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Jul 2013

Why don’t women take credit for their accomplishments?

July 22, 2013

Jill Rowley continues to be a force in the sales lead management industry. A pioneer in the space, Jill has become an expert and global companies (Rally Software, DocuSign, ArcSight) turn to her for guidance and knowledge.

In working closely with Jill, she continues to show herself as more than just a sales rep, but a trusted advisor in the area of sales lead management and the new world of buyer driven marketing and sales.

SLMA Director, Susan Finch will be having a conversation with Jill talking about what keeps women from taking credit for their own accomplishments. What separates women who are comfortable standing up for themselves, their skills and accomplishments; versus those who quietly let credit be given away, usually to a same-level man or supervisor man or woman?

Jill's achievements in the field of sales lead management:

  • SLMA Woman to Watch in 2011 winner
  • Awarded Eloquan on the Year for 2011 - Eloquan of the year is given to an Eloqua employee who meets criteria including: passion, knowledgeable about the technology, mentor, and active in the community.

Jill encompasses all of this and more.

Professional Boards:

  • Focus Expert SLMA Contributing Member
  • Top Sales Rep at Eloqua
  • Member of The Marketing Automation Institute Member of MOCCA