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Feb 2013

February 14: Kathie Nelson says Stop turning over rocks for customers.

February 11, 2013

Kathie-Nelson-Headshot-web-2-12.jpgSusan Finch interviews Kathie Nelson, Founder and CEO of Connectworks. Kathie is a serial entrepreneur and born powerhouse in business growth, is a four time author, highly sought after speaker, top tier business strategist, and coach.

Her cut to the chase deliverables have produced her own award winning sales, and national acclaim. In addition to her contributions to emerging companies, many non-profits and corporations have been the beneficiaries of her visionary leadership style resulting in substantial, measurable growth.

Once told she would never walk again, she defied the odds and overcame the obstacles that promised her life long limitations. Refusing to accept being told what she couldn’t do, she found her way to walk again and has never stopped. Kathie brings that same determination to all of her savvy business strategies.

Crediting this life changing experience as her catalyst, she soon developed the business formulas and strategies that persistently equal success for thousands of individuals and organizations nationally.

With concise and visionary accomplishment, her speaking prowess, signature products, and services far surpass the current market metrics. Get what every busy professional seeks: more money, more easily through business growth, marketing, networking, and sales.

Some of the show highlights and topics include:

There are two perspectives

1. Lack of confidence in their ability to sell or whatever they interpret what the word "sales" means to them.  These people usually have a disconnection to the language that sales professionals describe as the sales process.

2. Clear understanding of what the customer needs so that the sales conversation is about serving and discovery.  This group is usually comfortable and connected to the language that sales professionals describe as the sales process.

Small business owners frequently hear what they consider vague and non-relatable concepts, "lead management, sales lead management, ROI, lead nurturing, sales funnel management, lead generation." These same people have not been exposed to that professional language, yet they are out there trying to accomplish these goals. If they were confident in what makes them different, this would not get in their way.  It seems to be part of the stigma they associate with the term, "Sales Professional." You're going to have a difficult time selling anything if you can't become confident in your ability to sell your products or services.

Three key pieces to gathering the information ahead of time:

  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of trends that will affect your prospects or customers.
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Creating strategic partner alliances serving the same audience, as well as other sales professionals serving same audience

She asks them, "What's on your radar for 2013?" "What are obstacles that are possibly going to keep you or your customers from reaching their goals."

Susan Finch acknowledged these can be scary to ask the questions that you may not like the answer. But asking these questions make you empathetic, knowledgeable, credible. You will discover the correct market entry points, at what moment are they more receptive to hiring, launching, purchasing a service.

Kathie Nelson: realizing that if you have a sales manager over your shoulder telling you that you have to produce. "I can't slow down to do discovery because I have to get the quota up."  If you don't take the time for discovery, you are constantly turning over rocks, "Are you my customer?" "Are you my customer?"

Do you want to increase your sales quickly? Then commit to investing in the time, slow down - evaluate who my best customers were and what were they really going through. In general, do they have challenges? This process helps her empathize and serve them better. Once she did this and got clear on the experience of my customer, my sales doubled. This was through strategic partnerships.

"For every minute spent in planning saves 9 in execution."

Book recommendation for sales professionals:

Dave Crenshaw's book, "The Myth of Multitasking."  His overall message: Multi-tasking serves no one.

If you are in sales and don't want to be seen as a sales person, you are sabotaging your success. Whatever stigma you have associated with the sales profession is old news. You can be an honorable, caring, successful SALES professional, and proud of the product or service you represent, happy with the success you are adding to your customers' businesses.

Kathie's two books, "I Want What She's Got!" and the "Busy People Guide to Getting Unstuck" are helpful reads that will have you laughing and crying and inspired.