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May 2016

How to Find Qualified Prospects to Drive The Forecast

May 10, 2016

Ask salespeople what they want from marketing and they will say, “More leads.” Give them more leads and they will then ask for, “Qualified Leads.” We know that without  qualified leads the sales forecasts are weak and ineffective about predicting the future revenue for a company. Qualified leads have many definitions, however, from a salesperson’s perspective it is simply meant as “qualified to buy.” During our program, Sean Burke, CEO of Kitedesk discusses how a company can economically create real qualified leads to drive a forecast which drive sales.
About Sean Burke
KiteDesk CEO Sean Burke is an Entrepreneur at heart, currently on his ninth startup with six exits. At KiteDesk he is focused on changing sales prospecting for the better for high growth organizations.
About KiteDesk
KiteDesk provides smart sales prospecting software, overcoming the #1 challenge salespeople face–a lack of qualified leads. We do this with smart digital tools, including the ability to build hyper-targeted lead lists around Ideal Customer Profiles.

KiteDesk is a venture-backed, privately-held company headquartered in Tampa, with offices throughout the United States. To learn more, please visit or connect with us on Facebook  or @KiteDesk.


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