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Nov 2018

What Sales Leadership is in Denial About



Join host, Mari Anne Vanella on Outstanding Outbound as she welcomes Dan Sixsmith. Dan Sixsmith is a well-known Consultant , Speaker, Trainer, Coach and active blogger on the topic of Sales excellence. He works with large global sales teams in addition to individual executives. Recently, he joined the Board and serves as CMO of a non profit organization dedicated to protecting teens from substance abuse and speaks frequently on the subject.

Oct 2018

Where AI Fits into the Big Picture of Sales



Outstanding Outbound host, Mari Anne Vanella welcomes Joe Brown, SVP Worldwide Sales at kare, an AI company. They’ll discuss tools and methods that can help conversations become more complex and empower reps to have more access to information to progress the sales cycle further on discussions in real-time.

About our guest, Joe Brown:

Joe is a visionary, results-oriented technology leader with a wealth of experience building profitable high growth SaaS and eCommerce organizations. Having held numerous management-level positions at the likes of Edify, RightNow Technologies, and Avangate, Joseph's key knowledge of the customer support industry has resulted in kare's rapid growth and adoption in the customer support market.   

About kare:

Founded in late 2013,  kare (formerly Gluru) helps businesses eliminate the need for writing responses while also ensuring that the knowledge is kept up to date and actionable.

When a customer’s query arrives, kare identifies the request, analyzes it to understand the intent of the issue(s), and provides an accurate response immediately. But that’s not all. Some queries are too detailed or sensitive to be handled through self-assist. That is why kare does not seek to replace customer support agents. Instead, it provides a self-maintaining, knowledge-base system to help agents quickly and appropriately respond in detail to escalated queries.

Sep 2018

The REAL Alignment Between Sales and Marketing in B2B - Diane Updyke



Learn how modern sales teams operate effectively using tools, automation, and critical thinking to build pipeline and get deals across the line.

Diane Updyke works with some of the top names in tech helping them streamline sales and revenue attainment in the B2B landscape. She comes from a history of engaging marketers with the right solutions to automate and acquire customers. At Eloqua and Crowd Factory/Marketo, as the VP Sales, she successfully led a sales team through significant growth year-over-year. For over 15 years, Diane has managed sales teams for startup and established companies; including business intelligence (Oracle) and infrastructure (early days of WebLogic).

Diane is currently an Advisor and Consultant for several startups in Martech and Salestech. After building and contributing to over 6 sales teams, she has documented her experience & insights, plus received contributions from CEOs, VPS, CMOs, and VCs.