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Jun 2020

Building a Company Based on the Inner Athlete


Whether we were on a team requiring competent levels of motor skills, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and endurance, or in a company or club where we work together, and make a personal sacrifice for the collective benefit of our friends or colleagues there are common themes to the success of the team. SquadLocker founder and CEO Gary Goldberg lives these values, encourages them within SquadLocker, but also in his daily life. He and our host, Susan Finch both admit they were probably tied for last place for being chosen to be on teams as they were growing up. But, there are so many ways our children can learn the value of a good mentor, coach, and team experience that will set them up to be the one EVERYONE is vying for them. 

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Jun 2020

Lead Conversion is a Process: Your Process Can Make a 100% Difference in Sales


Marketing knows that lead conversion is a process. The lead conversion process you choose, says Nicolas Vandenberghe  CEO and Founder of Chili Piper, will make you a winner or loser. This program is for marketing management.

Choose the right lead conversion process and you’re a winner. Choose wrongly and no one wins.

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Jun 2020

Transforming Your Organization into a Revenue Marketing Powerhouse


This month's Revenue Rebel joining the podcast is Shannon Dougall, Head of Marketing at DevFacto and she's giving listeners insights on revenue marketing, organizational alignment, and more. Listen in as Shannon shares:

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May 2020

How Often Do You Need to Record a Podcast?


Podcasts continue to grow as a popular B2B media. The question is, What should my podcast frequency be to gain the largest audience?  This program answers the question that new and seasoned podcasters most often ask.

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May 2020

How Sellers Excel More as Remote Sales Professionals


Inside salespeople have steadily grown in numbers for many years. How to get them to excel relies on a specific tool, says Russell Wurth of Showpad.  This program is for sales managers and salespeople who work remotely (and Presidents who want the most from their salespeople).

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Apr 2020

How Social Dynamic Selling Boosts B2B Sales


We know 1-to-1 selling has a low yield. Hear how Rylee Meek’s Social Dynamic Selling process sold $88 MM for his clients. This show is for B2B and B2C sales and marketing managers.

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Apr 2020

Speed to Lead – 10 Surprising Facts About Sales Lead Response Time


Every marketer should know that sales lead response time is vitally important. Nicolas Vandenberghe tells us how it impacts revenue.  This episode is for revenue managers that need every advantage to increase sales and get the most from each marketing dollar spent.

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Apr 2020

How Fractional CMOs are Changing the Game for B2B


Chief Marketing Officers’ average tenure continues to fall to approximately 3.5 years as the importance of the position has correspondingly increased.  Whether this turn-over can be attributed to career changes in a difficult labor market or impatience of CEOs, the demand for CMOs’ continues to grow. Add with the substantial complexity of the CMO’s job because of new technology offers and a corresponding shortage of skilled marketers, the end result is that many companies are falling behind in the marketing race. With the pressure for marketers to “out-market their competitors” has brought the demand for fractional or interim CMOs to fill vacancies in a critical job. 

To answer this need we interviewed Art Saxby, CEO of the largest Executive-as-a-Service firm providing outsourced Chief Marketing Officer services (fractional, interim, special project, and coaching). With over 100 hundred clients in any given month employing fractional and interim CMOs with Chief Outsiders national talent ranks, we asked Art about his company and the role of his CMO growth strategists.

  1. Who uses fractional CMOs?
  2. How does a company choose the CMO of their business?
  3. Do you place full-time or just fractional CMOs?
  4. I have heard that a fractional CMO costs no more than the employee cost (all in). Is this true?
  5. How long does it take to get a CMO on the job?
  6. What is the typical length of the engagement?
  7. Does the fractional CMO typically have experience in the industry for the company that hires them or is this even necessary?
  8. Are these fractional CMOs employees of Chief Outsiders?
  9. If a company likes the fractional CMO, can they hire them away from Chief Outsiders?
  10. What does a typical CMO cost for the hiring company?

About Art Saxby

Art Saxby is the founder and CEO of the country’s largest strategic growth implementation company focused on mid-size businesses. His firm, Chief Outsiders is an Executive-as-a-Service firm providing outsourced Chief Marketing Officer services (fractional, interim, special project, and coaching). 

About Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders supports growing or struggling companies by adding a market-focused senior executive to their leadership teams when the cost or complexity of full-time executive hires does not make sense. All 75+ CMOs at the firm have held positions of VP of Marketing at one or more major operating companies. The company has been recognized for its high growth by Inc magazine, being a recipient of the Inc 5000 award 6 years running, and was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the nation’s top 25 small businesses that put purpose over profits.

