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Oct 2016

New Tips/Strategies for Adopting Email Marketing Automation

250-SLMARADIO-20161006-tobin.jpgAutomated Email marketing is thought of as so common that in many companies it is an afterthought that fails in its mission.   In this program Jonathan Tobin the head of Vision6’s agency program tackles how email marketing programs can succeed where others fail.   He will be joined on the interview with Henry Vesander who manages the sales and customer success team in the company’s Australian office. The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Jonathan Tobin:


Jonathan Tobin is the Head of Vision6's Agency Program. In this role, he is responsible for helping digital marketing agencies and marketers use email marketing automation to drive value for their customers. Jon previously served as the Head of the Vision6 Customer Success team, leading the company’s core initiative to help customers realize value from the product. Jon has over ten years of experience in email marketing.  

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May 2016

Actionable takeaways from the Modern Marketer himself, Matt Heinz

250-SLMARADIO-20160526-heinz.jpgNot everyone can read all of the fantastic books by authors who give us tips to grow our businesses, but host, Susan Finch, made time for Matt Heinz's book, "Modern Marketers Field Guide" recently. If you haven't read it yet, it's a great book to chunk out into actionable items by category: Email, Tradeshows, Website, Direct Mail and more.
Matt Joins Susan to talk about who best benefits from this book as well as a sneak peak as his latest book, "Full Funnel Marketing." This is a short episode, so no excuses for you to listen in.
If you listen to this episode you will also learn that Matt is a TERRIBLE bookseller and will tell you how to get both books free. Learn in this episode about determining what is URGENT vs. what is IMPORTANT.
If you haven't had a chance to dive into all that Matt and Heinz Marketing offers, get to know him. He's not only a quality and successful person, but he shares tips constantly to help you grow your business.
Matt is a prolific author and nationally recognized, award-winning blogger, Matt Heinz is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing with 15 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations and industries. He is a dynamic speaker, memorable not only for his keen insight and humor, but his actionable and motivating takeaways. Matt's career focuses on consistently delivering measurable results with greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty. Matt is a repeat winner of Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management and Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers. Matt is living through the renovation of a 105-year old historic farmhouse in Kirkland, Washington with his wife, Beth and three young children.

Want more Matt? We have him right here:
You can read more from Matt on his blog, Matt on Marketingfollow him on Twitter, or check out his books (listed below) on

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May 2015

How does iContact Pro measure marketing program success?

Every marketer worth his or her salt is on the hunt for marketing tools that yield an ROI for lead generation campaigns.  In this SLMA Live program and podcast replay we discuss with Geoff Alexander – President of iContact how they have made the necessary changes to iContact in their new Pro Program to help marketers not only communicate more efficiently but measure their program’s contribution to sales.  The host is Jim Obermayer.
About  Geoff Alexander – President, iContact
Geoff Alexander oversees iContact’s day-to-day business operations, including strategic direction, revenue, sales, services, and marketing. Alexander has 20 years of experience in management, marketing, product strategy, revenue optimization and business development with a concentration in business-to-business online/software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Prior to Cision and iContact, he held key management positions at a variety of innovative technology companies ranging from venture-backed startups to the Fortune 500 list.
Alexander holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University. He is also a board member for the North Carolina Technology Association, and regularly advises early and mid-stage startups. Follow him @iContact.  919-957-6150

About iContact

Since 2003, small and medium businesses worldwide have achieved significant results by turning to iContact’s best-in-class email marketing solutions and knowledgeable team members. Made scalable to serve the needs of high-volume senders, professional marketers, and businesses new to email, iContact’s easy-to-use technology ensures that every customer has what they need – whenever they need it – to succeed. Headquartered in Morrisville, NC, iContact is an award-winning company in the Cision family of brands.
Mar 2015

Stop sending newsletters, send an email instead.

