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Sep 2017

How to Improve Your Nurture Content with Neuromarketing Principles

September 12, 2017


DemandGen International Founder David Lewis, author and DemandGen Radio host, shares with us thoughts on Neuromarketing (aka Nueroscience) and six principles he applies to programs with his clients.  David has studied the science of Neuromarketing and its application to content delivery for prospects.   The host is Jim Obermayer.

About David Lewis

For more than 20 years, DemandGen International CEO David Lewis has been a pioneering innovator in digital marketing, and has overseen marketing for some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology firms. David and his team at DemandGen have been at the forefront of the transformation taking place in marketing by helping 100’s of the top sales and marketing teams around the world incorporate marketing technology to drive predictable and sustainable growth. David is an accomplished speaker, thought leader, host of DemandGen Radio, and author of the #1 book on lead management Manufacturing Demand.

About DemandGen International

There’s a beautiful spectrum of marketing cloud technology out there, from marketing automation systems, to integrated CRM platforms, to sophisticated predictive analytics solutions and thousands of other marketing technologies. It’s a spectrum that’s growing as deep as it is wide. So today’s real challenge is about applying these technologies to drive growth through integration, adoption, alignment, and execution. It’s about having an actionable vision with the right people, processes and experience to make it a reality. That’s the challenge that DemandGen answers every day for competitive companies around the


DemandGen Radio

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