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Nov 2013

An interview with the author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer, Debbie Qaqish

November 11, 2013

SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer interviews Debbie Qaqish, author of "Rise of the Revenue Marketer."   Debbie was driven to write book by the question increasing asked by marketers, "What are you going to do about revenue?"

Obermayer will ask Debbie about the Revenue Marketers she knows that have made a difference. Why do marketers welcome revenue responsibility? Does she recommend that marketers should be paid on revenue. What are the metrics a revenue marketer should track other than the revenue goal? How long does it take to become a Revenue Marketer?

About Debbie Qaquish

Debbie Qaqish is Principal Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for The Pedowitz Group, a Revenue Marketing™ agency, and author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer. A nationally recognized thought leader, Qaqish has over 30 years of sales and marketing expertise. She coined the term Revenue Marketer® in 2007 and is a leader in helping organizations connect marketing to revenueQaqish is a pioneer in marketing automation – first as a beneficiary of the technology and now as an advocate and expert. She was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management. Qaqish coined the term Revenue Marketer® in 2010 and her book, Rise of the Revenue Marketer: An Executive Playbook was published in October 2013.

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About The Pedowitz Group – Connecting Marketing to Revenue™

The Pedowitz Group, an Inc. 500 company, is the world's largest full-service Revenue Marketing Agency. A two time Pacesetter winner, The Pedowitz Group helps global clients transform their marketing organizations from cost centers to revenue centers by assessing and optimizing six controls: strategy, people, process, technology, content and results. As the authority on Revenue Marketing Transformation™, the company has helped over 1,000 clients begin the journey to driving predictable, repeatable and scalable revenue results. The Pedowitz Group customers have won over 20 nationally recognized awards for their Revenue Marketing excellence. For more information on how The Pedowitz Group helps clients become successful Revenue Marketers®, visit or call us at 855-REV-MKTG or visit Revenue Marketer Blog.