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Mar 2011

March 31 Show: Mike Schultz and Tony Panaccio

March 29, 2011

mike-shutlz.jpgMike Schultz, Publisher

Host Will Crist wants to discuss Mike’s new book, Rainmaking Conversations. This is a landmark book that is getting a large launch, find out why.

Mike Schultz, Publisher of RainToday, is world-renowned as a consultant and expert in services marketing and rainmaking. Mike is also President of the RAIN Group, a sales training sales assessment, and sales performance improvement company that helps leading organizations improve sales results. His practice focuses on strategy for professional service and technology businesses in the areas of branding, marketing, lead generation, and sales performance.

Co-author of the booksProfessional Services Marketing (Wiley, July 2009) and Rainmaking Conversations(Wiley, March 2011), Mike is a well-known speaker in his areas of expertise, delivering keynotes and speeches for such organizations as MarketingSherpa. Over 80 publications and news outlets such as Business Week, Inc. Magazine, BNN, Boston Business Journal, and others have featured Mike's original articles and white papers, and frequently quote him as an expert. Mike is a lead author in many research reports.

tony-panaccio.jpgTony Panaccio, EMSI Public Relations

Public relations has really blossomed with the internet. Will Crist will discuss how PR is being used by B2B to inexpensively spread the gospel for a company’s products and services like never before.

Tony Panaccio is the Senior Campaign Strategist for EMSI Public Relations. With more than 28 years experience in news and media – split evenly between journalism and marketing -- Tony has an intrinsic understanding of what editors, producers and radio show hosts want and how to deliver it.

Tony started his career in the media as a newspaper journalist for The Clearwater Sun, The Tampa Tribune, The Hollywood Sun-Tattler and The Miami Herald’s Topic Magazine. In 1989, Tony moved on to public relations as a VP for Edelman PR Worldwide and the Weber Group, and as a Managing Director for Hill & Knowlton. During those years in the Big Three of PR agencies, he worked with client such as IBM, Sony, Warner Bros., Microsoft and others. He participated in the IBM Deep Blue computer chess match against Russian chess champ Gary Kasparov, and even wrote speeches for Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Continuing his growth, Tony soon was tapped to be a Senior VP at CrossGen Entertainment (later bought by Disney), where he managed the company’s communications with the media and worked with film producer Michael Uslan (of Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Constantine, National Treasure fame) to license CrossGen’s properties into film and television.