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Jun 2014

SLMA Special Program: Sorry for the inconvenience but social selling is a revolution

June 24, 2014

John Golden, author of Social Upheaval How to Win @ Social Selling, former CEO and president of Huthwaite, and currently president of Focused Revenue Results, will be interview by SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer to discuss his latest work Social Upheaval.  Golden makes the case that social media is slanting the playing field in favor of the buyer at the salesperson's expense.  At the same time, he says if you cannot sell off-line, you cannot sell on-line.  Obermayer says he looks forward to this interview more than almost any other in recent memory and this program on SLMA Radio will take up the entire 55 minute segment.   Obermayer met Golden at a reception hosted by Pipeliner CEO Nikolaus Kimla in Los Angeles at the Johnathan Club on June 11th.

About John Golden

John Golden is the Amazon Best Selling Author of "Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories" and has recently published his second book ​"Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling".

A globally acknowledged thought leader, John, has a passion for small to medium businesses, especially in helping unlock the advantages they can hold over larger organizations in terms of focus, agility and speed of execution.

He previously held the position of President & CEO of Huthwaite, the creators of SPIN Selling, where he achieved the highest revenue, operating profit and margins in the company's long history. The average operating profit margins of 20+% achieved during his five-year tenure compared with a 10% average margin during the 10 years previous to his arrival.

Likewise as President & CEO of Omega Performance, Golden achieved operating profit margins of 20+% during his three-year tenure compared with a 14% average during the prior 5 years.

Drawing on his time successfully running small-to-medium businesses and business units, as well as interacting with a multitude of diverse organizations across the globe, Golden has developed a framework for how to identify and target 7 levers that can deliver revenue and margin growth. He founded Focused Revenue Results to help other small and mid-market businesses achieve their goals and unlock their growth potential.

About Focused Revenue Results

Focused Revenue Results, Inc. was founded to help small and mid-market businesses unlock their true potential in terms of revenue and margin growth. Everyone involved with the organization has a passion for helping small and mid-market business achieve outsized results. Everyone has run either their own business or small & mid-market organizations. We all understand the constraints businesses of these sizes operate under but we also know how to unlock the advantages and how to drive top and bottom line growth.   T.  760 260 8077