Watch Now:
Before you pull the trigger, make sure you have some basic drip pieces in place. It's not about sending NEWSLETTERS. No one needs more newsletters. Think about these as sharing tips and items of interest with your contacts based on their interest and needs, rather than looking at it as a way to quickly cram your wares down their inbox. Wouldn't it be great if the 2000 on your list each shared your helpful, well-written, concise email with 2 folks, and at least one of those also gave your their email because they love the offer you give them if they "subscribe?"

Link to the checklist gift from Ely, Susan & Yvi and ongoing guides and tips to help you get started before you spend too much time in the WRONG email marketing system for your company.

Guest Panelist:

Ely Delaney is the Co Founder, Dean and Lead Trainer at Your Marketing University, a marketing education company designed specifically to help teach motivated entrepreneurs and business professionals how to take control of their marketing, online and offline. Ely has been in the marketing and multimedia design world since 1996 and is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals without the need for expensive advertising agencies.

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Feb 2015

You have to be willing to go from NO.

Tim Wackel covers some of the biggest errors salespeople commit… and where there are some big opportunities.

This lively discussion will cover:

  • The sales sins you must avoid
  • Top tips for finding new business today
  • What to do when prospects go silent

On email marketing - Subject lines:
Make sure your fun subject goes with the context of the message. You can have some fun.

You have to be willing to go from no. - Tim Wackel

Would you like me to go ahead and put together a proposal? TOO much opium. Instead try this approach:

I enjoyed our visit, but I sense that putting together a proposal is still a little premature, what are your thoughts?

Get them to BEG you to get to the next step. It's like a great first date.

Don't take the bait. Pride yourself on delayed gratification.

Tim is the founder and president of The Wackel Group, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations find, win and keep customers for life. He is a member of the American Society for Training and Development and holds a professional membership in the National Speakers Association. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska and lives in Dallas where he and his wife raised their two children and are now enjoying their empty nest.

Tim Wackel is one of today’s most popular sales speakers because he makes information entertaining, memorable and easy to understand. He combines more than 25 years of successful sales leadership with specific client research to deliver high-impact programs that go beyond today’s best practices. Tim’s keynotes and workshops are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real world success strategies that audiences can (and will!) implement right away.
Nov 2014

Is a low cost enough to save email marketing as a lead gen tool?

Sylvia Montgomery, Partner at Hinge Marketing tackles a tough question about the efficiency of email marketing to generate leads. Email response rates continue to be an issue and many companies clinging to it because of cost.  Certainly garbage in and poor response out isn’t unusual.  A major database supplier said to me, “Well, Jim, don’t blame the database, blame the offer, blame the subject line, blame the product, but don’t blame the database or the method of getting it to the reader.  We’ll see what Sylvia has to say.
About  Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM
SENIOR PARTNER-Hinge Marketing
A Senior Partner and the head of Hinge’s A/E/C practice, Sylvia collects many shoes and wears many hats. When she’s not traveling around the country for speaking engagements or client meetings, you will find Sylvia creating marketing and branding strategies for clients, supervising her A/E/C team, developing new business, or working on her personal brand. With a 20-year career spanning visual communications, strategy, and marketing, and over a decade working in the A/E/C sector, Sylvia brings a creative, business-focused approach to her client engagements. She specializes in agile marketing for professional services firms, creating actionable, research-driven strategies tailored to helping businesses grow. A Starbucks aficionado, Sylvia credits her success to a top-secret formula involving caffeine and yoga.
Sylvia came to Hinge from Bowman Consulting, one of the fastest-growing engineering firms in the Mid-Atlantic, where she was Director of Marketing. Prior to that, she held executive-level marketing positions at Rubbermaid Commercial Products, a major consumer brand, and Digital Commerce, a technology firm. Sylvia is an active member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), where she held a seat on the board of directors, and she frequently speaks and writes on topics related to the A/E/C industry and marketing. Previously, Sylvia has served as adjunct professor at both Trinity College and George Washington University. Sylvia holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, University College, an MFA from George Washington University, and a BA from Trinity University.
About Hinge Marketing
When it comes to choosing a marketing or branding firm, we don't envy you. There are more options out there than flies in a cow pasture. But if you want a firm that’s at home in your field and is familiar with the challenges you face, Hinge has a lot to offer that you simply won't find elsewhere in a single package:
Professional Services Expertise
As professional services specialists, we focus on just five market segments:

