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Mar 2012

March 29: Shawn Elledge Integrated Marketing Summit | DemandCon Talks About Event Marketing

March 28, 2012

scott-elledge.jpgScott Elledge will be talking about the importance of Event Marketing

After years of hosting marketing events for the Kansas City Business Marketing Association and being a quest speaker at various events around North America, I decided to launch an event series focused on Integrated Marketing Strategies. The Integrated Marketing Summit (IMS) is the premier event series dedicated to the continued education of advertising and marketing professionals.

Their goal is to help companies drive revenue rapidly in this ever complicated world of instant and global communication. Statistics prove that a integrated marketing solution will outperform a non integrated approach by as much as 800%. But with disparate technologies, data and lack of sales and marketing alignment this strategy often becomes a pipe dream.

IMS events invites recognized thought leaders in all aspects of marketing, advertising and sales from around the world to share best practices and life experiences with our audiences.

Whether you are a seasoned corporate marketer, advertising professional or sales executive, this event will help you become more efficient through automation and more effective through integration.

How to get the most out of your event marketing budget

  • Identify Pitfalls
  • Tips

How to Plan your own event

  • Timing, Agenda & Food & Beverage Tips
  • Speaker / Content Strategies including Workshops

Effective event marketing strategies

  • Email, Video, Social Media, PR, DM, PPC, Radio
  • Partner Program

In addition he will talk about his growing DemandCon conferences and the popularity of the DemandCon webinar programs.