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Feb 2013

February 21: Be a Natural and You Can’t Help But Succeed in Sales

February 18, 2013

Join SLMA Director, Susan Finch  as she sits in for Jim Obermayer this week. She welcomes Jeff Fischer, PhD of Core Career Coaching. He's been featured on Ted Talks, has been invited around the world to bring out the best in sales people. Jeff has a way of helping you achieve confidence while getting you wound up for more success than you have ever asked for. Spend a positive hour, learn some tips and start your short list of attainable goals and new behaviors to knock your sales sheet out of the ballpark! They are going to talk about the conflict between the numbers you are expected to generate and the quality relationships to build your base of loyal and "forever" clients. You can't just tell them what is safe and what they think they want to hear. You are doing them a disservice. Join them for this lively conversation.

"Your biggest risk is that I’ll tell you what you want to hear instead of what I really think because you control my compensation.”

Jeff once told this to an interviewer with a straight face, but it turned out to be true.

A little about Jeff Fischer:

jeff-fischer.jpgBut not anymore! There was a time when I had arranged all of my management books in my New York office at eye level so that people sitting across from me could see that I had read all the right stuff. That office is gone now, I’ve thrown away the books, and I no longer live in New York.

The Desire to Look Good

The desire to look good carried me through four advanced degree programs and drove my career for many years. It fed 100-hour weeks on Wall Street and fueled a global consulting career serving some of the greatest companies in the world. I lived at furious pace (I filled a new passport with stamps in one year), climbed many ladders, and had the opportunity to get to know some truly amazing leaders.

I’m extremely proud of some of the work I’ve done. It’s just not what I envisioned for myself. Growing up I did things like volunteer at a nature center, work in a commercial boatyard, and even as an EMT. I didn’t want to sit in an office. But about two years before college, I started giving up the things I liked to do for activities that I believed would look good on a college application.