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Apr 2014

I don’t want your business card and you can’t make me take it!

April 21, 2014
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SLMA Radio co-host Susan Finch will be talking with Jessica Dewell, Chief Purposer/Founder of She is the host of Women in Business Today on Google+, a regular featured guest on the topic of identifying your target market segments well beyond demographics and sociographics.

Think of Jessica Dewell as a purposer: one who has spent her entire career online and is passionate about accurately articulating your business story. Why is this important? Simply put, using your style to target customers is the basis for forming connections online. Adamant that not all online marketing is right for every business, she wants to ensure your customers dictate where marketing occurs. Jess will help you purpose — and, equally important, expand — your existing marketing to promote maximum long term results.

As much time as she and Susan both spend networking online, they haven't forgotten the art of networking in person, how to behave at learning events, networking events and social business events. Let's start with the card crammer - you know that person - you may be that person. We're going to be talking about THOSE people and so many more like them that make you cringe.