More from Chief Outsiders

Finding ‘Grand Slam’ Clients Using an Ideal Client Profile to Build Your Business

Four Best Practices to Overcome Marketing-Sales Staffing Challenges in 2020



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Mar 2020

How to Become Unforgettable with Jeanne Bliss


Jeanne Bliss is a leadership and customer experience strategic advisor and keynote speaker who helps the worlds' most beloved companies become unforgettable; earning growth and admiration through their elevated business practices and the humanity of their people.

In this episode, Jeanne shares how true customer experience transformation can and should lead to companies and brands becoming unforgettable.


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Mar 2020

How to Fast Track Your Business with Organic Growth – Laura Patterson


Every company grows organically until it makes a decision to grow through acquisition, and that is the basis for this discussion about Laura Patterson's new book, Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market

This book, (which I have read,) is a practical guide for growing any business, and all the while doing it with better shareholder return and faster revenue growth. During this interview, we asked Laura to tell us about the book and then focus on two of her favorite chapters. She chose: Upstream Marketing and Plan and Execute.

 Listen in: Buy the book.

Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth     Paperback – Released January 27, 2020

Kindle     $9.99       Paperback   $17.99

(From the description on Amazon) Ready. Set. Grow! Former football player and coach, Lou Holtz, once said: “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.” Most every company leader is in pursuit of growth. Growing companies are attractive. They’re attractive to partners, employees, and of course customers. If your company is not growing, then you and your shareholders are losing equity, profit, and employees. Growth doesn’t just occur–growth takes the right culture, processes, and discipline. Most importantly growth takes intent and deliberate focused action.

Growth is a result of solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with the market. In Fast-Track Your Business, author Laura Patterson offers step-by-step guidance for acquiring customer insights, creating customer-centric outcomes, and developing strategies and measurable executable plans. Fast-Track Your Business provides a customer-centric framework for choosing and navigating a sustainable path forward—a system that creates momentum and accelerates organic market growth.

 Abou the author Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson is the author of three previous business books: Gone Fishin' - A Guide to Finding, Hooking, Keeping, and Growing Profitable Customers (sold out); Measure What Matters: Reconnecting Marketing to Business Goals (sold out); and Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance Driven Marketing Organization[LP1] .

Today she is at the helm of VisionEdge Marketing, founded in 1999, and is recognized as one of the pioneers and authorities in the Marketing Performance Management (MPM) discipline. The company specializes in helping companies apply data, metrics and proven best-in-class practices to improve Marketing effectiveness, deliver business impact, and enable better business decision-making.

Her Company: VisionEdge Marketing

VisionEdge Marketing enables organizations to accelerate revenue and create a competitive advantage by leveraging data, analytics, processes, and alignment to address marketing accountability and operations, to measure and improve marketing performance, to develop dashboards that foster fact-based decisions about markets, customers, and products, and to enhance marketing and sales collaboration.


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Mar 2020

How Direct Mail and Digital Ads Work Together for Higher Results


Some say direct mail has been superseded by digital ads.  Some say direct mail paired with digital ads brings results that exceed expectations for extraordinary results.  To find out if this is true and how it works, our host Jim Obermayer interviews the founder of Taradel, Jim Fitzgerald.  Taradel has a platform that uses the latest database disciplines for a defined target audience to bring higher results by using direct mail and digital communications. 

 About Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald is the Founder and CEO of Taradel, a martech company located in Richmond, Virginia. The company's All-in-One platform integrates direct mail and digital advertising services which are used by thousands of SMBs in the U.S. and Canada. 

 Since 2003, Taradel has worked with over 17,000 small business customers and established "white label" partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world - including the United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Staples and FedEx Office.  Under Jim's leadership, Taradel has been named the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing private companies for 12 consecutive years — an achievement held by only 22 companies nationwide.

About Taradel

Taradel makes it easy to deploy highly targeted direct marketing campaigns for franchises and small to medium-sized businesses. Only Taradel combines easy-to-use software, proprietary data analytics, and direct marketing experts to maximize conversions. Strategic, Co-branded, and White-labeled Partnerships with FedEx Office, Canada Post, U.S. Postal Service, and franchises helped drive Taradel’s ten consecutive years on the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in America. 


SLMA Radio is hosted by James Obermayer of Funnel Media Group which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Funnel Media Group is the sponsor of SLMA Radio

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Mar 2020

What Separates CRM from Sales Lead Management Software?


There has been a steady drum-beat of an emerging category of software to manage sales leads.  The category is Sales Lead Management.   While Sales Lead Management is a big tent that encompasses many different disciplines and tools, if you search for the category of sales lead management software there are new entrants that say they aren’t CRM. Or are they?  Are these “entrants” just CRM companies that separate themselves from a crowded field? 

Our guest today is Ani Chiuzan head of customer marketing at Pipedrive.  Ani discusses the basics of a CRM system that salespeople like and what separates CRM from Sales Lead Management Software.

