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Jan 2018

Bill Walker of Unison Reveals How to Implement Voice of the Customer Programs

January 9, 2018

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Voice of the Customer sounds wonderful, and doable, and gee whiz why not do it? And yet, as many have found, implementation takes more than wanting and writing a check.  In this program we talk about VOC with Bill Walker, Chief Revenue Officer at Unison.  Walker has successfully implemented a VOC process for collecting and implementing direct customer feedback. He believes that this is the most important thing you can do as a corporation and that it is more productive than leveraging outside agencies, focus groups, or executive voices. The host in Jim Obermayer.

Our Guest Bill Walker

Bill Walker is Unison’s Chief Revenue Officer. Walker is responsible for cultivating and developing existing direct response channels, sales operations, and business development in addition to developing new growth marketing channels. Walker comes to Unison with over 20 years of marketing and operations experience in the financial services sector. Walker has held executive level positions at Barclaycard, MBNA (acquired by Bank of America) and most recently was the vice president of Customer Experience at Prosper Marketplace.

About Unison

Unison is the leading provider of home ownership investments, modernizing home financing through long-term partnerships. Unison works with lenders, regulators and institutional investors to integrate home ownership investing into the U.S. housing finance system. Unison HomeBuyer helps purchasers buy the home they want with less debt and risk, typically by doubling the down payment. The larger down payment makes it easier to qualify for a loan, increases buying power, lowers the monthly payment and/or allows a buyer to reserve cash. Unison HomeOwner provides current homeowners with cash to eliminate debt, remodel, pay for school, invest or as a cash cushion, without the added debt or payments of a home equity loan or HELOC.

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