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May 2014

How Digital Social Advocacy changes political activism results.

May 12, 2014

SLMA Host Jim Obermayer interviews James Anderson founder of Wholecrowd about the subject of social advocacy and Wholecrowd's mission in changing the outcomes of political contests. We discuss how Wholecrowd got its start and how ti works. Jim is an interesting and knowledgeable expert on political campaigns but he says the Wholecrowd system can also be used by B2B companies. 

About James Anderson 

James Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Wholecrowd and a partner at Collins Anderson Philp Public Affairs. 

During the 2010 cycle, Jim Anderson served as the Executive Director of the Republication Part of Iowa helping organize a political organization that shifted the balance of power in the State House. Defeated the incumbent Governor, elected a Secretary of State and cut the voter registration gap in half. Jim also directed one of the most robust fundraising operations the state party has ever seen.

Prior to his time as the Executive Director, Jim served as the Deputy Political Director of the Republican National Committee. In this role, Jim managed a national political field team and oversaw the day-to-day management of the political department.

During the 2008 cycle, Jim served as the Iowa State Victory Director for the Republican National Committee. While there, he helped build the most robust field operation the state had seen and exceeded all voter contact records set in previous cycles. 

Before 2008, Jim was a Presidential appointee under George W. Bush at the United States Department of the Treasury where he worked directly with the Treasury Secretary on Public Affairs issues and the US Department of Commerce where he focused on international trade in the United States Commercial Service Office. 

Jim is a native of Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelors in Public Administration from James Madison University. 

About Wholecrowd 
Wholecrowd is the revolutionary social advocacy tool that listens for, builds, communicates with, and activates digital crowds of supporters across all social media platforms at lightning fast pace, and radically lower cost versus traditional advocacy, Wholecrowd delivers new results.

What you need to know about Crowds: 

  • What is a crowd? A crowd is a group of like-minded people built into an online community. 
  • How do I build a crowd? Simply tell us what words to listen for. Wholecrowd does the rest. 
  • How do I manage a crowd? Wholecrowd is simple and customer-friendly. a designated client manager will act at your direction to build and activate your crowd. 
  • How does Wholecrowd listen? Wholecrowd finds everyone talking about your key words on social networking platforms and blogs across the country and world.
  • How does Wholecrowd build? Wholecrowd is unique. it doesn't just monitor people talking about your keywords; it allows you to bring those people together into an online community by messaging and directing them to your crowd site.
  • What is a crowd site? A crowd site is a unique portal whereby crowd members can communicate, learn more about your issue, share information with others, and find out how to take action on your behalf. 
  • How does Wholecrowd communicate? Wholecrowd lets its users communicate directly with people talking about their issues en masse or one-on-one. 
  • How does Wholecrowd activate? Wholecrowd is unique because it creates a platform by which a crowd-builder can urge people talking about their keywords to take action (e.g., contact a lawmaker, write a letter, call a talk-show, etc.). 
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