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Mar 2012

March 22: Terry Booton, Advanced Marketing Instruction and Jim Obermayer of the SLMA

March 20, 2012

terry-botton.jpgTerry Booton , President Advanced Marketing Instruction "The Sales Performance and Employee Fine Tuning Company"

Terry talks about how to improve employee productivity and performance, especially sales representatives.  We’ll ask Terry about his claim that Advanced Marketing Instruction can make a major impact on shortening a company’s sales cycle and improve their close rate! Author:  "Cracking New Accounts" "Selling to the Top Decision Maker"

Specializing in:  Sales and marketing strategies, sales training, coaching and mentoring, keynote presentations, mediation, strategic employee hiring and development processes including state of the art pre-hire screening and employee development assessment tools.

Terry Booton has spent over forty years in sales, marketing, and management.  He spent four and one half years with the JC Penney Company in management and eighteen years with IBM.

He is currently the president of his own company, Advanced Marketing Instruction, The Sales Performance and Employee Fine Tuning Company, which specializes in sales and marketing strategies, sales training, coaching and mentoring, and state of the art strategic employee hiring and strategic workforce development tools.

His consulting experience is international and spans all sizes of clients from small enterprises to the Fortune 500.   He has authored two books, “Cracking New Accounts” and “Calling on the Top Decision Maker” and has been featured in many publications.

James W. Obermayer, Sales Lead Management Association Obermayer will discuss with Will Crist the host the subject of “Whose sales funnel is it anyway?”

CEO and Executive Director of the Sales Lead Management Association.  Principle of Sales Leakage Consulting.

James W. Obermayer is an author (four books) and speaker on subjects of sales lead management, sales enablement and marketing ROI.  He is the founder and of the world-wide 4500 member Sales Lead Management Association, which also has a Linkedin Group of 2670 members.  The SLMA is the sponsor of the yearly Sales Lead Management Week, the annual contest for the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management, and the nomination and naming of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.  The SLMA also hosts the weekly C-level interview program; SLMA Radio.  He is a frequent speaker for corporations and also national and regional conferences.

Obermayer is also the principal of Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc., an Orange County, CA., marketing and sales interim management consulting firm.  He has written more than 95 articles on sales and marketing management.