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Aug 2017

How to Optimize Customer Experiences for 4-10X Revenue

August 22, 2017


The rallying cries up and down the halls of marketing today is, “How do we address customer experiences?” It is if people just woke up to the idea that satisfied customers buy more product, complain less and make good references. In this program we interview Lauren Goldstein, CRO of Annuitas and we discuss how to solve the customer experience conundrum for a 4-10X gain in revenue. The host is Susan Finch.

About  Lauren Goldstein, Chief Revenue Office for Annuitas

Driven by the philosophy of “Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm”, Lauren is passionate about driving business outcomes for brands that are ready to engage with customers in a way that is both educational and supportive of buyer needs. With 20+ years of B2B marketing experience, Lauren has partnered with some of the world’s most respected and innovative companies, including Adobe, Airbnb, American Express, GE, Google, HP, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Oracle,, Starwood Hotels, Xerox, and dozens of others. Expertise includes insights-driven marketing, account-based marketing, marketing automation strategy and execution, sales and marketing alignment and B2B demand generation. She is a frequent industry speaker and blogger. @laurenondemand

Lauren serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for ANNUITAS, a Demand Generation innovator.


ANNUITAS is a Perpetual Demand Generation innovator – helping marketing and sales leaders plan, build and optimize demand generation initiatives to be buyer-centric, revenue-optimized and always-on. Leveraging the ANNUITAS Demand Process℠ methodology, ANNUITAS clients deliver lead-to-revenue results that are 4-10X industry averages.

We engage with revenue-driven sales and marketing leaders to align people, process, content, technology and data around a buyer-driven strategy. Driving transformation requires a skilled team with expertise ranging from change management consultation to certified technology expertise, and from content strategy and creation to data science and analytics.

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