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Sep 2013

Part 2 Should Marketing be compensated on revenue?

September 3, 2013

SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer tackles the thorny question of compensation plans for marketing. Should Sales and Marketing be on the same plan? If so, is it just the Marketing leader, or the whole marketing department? What about bookings v. revenue as the basis for compensation? Sales is on bookings; marketing (usually) is on revenues, if at all. Are there other metrics that can be used for Marketing compensation plans, such as "qualified leads" or "conversions?" 

It will be a thought-provoking hour. Both Obermayer and Lundbohm are opinionated, have strongly held, and often sometimes opposing views.

About Eric Lundbohm
Eric Lundbohm is a B2B marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience in the trenches bringing products to market and growing their revenues. He brings a range of experience garnered from Fortune 500 down to start-up situations across technology, healthcare, information and automotive industries. Eric's main focus is on go-to-market strategies, creating messaging that works and lead generation that can be tracked. He enjoys helping companies hone their marketing strategy and execution to begin or accelerate growth.

His experience includes 9 years growing a network security firm from $4 million to $60 million, a dot-com start-up and a dozen years in marketing roles in Fortune 500 firms. He holds a Bachelors in MIS from the University of Rhode Island and a MBA in Marketing from The Ohio State University.

Eric blogs regularly on marketing, business and management on his blog at and you can follow him on Twitter @lundbohm.