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Feb 2011

Feb. 17 Show: Malcolm Friedberg, Jason Weaver

February 15, 2011

Commentary:  James W. Obermayer, CEO of the SLMA.

Marketers are builders of wealth, but when will they take the credit they deserve?

In this short and punchy seven minutes, Obermayer pontificates on why he believes that marketers should take their rightful place as a builder of wealth.   Without marketers creating a preference, raw inquiries and qualified leads, most salespeople would be off their quota attainment by 30-50% and sales expenses would soar.  Come listen as Obermayer gives credit where credit is due, to marketing, the builders of wealth.

Malcolm Friedberg   President   Left Brain Marketing Malcolm will be asked questions about the results of their most successful demand generation program and how the company measures the ROI for the programs it creates. Left Brain Marketing is a Demand Generation strategy agency, serving some of the largest and best-known enterprise brands. The agency helps Marketing organizations develop and grow successful Demand Generation programs.  Its approach leverages a proprietary Demand Generation process model – The Left Brain Model (TM) – powered by marketing automation technology. The agency delivers a full set of services that span strategy, production, analytics and optimization for Demand Generation programs.

Jason Weaver,  CEO,  Shoutlet, Inc.

Jason will be asked about recent client successes using their platform in addition to suggestions about measuring the ROI for social media.

Shoutlet provides a centralized platform that helps companies manage and monetize their social media communication. It includes Facebook and Twitter management, Social CRM, widget building, email and mobile marketing, social commerce, and real-time analytics in one easy-to-use interface. The platform gives brands and agencies the tools to create, manage, and measure their entire social media communications.  Companies using Shoutlet's platform are able to better design and implement highly targeted campaigns and ultimately improve the business impact of their social media communications.

James Obermayer Malcom Friedberg Jason Weaver
James W. Obermayer CEO of the SLMA Malcolm Friedberg President Left Brain Marketing Jason Weaver CEO, Shoutlet, Inc.

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