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Aug 2018

Two Old Dogs and a Young Pup - Generational Perspectives on B2B Data


Mark Godley sits down with Travis Henry, Director of Inside Sales at SalesSource, and Lars Nelson, CEO of SalesSource, to discuss why data can make or break B2B GTM strategy.  Between the three of these data dogs they know a thing or two about data and most of it has been learned through trial by fire in their early years. Join the podcast to hear what pitfalls to avoid when choosing a data provider and what defines success.  


Jul 2018

Data: Past, present and future with Don Wynns



During our interview with Don Wynns, VP of OEM and Partnerships at HG Data, host Mark Godley will cover buying trends and the quality of data throughout the past two decades and what the future holds. Other topics we will touch on are: ABM, GDPR, third party data and the ethics of B2B data build processes. We promise this will not be as dry as it sounds! Join us or listen later, but either way, if you are a data wonk you don't want to miss this.

Mar 2018

The Evolution of Sales - Reflections on Many Decades in the Trenches


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While sales functions have changed its evolution has been just as dramatic as its sister discipline of marketing.  In this program, host Mark Godley, CEO of  LeadGenuis will interview Mike D'Onofrio Chief Revenue Officer of LeanData. Mark explores with Mike why today is the best of times to be in sales and the expected future of the sales profession. The program guest host is Mark Godley.

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