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How AI is Affecting Natural Language Searches for First Time Results

April 17, 2017


Inbenta believes key word searches are out as AI is being used for natural Language searches (aka as NLP-natural language processing).  The Inbenta program understands the nuances of human conversation, so it answers a query based on meaning, not individual keywords.  What this means in the world of customer service, e-commerce searches, and cross selling, to name a few applications, is substantially more satisfied users.   We’ll learn more in our discussion with Inbenta founder Jordi Torras.  And yes, Avarta’s can be part of your solution. The host is Jim Obermayer.

About our Guest Jordi Torras

Jordi Torras, CEO & Founder of -- Jordi started his entrepreneurial career in 1997 after drinking half a bottle of whiskey with his brother (who drank the other half). Together they founded SBD, a professional services firm in Barcelona. SBD grew to more than 200 consultants by 2004 and was acquired that year by the French firm Alten Technologies. Jordi then founded Inbenta in 2005 to help clients improve online relationships with their customers using revolutionary technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The first beta version of the Inbenta Semantic Search Engine was released in 2010, thanks to an awesome team composed of linguists, software architects and customer care specialists. In 2012, Jordi moved to California to continue to grow Inbenta there.…he doesn’t drink whiskey anymore. &


About Inbenta

Inbenta specializes in natural language processing and semantic search to improve the customer experience. Support services such as dynamic FAQs, knowledge management and chatbots improve business website searches, customer self-service, and e-commerce conversions. With a team of expert linguists assigned to each client to help them understand the root cause of queries and make suggestions on updates to FAQs, Inbenta's products help businesses improve the overall online experience offered to customers. Inbenta's patented technology has greatly reduced incoming customer service emails and calls to call centers for industry-leading companies including Ticketmaster, BBVA, NTT, Groupon and Schlage Locks.



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