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Apr 2011

April 14: Stu Heinecke and Bill Goldsmith

April 14, 2011

image001.jpgStu Heinecke, President of Cartoonlink. THE SLMA will ask how humor can be used to generate quality leads and sales. A prominent cartoonist whose work can be seen in marketing campaigns and   in the pages of The Wall Street Journal and other publications, Mr. Heinecke is the President and Founder of CartoonLink (, a service that helps marketers apply the powerful effects of cartoons in their campaigns. Drawing Attention author Stu Heinecke is one of the world’s foremost experts on the use of cartoons in advertising, marketing and sales promotion, will be a contributing editor for the SLMA specializing in cartoon humor.  His work will appear twice a month on the SLMA home page and in the SLMA newsletter.

In his book, Mr. Heinecke asserts that the lessons learned from countless marketing campaigns about the application of cartoons can be applied to all sorts of missions, personal or professional.  An e-version of his book is available for purchase on the CartoonLink site.

bill-goldsmith.jpgBill Goldsmith, the new Director of Video Production at SLMA will be asked about video as a lead and sales generation vehicle. Bill Goldsmith is CEO of Bill Goldsmith Productions a 20 year old video consulting & production firm. Goldsmith is an award winning producer of B to B video, and most recently was awarded the title of “The National Talk Fusion Coach”, and Gold Diamond Executive with Talk Fusion, a Video delivery platform that he is a partner in.   As well, he currently acts as the Director of Video Production for the Sales Lead Management Association.

Goldsmith established himself as a Video Producer when he was selected as one of the Agencies of record for McDonald's Corporation where he was responsible for the  development of “Kid” merchandising and video marketing, and later for the development of the Campaign theme and subsequent video and merchandising initiative for The Big Mac.  Bill resides in Philadelphia with his wife Nancy and two Welsch Pembroke Corgis, Feather and Invictus. They no longer can stand the taste of The Big Mac and prefer to cook their own meals.