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Oct 2017

How Verizon changed gears to turbocharge its tradeshow lead gen

October 30, 2017



Learn how Verizon Telematics, a connected-vehicles, fleet management products and services provider, -worked with Zuant, a digital lead capture mobile platform for capturing, integrating and reporting relevant data from events, to help the company generate better leads during its Verizon Networkfleet event program.  Results included:


  • Doubled sales opportunities with an increase in qualified leads from better and consistent data collection at all events
  • 156% YOY increase in sales opportunities from events
  • 287% YOY increase in unit sales from events.

About our guest, Hector Garcia, CTSM

Hector Garcia is Experiential Marketing Manager for Verizon Telematics, and based in Southern California.

Hector is responsible for event strategy to support the full suite of products in the Telematics organization: Fleetmatics, Networkfleet, Telogis, OEM partnerships, and Hum the automotive aftermarket consumer product. Since joining Verizon Hector has focused on enhancing events with structure, technology, and analysis of results to increase the returns from investments in their event programs.

Prior to Verizon Hector was with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance where he led event programs and had owned an event agency before that.


Company Overview

Verizon Telematics is now a global leader in implementing the next generation of connected services for vehicles, centered on a core platform of safety, security, convenience and infotainment offerings. The company offers a portfolio of services through its commercial fleet, aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offerings. Today Verizon Telematics operates in more than 40 markets around the world and offers comprehensive services to consumers, automakers, and dealers, providing technological and service expertise to power connected-vehicle products around the world.

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Zuant is a new generation of mobile lead capture system. One you can use at every Tradeshow and Event, or even every day when you're on the road to present and send videos and literature to your customers. It looks great and eliminates the need for manually entering your leads later. Now that's smart.