  • Architecture / Engineering / Construction
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Consulting
  • Government Contracting
  • Technology
Because we've worked with a lot of firms in your industry, we have a pretty good idea already what challenges you face. We've also done the due diligence to know what strategies have worked for the leaders in your market. Talk to us — we'll show you the way.
Specialized Market Research
The marketplace is always changing. That's why we conduct regular research into issues that affect our clients. This research gives us the insights we need to advise our professional services clients and adapt to evolving conditions. The time and effort we put into original research is painful, but it gives us — and our clients — a true competitive advantage.
Top-Drawer Creative
The best firms can't afford to look bad. It's tough to maintain a great reputation if your image isn't up to the task. At Hinge, we've invested in an award-winning creative team that makes our clients look great and speak with confidence.
Sep 2014

Stu Heinecke with a discussion of his new book: Big Fat Beautiful Head


Do you enjoy reading cartoons? You’re not alone. 

Editorial readership surveys show they’re almost always the best read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers. But how do the cartoonists do it? Where do their ideas come from and how do they convert those bits of inspiration into the delightful sprinkling of drawings we enjoy so much? That’s what makes this book so special. Not only does Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke share his doodling’s, he takes us behind the scenes with stories about each cartoon in the book. Where the ideas came from, how they were created and who they touched all come into focus in this one-of-a-kind book.  Host Jim Obermayer talks with cartoonist Heinecke about how this book came about.

Feb 2014

Data Quality and the BAD Actors in the field

Preview the show here - we did this an a Hangout on Air today. It was Paula's first experience on Google+. 

Enjoy this conversation, tips, reveals, advice about email data.

About Paula Chiocchi: Paula Chiocchi has been known as a leader in the direct marketing and media industries for many years.  Her focus has always been on the future.  Paula founded Outward Media in 1998. Under her direction, the company has evolved from a niche marketing firm emphasizing online advertising and media to the leading compiler of multi-channel marketing data. Never satisfied with the status quo, Paula has sought out and created the most comprehensive and accurate B2B and B2C Multi-Channel Marketing Databases in the industry.  And, from an email data perspective, she has accomplished what no other company has been able to do . . . providing theirClients with accurate and fresh email data to fuel their campaigns.

Integrity, innovation and industry intelligence have been Paula's hallmark throughout her career. She began with Dun & Bradstreet and developed her skills by creating direct mail, online advertising and email campaigns for leading age companies, financial institutions, online gaming sites, sweepstakes enterprises and e-commerce companies.  Always with an eye on the future, Paula's philosophy is to examine emerging marketing techniques and tools, and build the best ones into our business. "We continually forge partnerships with innovative professionals. Our clients have come to expect us to bring them new ideas before anyone else does," she says.
Sep 2013

How legitimate database providers are different from those who fake it.

Host Jim Obermayer interviews database provider expert Tim Slevin of Healthcare Data Solutions on the difficult subject of database integrity. 

Obermayer said, “There appears to be a substantial increase in database providers that make quality promises without delivering, and in some instances boarding on fraud.” In this interview Tim Slevin will discuss the quality standards database providers should deliver to be considered legitimate.

Tim Slevin Chairman, President & CEO

Tim Slevin has over 20 years of experience in sales, management and business development roles with leading information services companies. His career began in 1991 with Dun & Bradstreet selling marketing information solutions to leading banks and telecommunication companies. In 1993, Mr. Slevin was recruited to work for infoGROUP, known at the time as infoUSA. During his career at infoUSA Tim was promoted from National Account Manager to Senior Vice President, and launched the fastest growing division at that time. From 2002-2006, Tim was President/COO for SK&A Information Services, a healthcare database company where he built their first physician database and recruited a leading team of database and sales veterans.

