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Aug 2013

Modern prospecting dilemma when prospects are too busy to talk to you!

August 5, 2013
SLMA Radio host James Obermayer interviews author Rod Sloane, founder of the 8000 member Sales and Marketing Alignment Group. In a no holds-bared interview. Rod addresses how to talk to people who hide, evade, dodge, elude, skirt, shirk, equivocate and otherwise become invisible even though they have an expressed need.

Rod Sloane also produces the UK based “No-Bull Sales & Marketing Alignment Radio Show” available on He is a conference speaker who tackles how companies manage leads, create opportunities and generate revenue. Mr. Sloane is the founder of the LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Alignment Group that has over 8,000 members.

Author of ”Alignment, The Secret to getting your Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together” Rod says It is about your people, your language and your culture. Sloane has his own consultancy aptly named, Rod Sloan.