 We discussed:

  1.  Why CRM abandoned its original purpose to serve the sales representatives' needs.
  2. What makes a great CRM system
  3. What salespeople dislike most about CRM systems
  4. Is Sales Lead Management Software really separated from CRM?
  5. What is the difference between CRM and SLMS, or is there a difference?

 About our Guest Ani Chiuzan

Ani Chiuzan is Head of Customer Marketing at Pipedrive, a global sales CRM with more than 90,000 customers worldwide. Ani is a strategic leader and marketer with deep expertise in designing and executing insight-driven marketing strategies supported by rigorous financial expertise.  Her 18-years’ experience includes working with B2C, B2B and SaaS organizations across the globe in sectors such as Telecommunications, IT, Retail, Finance across Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, US and the Caribbean. Prior company experience includes EE Telecommunications, Velti and Barclaycards.

 About Pipedrive

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson's point of view. Today, Pipedrive is used by sales teams at more than 90,000 companies worldwide. Pipedrive is the top-rated CRM and has offices in Dublin; Lisbon; London; New York; Prague; Tampa/St. Pete; Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia; and, with the acquisition of Mailigen, Riga, Latvia. Learn more at


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Feb 2020

How to Create the Most Valuable Content that Contributes to Sales


Content starved marketing departments are constantly searching for content of whatever ilk to feed the ravenous public, be they prospects or customers.  Salespeople are frustrated by content deliveries that don’t exactly pertain to the prospects need and is therefore useless.  Even if the right content is created this month, it is often out of date within a short period of time and no one is pleased.  In this program, Bethany Fagan, Content Marketing Manager at PandaDoc discusses how to satisfy both sales and the prospects with content that contributes the most to sales.



Feb 2020

Six Questions to ask Yourself Before you Start a Podcast


In this program, veteran Internet Radio Producer and Podcaster Paul Roberts and Jim Obermayer discuss the six questions you have to ask yourself before starting a podcast.   Obermayer the chief podcast producer on the Funnel Radio Channel reviews the latest statistics on podcasting and answers the six questions that must be asked before starting a podcast. 

Feb 2020

Why Segmentation is Vital for a Go to Market Plan – Rebecca Kaufmann Podcast  


This month on Revenue Rebels, Rhoan Morgan sits down with Rebecca Kaufman, Director, Strategic Marketing at Phreesia to discuss the importance of segmentation in marketing. 

You wouldn’t market to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company in the same way you’d market to an SMB marketing director. Why market to your customer and prospect audiences in the same way? When you prioritize segmentation, you enable your company to target the right audience with the right message at the right time, while delivering a superior experience. Some of the items discussed are:

  • How to target personas
  • Tools for segmentation strategy
  • Why data is one of a company’s biggest investments
  • Why all company marketing plans start with good data
  • How Phreesia uses segmentation in building a go-to-market plan
  • Why Phreesia uses segmentation to develop marketing campaigns and content

Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan, CEO of DemandLab the host sponsor.  

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How Revenue Operations Improves Customer Engagement

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Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  DemandLab is the sponsor of Revenue Rebels

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Jan 2020

How Sales Lead Management Software is Breaking from CRM


It was just a matter of time before CRM Software took another hit with the breakoff of Sales Lead Management as a separate platform. This program is offered as a replay from CRM Radio’s show of January 23, 2020, where CRM Host Paul Petersen and Sales Lead Management Association founder, Jim Obermayer, discuss the modern definition of Sales Lead Management, how some companies are separating themselves from being defined as just CRM solutions and what salespeople expect from marketing and sales management. 

They discuss the crowded fields of CRM, Marketing Automation, ABM, and the resurrected field of sales lead management.  Obermayer is also the President of the Funnel Media Group an internet radio and podcast production agency for B2B companies.  Jim is also the founder of the Sales Lead Management Association

Paul Petersen is the Vice President and General Manager for GoldMine CRM and is the host of CRM Radio.

The original program on CRM Radio is found here: Follow My Lead – Insights for 20/20 Lead Management


CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen of Goldmine CRM by Ivanti which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  GoldMine is the sponsor of CRM Radio.

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Jan 2020

133% Growth for LeadMD – Justin Gray Reveals Why


Program host, Jim Obermayer, read a recent press release from LeadMD and what caught his eye was the 133% growth figure for their year over year sales so far in 2019. “Why” is the question Obermayer asked the company. The answer prompted the interview for this program with Justin Gray the CEO of LeadMD. His response is both interesting and predictable for a company that counts several thousand companies as its clients.

