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Jun 2011

June 23 Show: Paul Thomas, Lead Forensics

June 20, 2011

paul-thomas.jpgPaul Thomas

Paul Thomas is the Managing Director of Lead Forensics, a next generation online lead generation tool. Having kicked off his sales and marketing career in a brochure fulfillment room at the age of 10, Paul moved up through marketing and sales departments and by the age of 20 was running his own marketing agency. 8 years on, the group now encompasses three businesses, Market Makers, Lead Forensics and the Really Group, employing over 150 people and working with some of the world largest brands.

Will Crist will ask some or all of the following questions:

  • What are your recommendations for Best Practices in Sales Lead Management?
  • We will ask about claims that Lead Forensics makes about “A Sixth Sense” in determining the best qualified visitors.
  • How does the Lead Forensics Software work?
  • How do you get contact details from people visiting a site?
  • Tell us about your reports.  What kind of detail do you provide.
  • How is the software priced?    Does someone buy it or use it on a subscription model?
  • How long does it take to get it installed and working across an entire site?
  • We will ask about a case history of a successful client installation.
  • What kind of company is the best fit for your software?  Size?  B2B OR B2C?
  • Are you compatible with most CRM Systems?