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Oct 2013

Strategic Volunteering - When saying Yes is bad.

October 7, 2013

Cyndi Greenglass, Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions for Diamond Marketing Solutions was interviewed by Susan Finch about strategic volunteering. Finch, as the founder of a national non-profit, Binky Patrol has been at both ends of this discussion. She and Cyndi were in line with their thoughts and recommendations about strategic volunteering.

In this show Susan asked Cyndi:
  1. What do you mean by “strategic volunteering”
  2. Is volunteering different than philanthropy?
  3. How much volunteering do you do?
  4. How much time does it take?
  5. What types of organizations?
  6. How did you decide where to volunteer?
  7. Why do you say that volunteering can be bad?
  8. Does this seem self serving?
  9. What is your advice on how to choose?
  10. Are you good at saying no?
Some of the take-aways included:
What advice do you have for other women to say no?
Have a personal plan - how does this opportunity/organization fit into your plan? If it does not - say, "No." At least say no until you figure it out.
What if you have 10% of your time allocated for volunteering and this new opportunity would add another 5-10%? You either need to pull back what you were already doing to make room for this new thing, or take a pass for now so that you don't do a shoddy job volunteering for either organization or project.

Can you leave us with 3 takeaways on how to become a strategic volunteer?
  1. Create volunteer activities. This is a great way to find good leadership candidates and use these opportunities for skill building and training
  2. Men tend to identify mentors at early age - in their career and at a personal level. This development use in a positive way volunteer contacts mentoring opportunities - networking, etc.
  3. Quickly identify if it is not a good fit get out fast. 
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More about Cyndi Greenglass:

Cyndi is responsible for marketing and strategic solutions and manages our agency services team of data, analytics, creative, and digital professionals. With a strong track record in marketing, strategic planning, and database development, she helps our clients “market smarter” by providing strategic solutions. Prior to joining Diamond Marketing Solutions, Cyndi launched World Marketing Integrated Solutions, an integrated database and strategic marketing consulting firm. Her background includes 10 years in international business consulting with the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Foreign Commercial Services.

Cyndi is a past president of the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing and past chair of the Direct Marketing Association Business-to-Business Council. She is a frequent presenter at major DM industry conferences and is an educator at several universities. Cyndi has twice been recognized among the Top 100 BTB Marketers by Crain’s BtoB magazine.