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Feb 2013

February 28: Mastering Three-Ups and One-Down

February 26, 2013

Increasing Revenue, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, and Decreasing Cost

robert-murray.jpgHost James Obermayer interviews International C-suite Turnaround Mercenary Robert S. Murray Robert S. Murray author of "It's Already Inside", and former Vodaphone C-suite executive

Leading change is the hardest thing that a leader and executive has to do. Mostly because they are locked into left-brain thinking: spreadsheets, facts, figures, the demands of shareholders and the board. What leaders often miss is the right-brain response by the stakeholders — their emotions. In order to engage the hearts and minds of those that the change is impacting, leaders must communicate from a place of understanding for what is going through everyone's mind, then change leadership becomes easy. What follows is a simplified roll-out, wider adoption, and traction on implementation.

He is Author of the highly acclaimed book on life and leadership, It’s Already Inside. The book is getting notable praise from every level of leadership - from those just starting out in leadership roles to seasoned CEO's. It's a book that connects the left-brain world of business to the right-brain focus of employees and customers, and how today's leaders can nurture that.

About Robert S. Murray

ROBERT S. MURRAY is a passionate storyteller and leadership mentor, bringing more than twenty years of Senior Executive Business experience with Fortune 100 and small start-up organizations in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Development, and General Management in over 20 countries. As Chief Customer Operations Officer for Vodafone, Bob headed-up the complete consumer and business customer service organization serving over 9.2 million customers generating over $1.6 Billion in revenue. He lead the company to achieving the highest customer satisfaction rating, highest customer to FTE ratio, lowest “Bad Debt” and lowest customer churn rating in all of the 61 Vodafone operating and partner countries as well as the third lowest cost to serve. Bob developed and executed on Operational Efficiency Program that reduced OpEx by 20% while improving service levels, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Along the way, Bob has been the recipient of two New York Festival Awards and one Summit Award (Portland, Oregon) for Marketing Innovation Excellence. His current daily tasks include his role as Chairman of The GrowthPoint Group, a collection of the finest business minds to be found; Advisory Board Member for ElementFour, an innovative company that has developed technology to produce pure drinking water out of atmospheric air; Board Director for Russell Breweries, a Canadian Craft Beer producer; Associate Professor at the Sauder School of Business and the BCIT School of Business; Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many companies; and an international Keynote Speaker on leadership and business.

Robert S. Murray received his diploma in Marketing Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology; studied Sales Management at The University of British Columbia; Executive Finance at Queens University; and Advanced Services Marketing at Babson College. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.