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Aug 2016

How to Eliminate Pipeline Junk

August 31, 2016


Pipelines never lie: they may be true or false but they describe the future revenues of the company.  The truth is out there, if you know how to look and where to look for the junk.  Of course, not all are clean, most have varying amounts of “Junk” that clutter up and hide the truth.  In this interview with TopOPPs Ceo and founder Jim Eberlin we discuss how to clean out what should never have been in the pipeline.  The host is Jim Obermayer

About the Guest: Jim Eberlin
Jim Eberlin is the founder and CEO of TopOPPS. Prior to TopOPPS, Jim founded two Silicon Valley market leaders, Gainsight (#48 on Inc. 5000) and Host Analytics (market leader for cloud-based finance). Jim's third and current company is TopOPPS - a predictive sales analytics platform in the fast emerging category of sales enablement software. Jim is a serial entrepreneur and has several years experience in the software industry. He does angel investing and serves the tech startup community in several advisory roles.
About TopOPPS

TopOPPS is a fresh and proven solution to help B2B companies close more deals and faster while reducing sales costs.  It replaces antiquated methods of forecasting and pipeline management with predictive analytics and machine learning to help sales teams hit their number.  TopOPPS is also used to align sales forces and highlight coaching opportunities while reducing the time and effort in these areas by an order of magnitude.

A world-class advisory team, expert analysts, and a number of sales professionals including trainers, sales operations, and executives continue to use and enhance TopOPPS. Gartner, Aberdeen, CSO Insights, Ventana Research, The Bridge Group and many more that focus on the sales process domain keep the benefits and ROI of TopOPPS solution best in class.

No longer do you solely have to rely on the CRM to manage your pipeline and forecast. TopOPPS transforms your CRM from a system of record to a system of engagement.
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