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Nov 2010

November 11: Jeff Solomon, Jeff Pedowitz and Michael Falkson

November 10, 2010

SLMA Radio broadcasts live on Thursday, November 11th with the opinions and commentary from the co-founder and SVP of Leads360 Jeff Solomon. Jeff and his company are recognized leaders in B2C lead generation and management marketplace.

Will Crist, the SLMA Radio host, will interview Jeff Pedowitz, CEO of the Pedowitz Group. Jeff and his company have been in the news a lot of late and we look forward to a lively interview. Jeff offered an industry commentary on October 7th. Pedowitz thinks that marketers are revenue generators so we want to drill into his beliefs of why marketers have an obligation to be builders of wealth.

Our second guest will be Michael Falkson, President, eti Sales Support. Michael’s company has been an SLMA Sponsor almost from the beginning of the association. His company has a focus on Lead Generation and Client Retention services. Our questions for Michael will focus on his thoughts of whether companies are spending more on less on lead generation now than they were a year ago. Plus, we want to know what works in lead generation in today’s B2B marketplace.

Tune in at 5 PM PST on Thursday, November 11th.