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Jun 2019

How to Drive Revenue Using Content Marketing

June 4, 2019
How did a middle market private equity firm manage to differentiate itself in an overly crowded and competitive market while attracting a wider audience and driving revenue? By leveraging content marketing and developing high-quality thought leadership.

In this episode of Revenue Rebels with Rhoan Morgan, Kristy DelMuto, VP of Strategic Marketing at LLR Partners shares how she has helped to elevate the firm’s content marketing initiatives while boosting results like a 195% increase in engagement, 18% month over month site conversions, and a 62% in social reach.
About Our Guest:
Kristy DelMuto, VP of Strategic Marketing
As the leader of LLR’s strategic marketing, Kristy works to codify why growth happens and help business owners access the capital, insights, and resources they need to scale. She translates actionable growth advice from LLR’s portfolio companies, network of senior operators and team into digital and live content, creating opportunities for best practice sharing among business leaders.

Kristy also manages LLR’s brand, marketing, public relations, and social media presence, enabling intermediaries to stay informed on the firm’s investment focus and helping executives determine if LLR is the right partner to support their company’s growth.