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Aug 2020

CMO Vacancy? Fill it With an Interim CMO Without Losing Momentum


CMO slots cannot be vacant, even for a few weeks.  Learn how to keep up your momentum with a fractional/interim CMO which will gain momentum for you, not lose it.  This program is for the C-Suite executive that has an open spot for a CMO. 

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Apr 2020

How Fractional CMOs are Changing the Game for B2B


Chief Marketing Officers’ average tenure continues to fall to approximately 3.5 years as the importance of the position has correspondingly increased.  Whether this turn-over can be attributed to career changes in a difficult labor market or impatience of CEOs, the demand for CMOs’ continues to grow. Add with the substantial complexity of the CMO’s job because of new technology offers and a corresponding shortage of skilled marketers, the end result is that many companies are falling behind in the marketing race. With the pressure for marketers to “out-market their competitors” has brought the demand for fractional or interim CMOs to fill vacancies in a critical job. 

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