Justin Gray bio (Founder, CEO)

Justin Gray is a serial entrepreneur who has launched four multi-million- dollar companies, become a recognized speaker and has been published over 350 times throughout his career. Justin is the CEO and founder of LeadMD, a role he’s held for the past ten years. He also co-founded PaidSuite, a SaaS payment technology provider, and led the company through a successful acquisition in 2017. He is the co-founder of Greyson Organics, an organic farm in rural Missouri he co-owns and operates with his father, as well. Justin and his wife, Jennifer, met over marketing in 2013, welcomed their first child, Grayson, in 2018 and are expecting a daughter in November 2019. 

Bob Blount bio (Vice President of Sales)

Bob Blount is a passionate sales/marketing and business development leader focused on profitability, accountability, and results. He has 20 years of sales and marketing experience and 10 years of business development, SaaS, marketing, account-based marketing, digital communications experience. He is a former Board Chairman of MedicAlert Foundation and has received recognition including top sales awards, most profitable sales team awards and has been named one of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) top 100. Bob joined LeadMD as Vice President of Sales earlier this month.

About LeadMD

LeadMD is the number one performance marketing consultancy in the U.S. Launched in 2009, LeadMD empowers marketers to drive revenue and customer success. The company focuses on people, processes, and technology that create predictable and sustainable revenue for high growth and enterprise brands. LeadMD has helped thousands of brands improve and deliver value through strategy and proven tactics that work. For more information, visit or email at


Jan 2020

When Company Presidents Fail to Solve Bickering Between Sales & Marketing


I used to believe that conflicts between sales and marketing were so much trash talk between competing team mates.  When confronted with the question of which blade of the scissors is most effective it is obvious that one can’t do the job without the other. 

Leadership has its responsibilities to minimize conflict within the company for the benefit of the investors and the bottom line.  That the issue between sales and marketing has been allowed to fester can only be laid at the doorstep of the company president.   

If the presidents didn’t get a grounding in sales or marketing early in their careers, they are forever avoiding the nonsense that their sales and marketing managers perpetuate as they point fingers at each other because of failed revenue attainment.

In this interview with Patrick Morrissey, General Manager of Overland Altify, we discuss how Patrick has solved this issue to get sales, marketing, and customer service to work together.   His approach may surprise you.

About Patrick Morrissey

Patrick Morrissey is the General Manager at Upland Altify, responsible for all operating aspects of the company.  Prior to becoming the GM Patrick was the CMO for Altify.  Morrissey is also the host of Revenue Optimization Radio sponsored by Overland Altify.

Prior to joining Altify, he was CRO of Simpplr, and has held multiple executive positions in sales and marketing at Salesforce, DataSift, Savvion and Business Objects. 

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SLMA Radio is hosted by James Obermayer of Funnel Media Group which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Funnel Media Group is the sponsor of SLMA Radio

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Jan 2020

What You Don’t Teach in Sales Training That Guarantees Failure


When sales reps are hired, they are often tested for sales skills and personality traits. References are checked, previous employers called, they are trained on the products and considered ready to sell. Yet, the number one skill is overlooked: the ability to engage. There is seldom, if ever, engagement training.

Because they did well in the interview, the sales manager oddly enough assumes the new sales representative has the ability to engage with the most important tool they have, the telephone; that’s where the wheels come off the sales cart. It can take a company six to nine months before they realize the rep may know the product, but can’t get a conversation going with a prospect. 

In this program, host, Mari Anne Vanella, author and CEO of The Vanella Group tackles the little thought-out point of failure for most organizations: The Physiology of Engagement and how to train sales reps to succeed. Yes, she admits, its part art and a lot of process for reps to have a peer level conversation, but it can be done.  She covers:

  • Why calling skills are over-looked in sales training.
  • How to make a peer-level call
  • Why it’s easy to start call in an apologetic (bad manner)
  • Why reps have to be taught granular calling skills and adhere to a work structure to be a success
  • Why the art of conversation can be teachable

 Listen and learn.  


The Vanella Group   Funnel Radio Podcast Channel by the Funnel Media Group, LLC

Outstanding Outbound is hosted by MariAnne Vanella of The Vanella Group which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel. The Vanella Group is the sponsor of Outstanding Outbound

Dec 2019

How to Build an Invincible Brand


Brand invincibility isn’t something that happens instantaneously. It takes a culture that values crisis management on which this month’s guest is an expert. Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. She sits down with host Rhoan Morgan, to discuss how companies can build an invincible brand that can withstand crisis in all forms.

Here is the link to the free guide Melissa mentions in this episode:

About Rhoan's guest:

Melissa Agnes, Crisis Management Advisor and Keynote Speaker, Agnes Day
Author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World, Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. Agnes is a coveted speaker, commentator, and advisor to some of today's leading organizations faced with the greatest risks.