After leaving SK&A, Tim founded Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS). HDS masters and delivers a complete healthcare profile on all prescribers and practice locations in the US. This data along with a robust suite of services enable clients to easily track all Doctors, practice locations and hundreds of data elements for: compliance, marketing, sales, MDM and other applications. Seven years later, HDS has grown to national prominence attracting Fortune 500 clients, landing on the INC5000 in 2012 and 2013 and the Deloitte Fast 500 list. Tim is married and lives in Orange County, California, with 2 children Grace, 11 and Ben, 13. Tim has a MBA from University Missouri-Kansas City.

Company Products/Services:

Healthcare Data Solutions is a leading healthcare information services company focused on building and maintaining the most accurate, compliance-grade data on Physicians, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners and other Healthcare Providers, as well as Pharmacies and Hospitals. Healthcare Data Solutions provides healthcare data, physician validation programs, data processing, compliance services, web services and new customer acquisition programs for leading healthcare firms. Compliance clients can access over 5 million healthcare provider profiles to crosswalk government databases for accurate reporting. Healthcare Data Solutions is the fastest growing healthcare data services company in the United States on both the Inc. 5000 and Deloitte Fast 500 list in 2012. For more information, visit

May 2013

Why buying lists is the biggest email marketing no-no


Join host, Jim Obermayer as he and Ellie tackle one of her pet peeves. This is a topic she's passionate about - purchasing email marketing lists. Just don't do it.

About Ellie Miram:

Being a marketing manager in an organization that generates more than 80,000 leads per month is a significant job for anyone, but Ellie Mirman, who leads the marketing for the medium-sized business market at HubSpot, makes it look easy. From creating remarkable content to educate leads and customers alike to innovative workflows that nurture leads through the funnel, Ellie is a master at both the art and the science of sales lead management, and has developed many of the best practices we leverage organization-wide here at HubSpot.

 Ellie launched the email marketing program at HubSpot, growing it into the largest lead generation channel in the company, and also started the HubSpot webinar series, pioneered new customer research and feedback channels, and collaborates with the product, sales, and marketing teams on a daily basis to attract, convert, close and delight visitors, leads, and eventually customers.

Ellie is a thought leader in inbound marketing and an expert in funnel management.

Of her expertise, HubSpot Marketing Director Kipp Bodnar notes, “Ellie is the ideal marketer. Her decisions are rooted in data and made in conjunction with her sales director to ensure fluid transitions of leads between marketing and sales. Her marketing is revenue-focused: instead of points for lead scoring purposes she assigns projected revenue values to each lead and leverages these values in her lead management rules.”

Ellie Miram has been named one of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management for 2013.

Nov 2012

7 Common Mistakes in Buying A B2B Email Database

frank-jamieson.jpgSLMA RADIO Hostess Susan Finch will interview Frank Jamieson of Applied DM Research.  In this age of increasing database centric marketing, buying an email database is more risky than ever before.  In this program Susan will dig into the common mistakes marketers make in buying a database.  What is over-looked as the most obvious do’s and don’ts. What is full market coverage?  How important are bounce rates and list erosion?  How to avoid paying twice for duplicate records.  Lots More.

About Frank Jamieson Frank Jamieson is the Founder and President of Applied DM Research which has been in business for 19 years – prior to that he was the General Manager of Gazette Marketing Systems - the largest solo direct mail company on the West Coast which processed one million address records each day. Frank is a Board Member of Direct Marketing Association of Northern California and he’s also active in Market Research Association. Jamieson earned his undergraduate degree at University of New York at Geneseo and he earned his Executive MBA at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga CA. He has lived in Novato CA in Marin County for 35 years. He is married with 3 children.

