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May 2014

8 Mins: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder of Selling Power about the state of selling today.

May 14, 2014

While attending Sales 2.0, Jim Obermayer of the SLMA took a few minutes to discuss Sales 2.0 with Selling Power Founder Gerhard Gschwandtner about the conference and the state of the sales profession from his perspective. Gerhard is a thoughtful expert on selling and there are few people he doesn’t know in the selling profession, and even less he doesn’t know about selling. 


About Gerhard Gschwandtner 

His personal mantra is "excellence is a question of expanding awareness". When all is said and done, He is a sales guy. He established my professional reputation as a sales guru by training over 10,000 salespeople in Europe and the US. He realized that salespeople and their managers need all the help they can get, that's why he started Selling Power magazine and turned it into the world's leading sales management magazine. Gerhard’s mission is to contribute to the success of sales leaders with, a sales intelligence platform that's visited by over 300,000 sales leaders every month. 
He also runs four Sales 2.0 conferences a year (in London, Boston and San Francisco) that attract over 2,000 sales and marketing leaders. His conferences are based on sharing ideas through unscripted conversations and continuous exploration of the core theme: improving people, enhancing processes and implementing advanced technology solutions to achieve operational efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. (
Over 100,000 sales executives watch my daily (5 min) video interviews with sales leaders online (free) on 
He collaborated on a documentary on the profession of selling that was aired on PBS stations across America. You can watch this video online: He is the author of 16 books on Selling, Sales Management and Sales Psychology and 2 books on photography. (


Helping sales leaders integrate culture, process and technology. Creating Video Sales Enablement platforms. Delivering keynote speeches that help salespeople achieve more than their managers ever thought possible. In my speeches I show salespeople how they can get far better results by changing their focus, their physiology and their self-limiting beliefs. Salespeople win more sales when they align self-enablement with sales enablement. 
Follow him on Twitter @gerhard20 

About sales 2.0 Conferences 

The Sales 2.0 Conference was held on May 5-6, 2014 in San Francisco. Attendees learned real-time capabilities – real-time marketing, analytics, social media, pricing, performance feedback, incentive programs, etc. – and how to close the real-time technology gap to achieve unprecedented success. 
If you attended this conference, you can access speaker presentations, white papers, and more in the Resource Library. 
To learn about upcoming conference dates and locations, email or visit Sales 2.0 Events.