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Aug 2016

3 Ways to a Perfect Sale Demo

August 11, 2016

You train the sales reps and send them forth and the first stumbling block is demonstrations of your product. Certainly the reps do dry runs in training, managers listen in for the first few live demos and then the reps are off on their own and God only knows what happens. In the program this week Steve Richard, co-Founder and CRO of Exec Vision we discuss the three ways you can be sure to have a great sales demo. The host this week is Jim Obermayer. 

About our guest, Steve Richard

Steve's mission & life's work is helping sales professionals become wildly successful. Each of the three companies Steve's played a founding role in exemplify this dedication to the betterment of sales organizations.

At ExecVision, Steve leads the sales & marketing departments, but due to his compassion for sales, he can often be found delving into customer success, eager to help customers leverage ExecVision to improve the most important aspect of sales; conversation quality.

About ExecVision
Founded in 2013, ExecVision is a predictive analytics for coaching platform. Many of the world’s most progressive sales organizations use ExecVision to make performance improvement persistent and pervasive. Unlike traditional manual call recording and coaching processes, ExecVision unlocks the value hidden inside call recordings to take the pain out of call coaching. integrates with all the major elements of the Sales Technology stack, including Web Conferencing platforms, CRM systems, Phone systems and Dialers, Cloud storage, and more.



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