About Applied DM Research Applied DM Research offers a fully integrated suite of marketing database solutions for b2c and b2b programs that includes customer profiling, sales funnel analytics, prospect database development, market segmentation and database cleansing. We also offer project management services for direct marketing and digital marketing campaigns.  Customer Profiling, Prospect Database Research, Sales Funnel Analytics, Market Segmentation, Database Cleaning, Media Targeting Profiles, Email Appending, Telephone Appending, Computer Mapping, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Database Marketing, Digital Marketing, Demand Generation.

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How to fix your database to boost email success by 40%


Nov 2011

Dec. 1: Rick Bellefond, RB Data Services and Laurie Beasey of Beasley Direct Marketing

rick-bellefond.jpgRick Bellefond, President, RB Data Services

RB Data Services was founded by Rick Bellefond. Mr. Bellefond has been specializing in designing, implementing, supporting, and enhancing customized information tracking and management systems since 1989. He has both Bachelor's and Masters Degrees in Computer Science as well as over twenty years of software development experience. His Master's degree is from Duke University. Mr. Bellefond provides cost effective solutions to a wide range of complex problems including: Client Management; Lead Management; Telemarketing Management; Mailing List Management; and Customer Service Management. We will be asking him questions about nightmare CRM installations, mistakes to avoid, tips to make installation of CRM easy.

LaurieBeasley_Photo2008.jpgLaurie Beasley, President, Beasley Direct Marketing

Laurie is co-founder and president of Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc. , a Silicon Valley direct marketing agency that has managed online and direct marketing programs for hundreds of companies. Laurie serves as president of the Direct Marketing Association of Northern California . She is also an instructor for the Online Marketing Institute and an instructor for the Online Marketing Certificate program at UC Berkeley Extension. We'll be asking Laurie: Is direct mail still alive? How can we get a 4% response from direct mail? What can be done about the email response slippage?

Oct 2011

Oct. 20 Show: Kirko Papajanis, President Vondara and Boxpilot

kirko-papajanis.pngSLMA Radio will ask about how successful guided voice mail is for penetrating the telephone maze in order to leave a message that is actually heard.  We’ll ask about statistics and how Boxpilt is used call mail/email programs.

Kirko Papajanis was recruited by the founding partners of Vondara in 2001 to build critical Human Resources systems at the young company's Boxpilot Division. He focused on developing an easy to execute hiring model which minimized overhead. By 2008, Kirko was promoted to the role of President of Boxpilot and currently manages all business operations for both Boxpilot and Vondara.  Kirko studied Mathematics at the University of Toronto. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.

Sep 2011

Sept. 29 Show: Marco Marini, CEO of ClickMail and Jim Cecil of Nurture Marketing

marco-marini.jpgMarco will be asked questions about eMail’s recent low penetration rates, and how ClickMail successfully launches small email programs.  We will ask him about a successful case study for a small and a large company.

Marco Marini is an acknowledged expert in e-marketing with over a decade and half's-worth of experience in the field. Before taking over as CEO, he was CMM's VP of Marketing & Operations. Marini has also held key marketing positions with CyberSource, eHealthInsurance, DoveBid and IBM Canada.

jim_cecil_200.jpgJim Cecil of Bellevue, Washington, has spent his entire business career perfecting, teaching and producing the Nurture Selling Process. As an author, consultant and powerful speaker, Jim excites audiences across the world with the logic and emotion of customer cultivation. In addition to launching Nurture Marketing in 1986 and co-creating the Nurture Institute in 2004 with Eric Rabinowitz, Jim is the author of two books, "A Cure for the Common Cold-Call" in 1997 and co-author of Nurturing Customer Relationships in 2006. He has coached hundreds of Microsoft's Certified Partners as well as New York Life's top producers and literally tens of thousands of CEOs on the skills and strategies of customer attraction, retention and affection. Jim has addressed audiences from Sydney, Australia to mid-town Manhattan and everywhere in between since 1970 and continues to write, consult and share his strong message to this day.