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Mar 2016

Should leads be reassigned if a rep fails on follow-up?

March 14, 2016


Sales lead follow-up by direct or indirect representatives continues to be the most aggravating, difficult, madding, and frustrating issue confronting sales and marketing management. Management demands, threatens, screams and begs salespeople to do their jobs and follow-up expensive sales leads given to them, and failure is their reward 75-90% of the time. In this interview with Jerry Troke, CEO of Marketnet, host Susan Finch and Jerry tackle the issue of simply reassigning sales leads to someone that cares instead of pursuing the impossible dream.
About Jerry Troke
Jerry Troke is an entrepreneur and sales/marketing executive with more than 35 years of experience across several industries in b2b markets.  Jerry received multiple degrees from Purdue University before joining Rockwell Automation (formerly Allen-Bradley Co) in 1978.  After his twenty-plus-year career with increasing responsibilities at Rockwell, he moved on to challenging opportunities with Stiles Machinery in the woodworking machinery industry, and Behler-Young and Heat Controller in the heating/ventilating/air conditioning industry, gaining perspective through working for both manufacturing and distribution companies.  In 2014, Jerry spearheaded the acquisition of MarketNet Solutions, currently serving as its president and owner.  Jerry resides in western Michigan with his wife, Sue, where they enjoy sailing on Lake Michigan.  He can be contacted at
About MarketNet
MarketNet specializes in Lead Management and Digital Marketing. We help our clients move leads through the sales cycle with lead capture, content creation and lead distribution. Our process helps you save time and money by knowing when your leads are ready to be contacted and knowing what touchpoints and products they are interested in.
“No lead left behind” is more than a slogan to us. It’s a deep-seated operating philosophy. Every sales lead represents an opportunity for you and for us. For you, it’s more business. Not only today, but hopefully for the future as well. For us, it’s a chance to deliver a great customer experience on your behalf. We pay attention to every sales lead. Our systems and processes leave nothing to chance. Using our Lead Management process, we work with you and your channel partners to make sure no one is left unattended. No lead is left behind.
Not sure what Lead Management is? Yes, it may seem like a world of acronyms, fictional scenarios, and hypothetical questions. We bring it down to earth; we make it understandable and most importantly, we make it work. And it’s our passion (not many people can say that). We’re leaders in making Lead Management a key part of revenue generation, especially for clients who go to market through dealers or a mix of dealers and direct sales offices. So feel free to chat, call, email, or reach out to us through social media. We can help. Learn more about MarketNet at


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