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Feb 2013

February 7: Brand vs. Branding Do you have a “dead” brand?

February 7, 2013

russ-cornelius.jpgHost Jim Obermayer interviews brand expert Russ Cornelius in advance of his hosting of a panel discussion on branding February 20th at the Southern California BMA meeting. Jim and Russ will discuss:

  • The financial value that cultivating a strong brand brings to an organization
  • Best practices for sustaining your brand, and measuring its effectiveness

Branding is the process, the ways an organization uses to externally communicate their brand. A pretty logo. Nice collateral. A great slogan. These are not your brand. They are symbols of your brand. Your brand is the culture of the organization -- your clear evidence of distinction. As a company, you must internalize it or lose pace with your competitors. Unless your employees deliver upon its promise, your brand can go dead in the water, or worse.

About RUSS CORNELIUS, Certified Brand Strategist

Mr. Cornelius is President and CEO of Brand Savants, Inc. In 2002, Russ launched Marketing Savants, a full-service marketing agency, and steadfastly stayed with the commitment to work only with clients who understood the importance of the strategic planning process as well as the role brand development plays in a successful marketing program. Realizing that brand development and the subsequent branding processes require companies to look inward as well as outward, and that the brand development process is a company-wide initiative, and not just a marketing initiative, Russ launched BrandSavants. This is when he designed EnculturationTM, an internal brand initiative program.

Russ, one of just twenty-two Certified Brand Strategists in the country, helps companies define their vision, navigate a course to vision-achievement and domination of their markets by helping them to define their brand, differentiating themselves from their competitors and leading their employees to understand, accept and live the organization’s brand.

Russ Cornelius has been an active SoCal BMA member since 2011. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Brand Savants, Inc. 619.296.6662 San Diego, CA 92106 Latitude/Longitude: 32.727°/-117.227°