinking it through all the way. This mistakes can make the difference between success and failure.