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May 2018

When Corporate Arrogance Bulldozes Marketing’s Good Judgement


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A little bit of success, can breed arrogance and poor judgment in many fast growing

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Jan 2018

Bill Walker of Unison Reveals How to Implement Voice of the Customer Programs


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Voice of the Customer sounds wonderful, and doable, and gee whiz why not do it? And yet, as many have found, implementation takes more than wanting and writing a check.  In this program we talk about VOC with Bill Walker, Chief Revenue Officer at Unison.  Walker has successfully implemented a VOC process for collecting and implementing direct customer feedback. He believes that this is the most important thing you can do as a corporation and that it is more productive than leveraging outside agencies, focus groups, or executive voices. The host in Jim Obermayer.

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Aug 2017

How to Optimize Customer Experiences for 4-10X Revenue



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