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Feb 2015

Why did the BMA and ANA Merge?

February 4, 2015
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In this interview with BMA Chairman Stephen Liguori and Executive Director Al Maag, SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer asks why the oldest B2B association in the industry with an annual conference of 1,000 attendees , 16 chapters and 2500 member would be so enthusiastic about being acquired by the Association of National Advertisers? 

As it turns out there are very good reasons for the expansion of the ANA by buying a premier B2B organization. 

  • Many B2C companies have B2B interests
  • BMA has deep experience and knowledge of B2B 
  • There are opportunities for cross over membership 
  • Both have their own conferences and will remain so. 
  • The BMA has a strong chapter presence, and the ANA doesn’t…yet. 
  • Cross-over knowledge transfer is of great interest to both