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Jan 2013

January 3: Include positive reviews as part of your networking strategy

January 2, 2013

artsy-headshot1.jpgSLMA Founder and CEO, Jim Obermayer visits with SLMA Online Marketing Director, Susan Finch about the effects of positive reviews and referrals in a very public format. Did you have a recent positive experience with a hosting company? How about a sales rep who left you feeling better about their product? Tell everyone about them. Seek them out on LinkedIn, Yelp, GooglePlaces, etc. and tell everyone the difference they made on your day. It does't have to be huge, but the payback will snowball into a lovely snow village.

Personalize your recommendations, referrals, requests to connect. Add a bit of personality, which adds credibility for them and for you. People are more likely to connect with someone who takes the time to personalize a request or recommendation.

They will also be talking about nominations for the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management for 2013, the SLMA College of the Fellows. Join them to get some great resolution ideas. Resolutions are always about giving something up, but adding a new positive behavior.