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Dec 2016

How PR Fuels Marketing and Drives Sales

December 7, 2016

250-SLMARADIO-20161208-fairleigh.jpgSLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Elizabeth Fairleigh founder of thE Connection. They will discuss the power of PR to fuel marketing initiatives and drive sales. Fairleigh says PR has grown in importance to shape opinions as the point of the spear in high tech companies. Plus, she contends that PR is no longer just skill based word-smithing; it is an ability to create strategy as companies shape the playing field for their products. And yes, as Elizabeth Fairleigh discusses how PR drives sales. Then Program covers:

  • Answers the question “Can PR Drive Sales?
  • Why PR’s role in content marketing is enormous
  • How PR influences the “Trust Factor”
  • Why PR is more sales than marketing!
  • Yes PR is brand awareness and leadership but it is also sales
  • PR moves the needle in sales
  • Why PR creates content that addresses a buyers need in the buy cycle
  • Why PR drives thought-leadership

About Elizabeth Fairleigh 

A results-driven, PR professional with 20+ years of communications experience, Elisabeth has earned a reputation for consistently exceeding her clients' expectations. She works with forward-thinking companies who understand the power of PR. Clients tend to be companies engaged in some aspect of Marketing &/or Sales. Prior to founding thE Connection in 1995, Fairleigh was PR Director for two Atlanta-based tech firms, one of which filed a successful IPO during my tenure. 

In addition to in-house corporate PR, Fairleigh has 5 years of agency experience working for an Atlanta-based PR firm. I began my career as a journalist in Rochester, New York and graduated with a degree in English from Agnes Scott College where I was Editor of the college's award-winning newspaper, "The Profile."

Elizabeth is a recipient of the Phoenix Award, presented by the Public Relations Society of America/Georgia Chapter, recognizing excellence among public relations practitioners. I am an original member of the Board of Directors for CRMA-Atlanta and a current member of AiMA. 

About thE Connection

thE Connection, Inc.. is a PR firm specializing in media and analyst relations - Elizabeth Fairleigh founded the Atlanta-based company in 1995 and currently provides services to clients throughout the US. While many clients have been in the crm/technology arena, Fairleigh enjoys working with clients in other industries including the arts & hospitality. 

Specialties: Strategic PR planning and execution, media relations (traditional & new), analyst relations, thought leadership PR, book publicity, writing & editing: press releases, case studies, pitch letters, etc.


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